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  1. Someone here claims to have the "inside scoop" on this man. Haven't had a chance to read through the entire thread, but they seem evasive. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2913820/pg1
  2. Something is very strange about this man. http://www.iflscience.org/Science-Team/jeffrey-alan-lash/ His fiancé claims he was a human-alien hybrid. He had no source of income, yet owned millions of dollars worth of firearms (around 1,200 weapons), I believe it said he had around 14 "specially equipped" vehicles, had 6.5 tons of ammunition in his home, and a quarter of a million bucks in cash. There are no pictures of him that I'm able to find, and he claimed that he was some type of government employee. I'm reading conflicting reports about how he has no family ties and no records of anything really, it was even mentioned that getting fingerprints from his dead body wasn't happening (maybe his body was badly decomposed?) If I had to guess, I'd say he was a time traveler who chose to stay on this worldline. http://heavy.com/news/2015/07/mystery-jeffrey-alan-lash-secret-government-agent-death-dead-guns-rifles-ammo-ammunition-cars-catherine-nebron-alien-fiancee-fbi-cia/
  3. Wow, you must be really fun at parties. I hope you didn't pull a muscle patting yourself on the back like that. :thumbsup: Anyway, I've read (re-read) the story plenty of times throughout the years and reached my conclusion based off that. I don't see him as a messiah or prophet, but I do believe that he has travelled through time. You seem upset about it too, but since my original post wasn't to debate his authenticity, you can stop right now and revel in the fact that you've "won" another "argument" and just be done with it. Any evidence that supports my belief in his story will likely be explained away by your opinions anyway (it was a team of people, he was just a smart dude with a lot of inside knowledge, current science disagrees with statements regarding the future, etc), just as I have my "catch-all" to fall back on. Also, to really solidify your victory: I'm severely unintelligent, faithfully ignorant, and a gullible fanatic. So you can relax now and maybe take some blood pressure meds before you invest any further in your defensive stance. Perhaps your efforts would be better applied to debating this dude and his theories of the "multi-timeline" BS. https://m.curiosity.com/paths/michio-kaku-explains-string-theory-floating-university/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_term=0200&utm_content=link&utm_campaign=20150725fbstringtheory
  4. I think the issue with all the debunkers is they never actually got the "big picture". They didn't want to believe in the story to begin with, so they overlooked all the subtleties that led to a larger more truthful portrait. What's the saying? "You can't see the forest from the trees"
  5. Jeez you're a real die-hard "debunker" aren't you? A few predictions? I already mentioned the YouTube thing. Nobody was talking about any Unix bugs or anything related to the 5100 before his posts. CERN, "the multiverse", and string theory were never as mainstream until after he made his posts The "bs to whip everyone into accepting a new war" (regarding the Middle East) thing stuck out to me Mostly everything going digital/decentralized was another thing. (Don't forget Bitcoin, even though he didn't specifically mention it by name) Anyways, none of this matters if you're unwilling to believe it. No matter what anyone says, your opinion is already set in stone. It's no different from people who fight about vaccines or GMO's or anything with two (generally) opinionated sides of a story. Also, suppose we're in a timeline where there was indeed a big civil war by 2008, do you really think bluray would have been on that timeline? It's doubtful. People always seem to forget that he was describing his own timeline, not ours. Just the fact that he was here changed ours from his, probably way more than his initial 2.5% divergence. So you don't see this country in a civil war? Did you not notice any of the media going on about confederate flags? Or about police that beat and/or kill black citizens, and the (basically) race riots that stemmed from that? Did you not notice the military was called into some of those riots? Look at that from an outside perspective and you would swear this country was at war with itself. And the "safe zone" was (I assume) away from the singularity itself, and maybe within the event horizons, which were manipulated by the machine. Since the singularity was less than the size of an electron (I think that's how it was described) and the dual event horizons were somehow merged or manipulated, I would have to guess that this was the place where he could be in without destroying himself. Obviously I didn't pay too much attention to those details since I wouldn't even know how to interpret that data in my mind, and therefore would be unable to despute it, but as a whole it did make sense to me, and coupled with the rest of his "story" and the supplemental comments that backed it up logically, I grew to believe in it..despite the fact that I was highly skeptical to begin with.
  6. Yep, that was me on glp. A couple people there seemed to remember what I was describing, so I know it's not just me.
  7. "Current" scientific fact is verifiable. We don't know what the future holds for us. What really makes me believe the "story", is all the seemingly unrelated anecdotal truths (such as the comment about "i wish the hearing in my right ear was batter than it is", which validates the concept of him being in a shotgun infantry) All these side comments end up corroborating his main story somehow, and that's typical of someone who's being genuine. There's a few more, but I can't think of them off the top of my head. You're talking about how 2 g's can't bend a laser, but you've never been in a situation (or have the math on hand) where you've operated a laser around 2 electrified Kerr microsingularities in a machine that's spinning their axis and whatnot, so any current science you can refer to is null until it's in that given situation. At least that's my assumption anyways, I don't know enough about the subject personally, but I can usually tell when someone is being honest given their dialogue.
  8. I think we're dealing with things we may not fully understand yet, refer back to the germ theory picture. He claimed that while traveling, the machine pulls 2 g's, you have to assume that's inside the "safe zone" where you're not exposed to the unapproachable parts of the singularities. This reminds me of that story he told about mr Mach and the first airplane.
  9. Another interesting twist to today's news. Scientists have just discovered a particle that creates electrons that have no mass. Maybe this is the "virtual mass" used to feed the microsingularities? http://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-have-finally-discovered-massless-particles-and-they-could-radically-speed-up-electronics
  10. This type of situation seems as if it's happening more often, don't you think? http://m.wcti12.com/nationalnews/louisiana-police-respond-to-movie-theater-shooting/34327490
  11. I too live in the U.S. and see a civil war as what was described in the previous posts. I also agree heka, that what we've been going through for the past decade or could definitely be considered an "unofficial" civil war. Especially when you factor in someone seeing "our" news from a future perspective with no firsthand knowledge of the situations.
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