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  1. Ps. Seasonal virus is the key word there @_Oz...... Please tell me a season that lasts almost a year? 😂 I thought seasons change....huh. Not transmute and transform....while never fully going away.... Do you know of one? Is it fall? Summer? Spring? Winter? It’s okay....I’ll wait 😈 bc there is none USE YOUR BRAIN PEOPLE
  2. True. Never said that. I said dealing with the pandemic comes first. It’s prioritizing...and something I believe should be first. If there are no humans to do the work bc they are all dead.....who does the manual labor the CEOs will never roll up their sleeves and do? Damage that should and could have been avoided if people were not lied to on a daily basis by their chief and commander for financial and also political gain. There are so many things wrong with the statement.....therefore Ill just allow you to re-read that a few times and ask yourself if you are being brain washed or do you actually believe the nonsense you just had the audacity to say. This is NOT a seasonal virus... (..and please, I’d love for you to debate this w/ someone who actually has a PHD or a front line worker who is actually fighting this/seeing the destruction that’s left in its wake. Something WE honestly don’t even know yet bc we are not out of the woods....) And its not just about one person, its about us ALL doing the right thing. Some people are simply just carriers...putting others at risk or even death which means: just bc YOU are not at risk doesn’t mean your mother or grandfather isn’t. So you, by not taking this as serious as it is....by not wearing a mask or washing your hands....can put one or both of them in the hospital with this illness for god knows how long (if they even survive) ....and put everyone in the hospital (staff and patients) at risk bc you simply thought you know more than someone w/ an actual education..... Its stupid or ignorant, Ill allow you to decided which.... Yeah....I think we all know Trump won bc he was in bed w Russia 😂 and FB w/ littered w/ bots making everyone fight for literally no real reason other than divide and conquer No, its a sign of an EXTREMELY flawed (to put it nicely) system that was already in place....and had been in place for longer than any of us have been alive. It’s also not one persons job....we must work together as a collective....for what is right, fair, and equal....FOR ALL. Not just old white extremist men and brain washed white woman who do whatever their masters say.
  3. @Cosmo you are the best:) and Ill def give it a look!!! however, not to sound to conspiracy theory about it all hahaha BUT ITS ALL THE SITES. even the private emails we exchanged years ago, all gone. maybe I deleted some things but not all things. I truthfully do not need them for anything important... I was gathering up notes to possibly do something w this/that info again, and simply noticed the change. Then I remembered JT asking Pamela (back in 2000/01) if she noticed some of his posts/questions were disappearing...she said yes. Then I asked good ole’ TR and he too had that happened. So then, down the rabbit hole I went...again 😂
  4. Okay, while I find the entire story...him meeting Stalin and killing another version on himself fake.... I have heard plenty of stories of people astral projecting...and coming into “contact” with.....I don’t even know how to put it b/c I don’t have first hand experience....but there are supposedly interdenominational beings that can “see” you “traveling”.... which from every person Ive spoken with, has freaked them out enough to stop projecting entirely. I always end up falling asleep so looks like I’m safe from anything getting me, other than spirits;) (jk...they don’t bother me either)
  5. Trump said the Iowa elections were rigged in 2016....when he accused Ted Cruz of cheating ( 😂) He did it again with the popular vote in 2016. And he did it AGAIN in 2020. If he is allowed to run in 2024, trust me, he will say its rigged AGAIN lololololololololol. So he is only allowed to win...if he loses, its always rigged?!? ( 😂) Deal with it now or deal with it later....b/c if the elections were truly rigged....it was in 2016. Or in 2018 w/ Stacy Abrams. Trump lost period. And we need to deal w/ this pandemic....the economy is a man made construct.
  6. I remember him dying of cancer once!!! That’s a good one!!!
  7. Trump is a symptom, not the problem. In 2008, pre-Trump....was the only time the Supreme Court found a law that violated the 2nd amendment. Also, assault weapons are not part of the 2nd amendment. I will always have my right to bare arms. That is what keeps me safe NOT from my fellow Americans but from a foreign adversary. Trump is not the end all, be all, to my 2nd amendment rights. And living in fear also doesn’t work for me. My 2nd amendment rights simply are not under attack....bc this topic, like abortion, will always be debated heavily in our government. And if you were/are referring to Biden’s new restrictions, he is not taking our rights away! I live in a city w/ VERY strict gun laws but I can still own one, and shoot anyone who trespasses on land in which I own if I feel I am in fear of my life. Which is my right. I personally agree that we should not have access to concealed assault weapons. (Just my opinion) I also believe if you are considered mentally unstable/unwell....you should not have access. This isn’t a free for all here.....these are real weapons with real consequences if not handled properly. Both of those have no effect on me, so again, my right to bare arms is still safe.....pre and post Trump.
  8. Never in all my years of being alive have I had conversations simply just disappear. In 2020, I went back to reread emails, facebook chats, skype logs, etc....with certain people I was having years ago about John Titor.... some original people who spoke to him, a few scientists, and TR the author of COTT.... ALL of the content is gone. What I DO know, is this happened back when JT was here. Why is this happening again now? Anyone else notice this?
  9. Ahhhhhhhhh...now THAT IS the question:) Keep in mind, we have free will...which is another factor haha (for every choice is another timeline...multiverse theory and whatnot) I personally am trying to workout what his REAL intentions were being here. Kay Titor also felt (she says in the book) he was “trying to get a message out”....now what that message was and is, idk but I do know I’m not sure it aligns w my personal beliefs. I will say, his aggression makes sense lol, but I will also say, that part of me that can connect with him, is the person after the war. No offense, but a Trump supporter (which I feel he may have been) isn’t really thinking too much about what they are putting in their bodies....they just want fast food FAST. Did I mention FAST:) fuck it!!!! fast everything!!! Fast fashion...who cares how little children are paid in another country to make the clothes...as long as amazon sells them for hella cheap;) who also cares what it does to the environment bc “we wont be here”...get what I’m sayin here?!? Kay also said her and John would fight at length about guns (shocker) and she made a point to say in the book that her “opinions had not changed” (for the record, I’m pro-gun....not pro-trump or capitalist bullshit)
  10. I never believed the people discrediting JT or saying Larry or his brother....or then his son, lol, was JT. Did they like the attention at first? I’m sure. But when people started showing up at places uninvited to “find john”...it probably became less fun and more scary. LH has never, as far as Ive seen, discredited the story. He also is a lawyer....who represents another lawyer....who represents the family. Idk where that got mixed up but there is a certain degree of separation there. LH himself has only spoken to “Kay Titor”....I believe, once...at most, a handful of times....in 20yrs. Also, as a lawyer who used to be employed by Disney or whomever he worked with, I’m sure LH isn’t cheap. So its an awful lot of money and time and again, money....to just fuck w people. Every time they use him, he posts....they have to pay him.
  11. He never said the world started dying from mad cow, he simply said pay attention to WHAT you are eating.... know how/where its grown, who is cooking it, how its killed, what is being PUT into it....hence why he made his family and people like Pam start gardens;) As far as how the war was described.... China/Russia/America, and the American people vs. the government. Bombs that were already in place (think of all the ones that haven’t been collected on our soil) are simply detonated. For the divergence... He said it was something small...like 2 or 3%, but I too, always believed it was more bc again, he was never supposed to come to our world line....he did so only AFTER his grandfather asked him to. (to help prepare his child....aka one of JTs parents....to prepare for Y2K) And finally for the 2 Johns ie the art bell faxes.... clearly 2 different....vibrations. I agree the first seemed to be the original.
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