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  1. Hydromancy without the water...Huh.
  2. I've read mixed reviews on the guy.....I personally I am not a podcast listener as these guys do not know anymore than the general John Q Beanpicker public does....
  3. According to the article two of the eggs did not make it...3 were in an incubator, and two are being probed for genetic whatever.
  4. This over on Curt Collins site "Saucers That Time Forgot"... https://thesaucersthattimeforgot.blogspot.com/2020/08/the-trial-of-ufo-gold-digger.html And they (UFO/Alien) seers wonder why they are not believed half the time....This is why.
  5. Green Cheese Valley, I think its just West of that fake ass face people on crack keep seeing up there.
  6. Not unusual but weird for that particular snake....I never had a Ball python to live that long....All my others done fine..
  7. Odd coming from some one who believes all these other alternative fake ass news sites......You hear the one about they found Mickey Mouse house on the Moon? Yep they found it in green cheese valley.....I bet if you post shit like that on UFO Twitter it would go viral in minutes as the truthers would eat the shit up.
  8. Him and Nancy Lieder must be in cahoots with the aliens......LoL
  9. Here is one of Trumpets convicted felons giving the moron in the White House even more stupid ass ideas.. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/roger-stone-martial-law-donald-trump-election_n_5f5d3e28c5b62874bc1dd6d2
  10. You say too much and do not think enough sir holier than thou....Alternative news media are click hounds! They make a lot of that shit up to get suckers like you to click and guess what! You do! And you right its my opinion and if you don't like it don't read it and quit worrying the hell out of me because I don't care what you think....Have a bad day.
  11. Should have known it really..I have an IPB license but have not used it in months at least not since 4.5 came out.
  12. Jammed radars? Or the radar software was glitchy to start with? All we have is what these pilots claim they saw....To my knowledge none of these other worldly vehicles (supposed aliens) have been seen again since the incident. Which strikes me as odd..Why just show up one time and leave? We know there are still Naval operations and training going on there.
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