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  1. No asteroid will hit earth on September 23rd, this is a hoax. I went to that date and the day after and there seems to be no collision at all or in the next coming years. As for events coming up, let me see what to tell you people....Prince Harry will get engaged during late 2015 - Early 2016, I will not give an exact date of when this event will occur.
  2. I agree with you deeply, A-Aplh_0. The stronger our technology and the way it influences us greater, the more we become stupid, idiotic and selfish just like the 2006 film "Iridocracy" it was a great concept of humanity. Cause, it kinda happens in a way. The President during the same period as the film has an IQ below 98 and has machines to give him game-changers in his role as President. You've been asking for pictures, readers of this thread and here they are.
  3. So a fellow time traveller? From this far in the future, sorry but I find it hard to believe. I'm from 2038, I travelled to the last 10 years of Earth and it's not this messed up. Everyone speaks a mix of practically every language in the world which sounds weird. This is an example: "Goluk Natabulouk" that is Good Morning in a mix of every language in the world. Everything is chaotic due to the fact that Earth will be dying soon and so mass suicides are not possible due to the discovery of Immortality around the 23rd//24th century. Everyone is immortal at that period TO A POINT. You can't survive everything. Just aging cells are stopped and the fear and will of dying seems to have vanished. There's been six World Wars in the liftime of Earth, World War III scared so many then politics and islamic rulers started the fourth, the fifth was created by nuclear weapons found 40,000ft under the world and activated upon the United States of America. The sixth was started over a debate through world leaders that all weapons be abolished which turned ugly and that was it. A treaty was signed and no weapons are permitted in the atmosphere. Nothing. No nuclear, hand or satallite weapons are permitted. The only dangerous satallite are the Omega 100, they protect earth from asteroids and aliens from attacking Earth.
  4. The vortex that is created when the time machine is activated makes you quite dull-minded and in my case look younger. To better fit my looks, I travelled back to 2038 and got an ID pass, travelled back and I got younger looking so at the point, luckily my ID Card stated I was 16 and now it's a year later since I came from 2038 and I am 17 in your time. But this is how Time Travel works. In our time you need to take a test like a drivers license test in-order to see if you are eligiible for a child, I passed in 2029, to increase the population of our planet after World War 3. You HAVE to have no less than 3 children. Any little and you are fined £90,000 and your license revoked. You must state a reason for not having over 3 children. If you have a medical condition you need to give a doctor's signature and proof of examination. Your humour is very interesting, I find it funny. We don't laugh much in 2038. My writing style is more adult-like and no where near of the age of seventeen as you surpass. I am forced by the government to head off to missions, my wife takes care of the children along with my brother who kindly "takes my role" as father while am away. My children don't really feel like they know me for the past years I've been here, I wish I could stay but the governent is strict. Yes, I forgot to mention the fact that I came to 2014 and stayed a year to study the rise of ISIS, that is why 2014 is listed there. ISIS then took high measures in the spring of 2015 as I've seen in my time staying. I am staying until World War III begins at that point I will stay for three months and witness the first days and take notes. I will not save anyone or anything for as that will disrupt the timeline in a spectacular range. Even moving a beetle might let an ant survive and that ant could've triggered a nuclear bomb, which is extremely unlikely but its just an example of the rules of Time Travel. My post do make sense, you just need to think ouside of the box. We cannot take anyone with us back to 2038 as then your cells with disintegrate and you will melt in the vortex then dying after 40 seconds of complete agony. I am actually a Time Traveller, I'm not 17, I'm 38 year old. The reason you disintegrate is because you have not been given "Vantex" a chemical that is injected into your brain allowing for you to be suitable in the atmosphere of the vortex. The vortex is located 70,000 light years from your "supposedly suitable for life planet" Kepler 22b. It is a link between the edge of the Carissa system and the Habitable Zone, the atmosphere in the Habitable Zone is perfect for a time vortex and the Carissa system has pretty much the same atmosphere as the Habitable Zone and so has over 50,000 planets with "possible chance of life" I already know if it is or not, I will not state as that will change time in a drastic way. I've told the answer to "If we are alone in the universe" and well the Nepal Earthquake happened. Don't ask me what any of that has to do with the existence of species. But some way it does. I am understood by people in my period but not from this period but that is not why I go on this site and pretend I am a time travel but the answer is I am a Time Travel. I am familiar with John Titor he was part of N.O.V.A and I read his posts back in 2037 and our Commander was not pleased, if you ask where he is now. He's not dead, but he's back in out period in prison for 5 years for breaking rules of time travel. He will be let free in 2041 (2020) and will come back along with me to witness World War III after I have got my examinations ready when I leave after the three months of the start of World War III. I will soon be posting pictures you may find interesting.
  5. Yes, I am from the year 2038. I live happily with my family in London, my wife and six kids. I was assigned to a secret N.O.V.A mission to time travel to these dates: 1666, 1916, 1939, 1945, 1963, 1969, 1999/2000, 2001, 2012 to study all events there and peice together different information that may add up to World War 3 which will TECHNICALLY start this year but will rise to its peak in 2018. World War III will kill 3.7 billion people and a virus created by the horrific pollution in the air that will kill a few million in North America, London and the Middle East. The Middle East will be devastated to a point no one ever though for it to ever be. I was only in my teenage period at the time and people were crying morning, noon and night for God to save them. ISIS was eventually demolished by US and European forces. Enough of your coming future what about the further coming future? Yes, 2038. 2038 is peaceful, America is divided and a new capitol was set in 2037 and is now Miama, Florida. London was broken and politicians suffered and had to deal with "The Big Bad Bug" even more were hurt. Nuclear bombs were used rapidly to the point that there is only about 3 extremely lethal nuclear weapons now. Australia was slightly fine but was still hurt by bombs in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. 2038 still is recovering from the war that was greater than WWI and WWII put together. Whatever WWIV will be like,it surely will not be as bad as WWIII. Radio Stations are little and people try to make their own "shows", Heh. Pornography has decreased by 60% and there are less than 700 athiests on Planet Earth. Christians have risen by 80% and Muslims have risen by 4%. Please ask me as much questions as you wish, thank you.
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