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  1. :)Mostly because without this small scale time travel is impossible. However, it's more likely that the traveling object will be large or comes with its own power supply. If you can pay a gigawatt to make a black hole, providing thrusters and life support would be cheap compared to that. After all, you could just fly there (however ridiculously far away there is) . Though mostly I see time travel as less of a small port-a-loo sized object warping away and more of a star destroyer sized ship booming off around a black hole, so... Of course, there's that gravity lock function, but I don't believe in finding a way to get that working effeciently, so location has always been a problem. More terrifyingly so would be to realize that time isn't a straight line (which I think is pretty obvious) and have a ridiculous time calculating the end destination out of a ridiculously large number of temporal frames.
  2. Currently, our best instrument to measure time is an atomic clock. That data will be fed to a computer and then fed to a human for analysis. That's a lot of inaccuracy, especially since your measurement tool exists in time too. It's like trying to get an accurate measurement of an experiment with your tool in the test chamber itself, being affected by the results. One example would be tying to unravel the code of the Matrix (movie) while living inside the Matrix itself. Neigh impossible.
  3. You're actually describing something similar to a famous time travel method, the Kerr black hole. It involves slingshoting around the black hole, effectively attaining the lense-thrring effect of space and time dilation, flinging the object into a temporal frame via skipping time. It follows normal physics, so don't worry about space-time fractures or false quotes. Go google naked singularity and Kerr metric
  4. Novikov? The same novikov who made the self constituency principle?
  5. Aging is curable. Human instinct to destroy all they see is less so.:alien:
  6. Um, actually black holes permit both future and past travel. However, most topics preventing time travel is not the travel method but the temporal nature of, well, time itself. Paradoxes, cosmic censorship and time COPS or CPC tends to disprove of any travel. However, those are all hypotheses and have not been proven. White holes are an oddity of nature that ejects energy, but a white hole has to be linked up to some absorbing object with no other exit. If you consider quasars as black holes... P.s. Global warming is probably going to happen. The only thing relative about it is the timeframe. But be it 10 years or 10000 years later, it's still faster than cosmic expansion. Asumming factor omega in the theory is above one and the theory is right in the first place
  7. Well, that depends on your knowledge on neuroscience and your definition of the word 'humane'. If you say that humans have something like a soul, or rather something special that differentiates us beings from mere animals, yes. Otherwise, its more likely that your head is being addled by chemicals or you blanked out for a minute. Human biology is not infallible, you can have some mental errors at times. Either is possible, as neither has been otherwise scientifically ruled out as an impossibility.:)
  8. I mean, it's not like you can just type in the number of minutes into your house microwave and expect to be able to send a message back in time. Theoratically, the future is indeterminate and so is the past. The only thing that you can verify the existence of is the present, the now. The past is recorded in cells in your head and books in the library, as well as particles floating in their present location and of present momentum. There is no proof that change occurred other than recorded in matter itself. If an omnipotent being were to rewrite our memories of our past, edit all those books and move a few particles, we would take the present V2 to be completely normal and as expected. Travelling back in time would pose the same multiverse problem, assuming we were not stuck to one worldline. P.S. I mean by omnipotent being not an actual being changing the world, but rather time itself rewriting history.
  9. If time travel is available to use, using either a Kerr black hole or Tipler cylinder through the Lense-Thrring method, then how on earth (Or rather in space) do you choose an end or a start? This is assuming that the Multi-Worlds interpretation is correct, it would be impossibly hard to choose a future. Multi-worlds mean that the future is relative, so that an end destination will be impossible to locate. And if it isn't, wouldn't that mean that something along the lines of fate/destiny exists as the future can be calculated? And if you do manage to end up choosing a future destination, does it mean that the observer's effect will doom that future on us? (Assuming you actually travel to A future and not just spawn into some parallel worldline)
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