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  1. A curious information in the movie Deep Impact, the gentleman says to his children that when I travel to moon they had 4 and 6 respectively it seemed to me that it wanted to say to us age 46 and add it with 1969 date of the first trip to the moon at the time ... did 46+1969 =2015 want to say something?

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    Sorry for my english :S The title is wrong i want to say: 23/09

  2. Hello everyone, I feel if my English is not very understandable, since I do not speak English. I've decided to do this since I saw videos in which he said that something would happen on September 13 in addition to the dates 22-23 according to Wikipedia on September 13 are "important" in the United States dates, what most attracted my attention is that on 13 September it is Sunday, and as john titor said: "The important of the United States Sunday" I think that it was what he said. It is necessary to emphasize that my sources very attentive to the elite personal I confirm that since February the elite have left the United States. My conclusions were as follows: John Titor warned and something is happening and coincidence that all over the country call for their gold, does approaching World War III? and the country in serious economic problems...



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