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  1. I probably would change bad events in history if there were a multiverse.But it would probably cause a temporal war.Because some people would not want their history changed.You would have to figure out a way not to alert them of history being altered.So you can stay in your current time line.
  2. Thank you for posting this interesting video.
  3. But photographs would not last that long.And what about not having enough space to put them on earth. Are they sent into space after resurrection.Do you mean they have physical body?I did not quite understand that part.Will murderers be resurrected?
  4. I would in a heartbeat.Although in some ways it may seem like dieing.
  5. In what way can he do this?Because i still believe it is a trick.
  6. I really don't get the method he used to do that.But what does that have to do with anything that is posted.I know it is a trick.
  7. What if atoms became larger and there time did not slow down or speed up.They would probably be moving faster than speed of light.If the atoms go faster than the speed of light then they would time travel.That is what this machine is capable of doing.Which i have described.
  8. I look up interesting words i find on time travel forums and find information like this on the internet.
  9. So you are just going to read the papers on it?Maybe there is some on the web.
  10. Are you going to post your experiments on youtube?When you do it.
  11. Will this be the powersource of the future? KeelyNet News 2017 - Free Energy / Gravity Control / Electronic Health / Alternative Science - 01/03/17
  12. This device would allow for a person to be in more than one space at the same time.And that is another space that is created.I would call it many space.If you look at a person from many space they would appear smaller and there pieces would overlap.But if they looked at you would appear to be in more than one place.If done in a certain way. You could make a bridge to many space from normal space by a connected a object from normal space to a object object in many space.Which would allow a person to see the pieces universe from many space.How it would be seen from many space. And if a person came from many space to normal space.They would not be in many spaces at one time anymore.
  13. Gedankenexperiment on engineering a time-machine
  14. Have you heard of hho plasma generators used in the philidelphia experiment.They were invented by tesla.Here is a link for it. Resonance in Nazi/CIA Antigravity Drones
  15. My idea does not require huge amounts of energy his does.
  16. I heard the time travel institute was back up and running.So then i came back.Paranormalis has a great time travel forum.which i am still a member of.I love the new black look of websight.
  17. I believe the government could keep it secret.Through disinformation using magazines,news papers and the internet.People dont believe in aliens now.Because they have not seen any.
  18. I Had another idea how to make my teleportation device.Make one of the circular motion device that is moving forwards 10 feet per hour and spinning 10 feet per hour clockwise simultaneously.The circular motion moves clockwise. Which has it's center of rotation aligned with the platform it is on.The platform is rotating counterclockwise. Make another one of the circular motion device that is moving backwards 10 feet per hour and spinning 10 feet per hour couterclockwise simultaneously.The circular motion moves counterclockwise. Which has it's center of rotation aligned with the platform it is on.It's platform is rotating clockwise.Align these above each other. Then you will see that both spinning motions of the circular motion devices are spinning clockwise and counterclockwise. While seeming there circular motions seem to go forwards from your perspective. The circular motion devices move forwards and spin simultaneously on a axle. Both circular motion devices would not seem to spin at all except move in circular motion clockwise.But both would be spinning clockwise and counterclockwise.
  19. plus mean clockwise minus means counterclockwise a object that spins and moves forwards simultaneously moves in a circular path. They are four possibilty if you think about it.They are Forwards with clockwise,Forwards with counterclockwise, backwards with clockwise,backwards with counterclockwise. I make a set two sets of these object then rotate the second set. First number in each set of these four numbers at the bottom is the forwards motion. second number in each set of these four numbers at the bottom is the rotation motion -10 -0.30=+10 +30 -10 -0.30= -10 -0.30
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