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  1. What if atoms became larger and there time did not slow down or speed up.They would probably be moving faster than speed


    of light.If the atoms go faster than the speed of light then they would time travel.That is what this machine is capable of doing.Which i have described.



  2. This device would allow for a person to be in more than one space at the same time.And that is another space that is created.I would call it many space.If you look at a person from many space they would appear smaller and there pieces would overlap.But if they looked at you would appear to be in more than one place.If done in a certain way.


    You could make a bridge to many space from normal space by a connected a object from normal space to a object object in


    many space.Which would allow a person to see the pieces universe from many space.How it would be seen from many space.


    And if a person came from many space to normal space.They would not be in many spaces at one time anymore.



  3. Gedankenexperiment on engineering a time-machine


    A question worth considering is: has anyone thought about creating a time machine based on a particle accelerator? Pushing matter about a cyclotron like at the LHC, could create time-dilation for matter (like a neutron), as it is being flung around in a circular path near the speed of light. It should be noted that matter will not reach or exceed the speed of light.


    Prof. Ronald Mallett‘s theoretical research shows that light and not just matter could effect gravity. Professor Mallett has proposed creating a machine which circulates laser beams to create space-time dragging for an elementary particle. Creating a ring of light, in a cyclotron-like machine will create a gravitational drag effect, this will be noticeable for small elementary particles, such as a neutron [Footnote 1]. However the machine will not have an effect on any other matter outside of the apparatus itself. The function of time-dragging will operate within the local reference frame of the matter trapped within a cyclotron stream. This does not make a time machine for an external observer, but will create time dilation effect on matter caught in the light-stream’s drag.


  4. As a hypothetical argument, I'm not really certain why any Earth government would want to keep knowledge of extraterrestrial life secret--outside of the rather frequent sci-fi narrative in which the military obtains, incorporates, and reverse engineers alien technology. I don't think that the mere proof of extraterrestrial life would inspire panic and rioting in the streets.


    More seriously, I'm quite skeptical that any government on Earth is capable of keeping something as significant as affirmative proof of extraterrestrial life a secret for the same reasons that I find most conspiracy theories involving Earth governments rather hard to believe. Our governments are barely compete enough to go about the actual, stated business of governing, maintaining infrastructure and social programs, etc. Moreover, the more people that are involved in a conspiracy: the more likely that there'll be a leak and it'll be exposed. After all, it only takes the likes of a single individual like Edward Snowden or Bradley Manning to expose a conspiracy and leak the evidence to the press, WikiLeaks, or what-have-you.

    I believe the government could keep it secret.Through disinformation using magazines,news papers and the internet.People


    dont believe in aliens now.Because they have not seen any.



  5. I Had another idea how to make my teleportation device.Make one of the circular motion device that is moving forwards 10 feet per hour and spinning 10 feet per hour clockwise simultaneously.The circular motion moves clockwise. Which has it's center of rotation aligned with the platform it is on.The platform is rotating counterclockwise.


    Make another one of the circular motion device that is moving backwards 10 feet per hour and spinning 10 feet per hour couterclockwise simultaneously.The circular motion moves counterclockwise. Which has it's center of rotation aligned with the platform it is on.It's platform is rotating clockwise.Align these above each other.


    Then you will see that both spinning motions of the circular motion devices are spinning clockwise and counterclockwise.


    While seeming there circular motions seem to go forwards from your perspective.


    The circular motion devices move forwards and spin simultaneously on a axle.


    Both circular motion devices would not seem to spin at all except move in circular motion clockwise.But both would be spinning clockwise and counterclockwise.



  6. plus mean clockwise minus means counterclockwise


    a object that spins and moves forwards simultaneously moves in a circular path.


    They are four possibilty if you think about it.They are Forwards with clockwise,Forwards with counterclockwise,


    backwards with clockwise,backwards with counterclockwise.


    I make a set two sets of these object then rotate the second set.


    First number in each set of these four numbers at the bottom is the forwards motion.


    second number in each set of these four numbers at the bottom is the rotation motion


    -10 -0.30=+10 +30


    -10 -0.30= -10 -0.30



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