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  1. Nice service by the way. Everyone's service says what the individual person is. Mine is Sprint, since I am a Sprinter. Yours is Virgin, Because?
  2. It is possible to travel forward in time, either by attaining incredibly fast speed or by entering and somehow exiting a black hole. Time travel to the past has yet to be shown realistically.
  3. Wow, you really thought this in depth. I will keep this at the front of my mind if I ever invent time machine and get motivated enough to prevent 9/11. Read: It isn't the time machine that is the problem. It is the motivation.
  4. Wow, Really? Cool. :cool: I honestly never heard of this.
  5. Yes, the one scam is the thousands of scientific studies funded by government, some of which are created by NASA, are the scams, not the 3 studies out of 2000 that say that Climate Change isn't real.
  6. Let's focus on the more prominent issue of Global Warming/Climate Change before we start focusing on this. Climate Change will kill us before the Big Bang does.
  7. Actually IQ tests have been steadily getting harder and people have been steadily scoring better in them, even though they are getting harder.
  8. I wouldn't want to be immortal. Me, the forefront of my generation being tested in the IQ tests 200 years in the future? I am sorry, but I won't take that Humiliation. I only want to be judged by the standards of my generation, nothing more. Then I will be a Genius forevermore. I mean, even Einstein wouldn't score well in today's IQ tests if he was immortal. I may be a mad Scientist, but I am not THAT crazy.
  9. Could be something psychological. For example, we don't talk about Standing up, walking around clockwise your desk and walking straight to the bathroom, we call it going to the bathroom. When somebody says they are in the bathroom, you think of them arriving and the effects of such. To complex?
  10. And Ants will survive for longer then us if that were to happen now. It's simple, Really. We kill the Antman. Anyway, in all seriousness, the whole "No Friction" thing is probably just a Hyperbole or false. There is other matter in the Milky Way alone, so that means there will be friction in some form at least from gravity.
  11. A: I have time traveled through the future at a rate of 1 hour per hour. Gotta be on the safe side, You Know? B: Please, I think we are all aware of the experience of time going by that you aren't aware of. C: You. D: I intend to become a Physicist, so maybe I could go faster through time. E: Memories of Time Travel: I remember a movie, an anime and a TV show that had time travel. F: Nah. Those don't exist and are basically just the Wilted Flowers everyone mistakes for Ghosts. (If you get the anime reference, you are my best friend for the hour) G: Not so much working as hypothesizing. It is better to get other people to do your work for you in most cases. H: I will if/when I become a Physicist.
  12. I have literally never read what you just wrote, and I frequent physics forums...
  13. Well something like this may explain expansion continuing in our universe. We are nowhere near the edge of the Universe, so perhaps those are where these sorts of things are located. And instead of Black Holes, perhaps they would be White Lines, as in a Line that surrounds the universe.
  14. We already know time travel is possible through the use of Black Holes. Unfortunately, it only would work in One Direction in Time. So I came up with a Hypothesis. What if there were Reverse Black Holes? I will call this a White Hole. This could be the equivalent of the process to create a Black Hole in an Antimatter Environment. If anybody on here is actually qualified to look into this sort of thing, I.E., is a Cosmologist, Astrophysicist or Astronomer, please do. If not, then simply discuss this. It is sure to get professional attention eventually.
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