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  1. as for insulting intelegence as gpa pointed out, vodkafan, i do apologize for that. i was irritated because of my superior officer, and then reading your comment kinda sent me over a little, so i do apologize for that. rereading your statement i can see why you jumped to the thoughts that you did, but i did have reason for stating the things i did.
  2. RMT, yes, i said fact, but as i told Gpa, the way i type or talk is habitual. as for you David, idk what to even say to that. lol. just reading that kinda threw my mind in a loop for a moment lol XD
  3. Its a theory RMT, not a claim. its just an idea i had, much like all other posts on this site.
  4. Gpa, you're correct, i didn't put 'Petty' in front of Officer. because that would indicate i was actually a petty officer. the term 'Officer' actually refers to anyone that has achieved the title of 'Warrant Officer' or higher. I did not put 'Petty Officer' because i am NOT a "Petty officer". Currently i am ranked Chief Warrant Officer 2. close to becoming Chief Warrant Officer 3. And once again, you are also correct about the fact that i put S.S. Truman, not U.S.S. Truman, I do this fairly commonly because its easier. So do me a favor, pay attention to the post itself, not the way i type things. the way i put things i do out of habit or purposefully. Please and thank you. As for the hot tub thing, no, its not like that. i merely used a pool as a reference to give people an idea by what i mean about the whirlpool effect. visual detail. i never said that they would be used for the time machine. so once again i repeat, read the article posted, not just what you want to take from it. and as for the images from a previous post, why discuss that on here when it has nothing to do with this topic? please, refrain from quoting from my posts on topics that dont relate to this. this is for the purpose posted in the title only. not my replies on other posts. yes, i may have mistake one of the images, but the point i was making was that the diagrams he posted about were false. that was my point. but again, thats off topic.
  5. apparently you dont know how to read. yes, negative intervals. if you passed high school algebra you would understand this. artificial gravitational pull on the other hand, if youd read and pay attention instead of trying to sound like an idiot trying to throw it off just for keeps sake, then you would have noticed i explained that. or did you not read the part about the whirlpool effect?? again, try reading before just throwing negative posts on here like this. maybe then you could come up with ACCURATE replies. and yes, black holes manage to speed light up when it draws it in, due to the fact black holes draw things in at a speed faster than light itself, which means there is a way to make light travel faster if an outside force is applied. so again, before criticizing posts, read and understand so that you actually sound half way intelligent when you post replies like this. otherwise, just stay off my post. please and thank you :)
  6. okay so heres a few things to throw your little "schematic images" out of the loop. you supposed "future hellfire missile" is actually a standard model of the AGM-114Hellfire missile that are currently used in militaries today and are equipped to an Apache H64 (attack hellicopter) Hydra missile firing dock. as for the other image? yeah, thats a diagram of a larger model centrifugal pump, commonly used in backyard pools, or on a much larger scale, dams (anyone on here, feel free to google it if youd like to show you what im talking about). im a navy officer on S.S. Truman currently docked at Norfolk, VA, so im fairly knowledgeable on both diagrams. nice try though. :) Second off, its Miami, Florida, not miama. try looking it up. im from florida, so i would know. As for the whole John Titer thing? ya, heres a little history for you. The first posts using John Titor's military symbol appeared on the Time Travel Institute forums on November 2, 2000, under the name TimeTravel_0. sound familiar? hmm...maybe because your username is similar? maybe the same person. Back in the John Titer conspiracy days, it was suspected that he was John Rick Habar. could this be him rising again to cause internal turmoil amongst the members on this site? or could it be a copycat? but just in one post, i was able to completely discredit your pictures, and your screen name as a copycat username. so, any other "schematics" or references youd like to throw out there? id love more research to partake in. :)
  7. Hello all reading this. My name is Michael. Mike or Mikey for short. since i was little ive always loved and studied different aspects of space, the anomalies that we have yet to discover, or figure out, and the different theoretical events in question about space and time travel. To show my dedication to the space programs and study, ill introduce an idea i discussed with a scientist that worked for the NASA space program for over 30 years. The ideas i discussed with him was this: Shuttles and satellites take a lot of fuel to propel into space. but what if we found a way to build a conversion unit into the shuttles that could transmute carbon dioxide, and other harmful gases in our atmosphere (which also reside in outer space) into fuel to propel the rocket as a replacement for the fuel cylinder? this would be applied in the same manner in which our bodies take in oxygen, and dispense it as carbon dioxide. this could save countless dollars in fuel, and less harmful to our atmosphere. well heres another theory ive been thinking about lately related to time travel instead: Black holes are the only known source that has a way of collapsing everything around them and pulling everything in, including light. which means that the force in which pulls everything in towards the "event horizon", as its called, draws everything in at a speed greater than the speed of light itself. lets apply this to a scenario we can relate to shall we? imagine your in a pool. your standard backyard pool. now imagine that built into the sides of this pool are jets that spray water out, but instead of ejecting the water straight out towards the center of the pool, imagine them angled to the side, so it pushes the water in a circular motion. eventually the water in the pool will circulate and begin to create what is known as a whirlpool effect. with just one jet, the effect would be rather small as there is a massive amount of water to push, but eventually the water will rotate at the same speed at which the jet is propelling the water. this would take a while. but imagine if there were multiple jets arranged around the pool every foot or so doing the same thing: the water would begin to circulate at a much faster rate than just the one jet would cause. now put yourself on the side of the pool, you would feel the whirlpool effect pulling you towards the center but in a circular motion, right? but what about when you get to the center? the force applied to you would be difficult to fight against and get out of. you would be stuck, or frozen if you will, in the center. much like the properties that a black hole show. pretend that the center of the pool, where the gravitational pull is the strongest, is the center of a black hole, the "event horizon". and the water ejecting from the jets are rays of light being drawn in to this center. you are a planet or another large object drawn in as well. it is speculated that in the center of a black hole, time freezes. immortal you could call it. or suspended animation. imagine being at the center of that black hole. no way to escape, but frozen there. you would never grow old. objects in the black hole are said to have their life light cone shifted (if you are unaware of what a life light cone is, please research it). turning it so much that its said to fall back on itself. a way to turn full circle and go backwards towards your past life light cone. now what if we could take these properties and apply them to our lives? freeze yourself in time then escape and be a certain amount if time into the future, or apply them further to manipulate the space-time cortex and reverse your life light cone to travel a certain distance into the past? now back to the light shall we? light travels at a speed of 299,792,458 m/s. imagine the jets of the pool as light traveling that speed. light is said to be energy, electricity, and magnetism. so what would happen if we amped up the flow of energy, electricity and magnetism coming from the light source, forcing the light sorce to work in overdrive and push the light out a little brighter (maybe even a little faster?). mix this with a strong gravitational pull (like the whirlpool effect) and you have an artificial black hole. in theory, this would create an artificial "event horizon" created by us. speed up time, slow down time, or even manipulating the time within this vortex. and what if we could find a way to evaluate the speed in which a black hole draws things in. this would give us an idea as to the kind of speed it would take to create this time manipulation for suspended animation. Thus giving us a means of how to create our own artificial "event horizon" and a means of time travel. as for escaping it, just use the same equation used to calculate the speed needed for this occurrence, and introduce it as a negative interval or more m/s to induce a reverse effect strong enough to counteract the initial speed of the artificial "event horizon" so that the object in the suspended state could initiate a reverse cycle that would allow it to escape from this whirlpool effect, much like reverse thrusters on a shuttle, or in relative terms to everyday life, imagine jets in the pool mentioned earlier, but instead of going in the same direction, reversed so that it pushes against the force of the whirlpool, slowing it down and allowing enough reverse force that an object in the center of it would have a window opportunity to escape the pull. Thus concluding my Theory of time manipulation.
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