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  1. I've never heard of that effect being used for any form of interstellar travel. There are 5 or six main forces that connect at different points that are observable. E-MC^2 is just one of those points, defining the connection between mass, light, and energy transference. What Einstein is describing is the "observation" of these 5 or 6 forces to each other. Since light observes and respects empty space, and so does magnetism, there must be a value, or group of information stored somewhere that tells the other forces what is going on in this spot. Some people call this scaffold energy, because it acts as a scaffold to everything else. Please send Noble Prize right away, thanks Royal Swedish Academy of Science.
  2. It's about two years later, and its great to see how this thread never got any better. There are tens of millions of alternate probabilities out there. Some information cannot be transferred from one person to another because of the person's position in relation to the other. It may have to do with the way information is generally stored by life forms. There may also be a general taboo against some sorts of information being shared.
  3. Never go where you wouldn't be willing to stay if something goes wrong with your machine.
  4. It's hard to know how to respond to this. It seems like you may have got a bit of what I got. The main hypothetical points I will make are these. If someone from the future comes back and interferes in a past time, it will be very vague and hard to remember. But there should probably be more than what you are reporting. You make a conclusion that it is a time loop without explaining why you think it is so. What you are possibly experiencing is time diffusing over a broad number of choices, and then most of those choices (usually the really radical, more improbable ones) are being cut off, but you are retaining at least partial memories of them. In my own case it looked like someone from the Philippines entered my family to steal money from us, and to do this to us turned to the help of the Asian underworld (probably a Chinese vampire billionaire) and sold access to some of these more radical time limes to governments who wanted them to do time simulations in, and steal money. It's a longer version of the awesome Duval scam that the government can't stop for some reason. So I ended up with a bunch of bad memories, and a bunch of spy stuff like what a proton hammer is, and how the stealth drive in a Typhoon submarine worked, and stuff about nuclear weapons like why a copper cable is so useful and that one of the explosives the Russians use has the acronym PETN. If you are having problems like this, share some of your memories with us. If most of your memories are not of this type it may be that you are being used as a carrier or a host (this is too hard to explain). There may be someone who you recognize eventually from these memories, as I remember good old Jeffery Alan Lash, who probably had some of our stuff in storage, and now the LA sheriff has it. Though I made contact with law enforcement, it seems like they kind of know what is going on, at least part of the time. Every time they get close to making the trail, part of it gets disconnected and they start back to square one, answering a phone call from "crazy people talking about little green men." It seemed like whenever anybody died in my family, some of the stuff got turned on to make us keep quiet about what was going on, like you suddenly realize you are a criminal or a spy, and can't figure out how you got there. So they blackmailed most of the estates away from me. Without more info all I can recommend is for you to get some honey and drink a little in tea everyday, eat apples and other fruit a lot. Stay away from processed soda drinks. Buy a couple tecties from different meteor impacts and always carry two or three spread out in your pockets. Change them up sometimes with some other ones. Stop risky behavior and drug use. Be careful of people you don't know. Be aware of your surroundings and spend a lot of time with your family. If this is what is happening, then by all means reply with more info.
  5. This is a really weird thread. It would be better to look at Stonehenge and realize we don't know how it works because somebody might have came back in time and erased the knowledge of how it works. Really, there must have been 50,000 people watching Stonehenge operate in 500 BC and not one of them figured out how to communicate it or write it down for posterity? Seems fishy to me. Gray alien tech is not suitable for human space travel and should not be used unless there is no other way. Either the scratch drive system or the paint can method should be researched and used instead.
  6. I've never read a post that sounds so delusional while telling someone else that they are delusional. This tech is out there. It is either trying to grow itself into as many time lines as it can or it is being used and then taken back once the purpose of the travel has been achieved. One of the frightening aspects of it is that it is used against people just to waste their time and prevent them from doing something important with their lives.
  7. You know, I'm going to talk about this too much more right now. To ask why some very specific technique or idea that was used to work out a problem in an area of gray, mostly secret science has never been widely heard of is a weird question to ask. I'm just going to say that it mapped out an area of inter dimensional space, and it seems to have a whole field of application beyond that. In the future, I will talk now and again about some of this stuff as I feel like it. It would be great if I was never bothered again by anybody trying to mess around, but I'm pretty sure people will keep messing around and so stuff will continue to slip out. Even if its partly wrong, I'm pretty sure some of it can be worked out and tested. And it will keep people talking, or just prove how the universe works a little more.
  8. You are just describing a technology known as a "dice snake." It's an automatic mapping technology based in a very old procedure of mapping alternate realities. A lot of what you are saying is kind of off. Machines don't know that you should have picked a blue snow cone or a red snow cone, so it breaks down at some point and you realize we are just like termites blindly chewing through a piece of wood. This tech was used in the 1970's in some places. The nine position device is an example of this. Sometimes dice snake machines are used to find left handed worlds where the sugar molecule is on the opposite side from where it is in ours. You have to go sideways for a couple of weeks in a large array machine. A lot of them are not populated by people or big animals, so its like a free world. Someone once said a way the US sometimes pays off its trade deficit is to give China machines to go to two of these left handed worlds. After a few generations the people adapt to both types of sugars and move out to populate the whole thing.
  9. Upon further reading the german bell device appears not to have been a flying device. It was a weapon grade uranium production device that used a mirror and some other things to focus particles and cause a change between two elements in a plasma field. They called it the photo chemical process.
  10. The Poppen-Anson constant is a decreasing wavelength of energy that when it reaches zero or parity triggers the next Big Bang. Oh wait, I was supposed to ask you to send me a dollar in the mail first.
  11. The bell device and its effects could have been some sort of class 1 device. It certainly sounds like it from what several stories say. I have a rough idea of the effects it was producing and how it might have worked through two different functions, but not how the materials were producing those functions. I wouldn't try to recreate this device, as there are easier ways to do this and it has a lot of negative effects. It seems to do about the same thing as an articulated window device, and one of those can fit in a backpack (this is a device like the window technology in the movie paycheck). Nasty, nasty way to do things. As far as gravity affecting the flow of time, they may be unconnected. It could be that gravity affects a particle with mass. And time affects a particle with mass. We see the particle with mass move around and do its thing. But it could be just that, and that neither gravity or time affects the other directly. Maybe when we or a particle approach the speed of light, there is a loss of part of its ability to be refreshed by the time motion function. Measuring this fluctuation in time vs. speed gives a time speed constant, that can be used in later experimentations. One of my grandfathers had plugged it into one of Einstein's equations as a variable. It's called the Poppen-Anson constant. Ha ha ha didn't think of that MIT. Go suck on a milkshake. I sort of know how it all works, but its a Nobel prize type question and why should someone else get the credit and make money off it? So show me some bucks, or live in ignorance.
  12. It's a death mark on their life ball. They die and associated parallel copies of them might experience a bad dream and vague recollections.
  13. The color blue could refer to the fact that the war he wrote about took place in a predominantly blue future. Of the four colors used in parallel dimension plotting, most of the future occurs down a variation of cracked light that is red. Most people have a WW 3 mark in their existence where they were killed, they are just not aware of it.
  14. Huh. can't follow most of this stuff. I replied with every type of tech I know of mostly, but it timed out before I could post it. Generally speaking, most of it falls outside this discussion.
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