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  1. I knew this family that gave me this information back in 1965: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cTmy-vwrns
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ar3fUr0B0Fw
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  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFpJ_3cPoRI
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXBkSG4bndk
  6. The Carrington CME event happened back in 1859 and there is evidence that such an event happens around every 150 years. 1959 would be 100 years and then add 50 more years and you'll get 2009. We are ten years past the average time for another CME event. The difference is that we now have our homes connected to many miles of conductors. I expect that it may be wise to have a few fire extinguishers handy. I have seven large ones standing all around the house. We may receive a warning of around 24 to 48 hours? Now try to think of what life would be like after another CME and plan ahead by reading books like: Lights Out, One Second After, and the fifteen books written by, Joe Nobody called: Holding their own.
  7. You may choose to talk to either good or evil entities. Just as us humans there are both good and evil. [ATTACH]38._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  8. You raise a good point. I had the same thought that we may not understand time at all. I compare time as if we were on a carousel and every event may affect a change in that time loop. If that is true then maybe future beings can jump off on the inside or outside of the time loop? Phil Corso's brother-in-law told me back in 1965 that our government was working with aliens on their technology that included time travel. At the time I was told this I did not believe him. Now my question is if a few folks have that technology what mischief would transpire? Ask yourself what you might do with that ability? Leo Zagami and Karen Hudes talk about such things.
  9. I have mixed feelings about disclosing by our governments alien secrets because if it became believed by all it could do great harm. Too many people are way too stupid and could panic and act out of self control. All you need to do is look back to the radio broadcast by Orson Wells to understand my concern. The other point is other nations that hate us live in fear that we may have more alien high technology then them and that may serve as a deterrent. As it stands now, we have been receiving alien technology at a manageable pace over the years, but slow enough to not cause panic or economic disruptions. I think at some point down the road we may see much more information released, but for now we should be happy to have forums like this to exchange what we know here. Human nature seems to also want more and that is good but also may be a two edged sword. [ATTACH]33._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  10. I much prefer more modern weapons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhdybpnCICQ
  11. I like the old songs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAFrfw8kSj8
  12. Yup! Reverse engineering at its finest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QN8ei5Kxw40 [ATTACH]31._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  13. Time will tell...maybe? As we get closer to the next general election we may see more information from "Q"? Look for trouble in Portland, OR on the 17th. Just as we were in a cold war with Russia we have been in a slow build up in a civil war here. There may be a trigger or tipping point that turns our nation into a full civil war soon. The disparage of force between the governments military and the civilian force of arms has allowed the abuse of power to go unabated. Think of the next civil war in terms of a large Dam about to burst. The pressure builds to a point where the devastation is near absolute destruction occurs. The unfortunate fact may be that most people can't imagine what a civil war would be like or what best to do in the event of such an event. Combat veterans may be the ones to listen to when the SHTF? [ATTACH]30._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  14. Your background? I retired as a supervisor for DHS and at the age of 21 was offered a commission as a Major in the U.S. Army and after leaving the military was asked to join the FBI as a Special agent. My SAT score was in the top ten percent nation wide. Show and tell time fella! Above is a very small part of my life and you still hide behind a fake name? It was my British ancestors that first observed the reactive lines refracted through a prism. You however seem to observe comments as insults and react as if your feelings are hurt? Grow the fuck up fella! I don't give a rats ass about you feelings. I seek only those hell bent on finding factual information and not those engaged in deliberate hoaxes to deceive UFO enthusiasts. Like I said, you regurgitate the source information from people you chose to trust and believe and become defensive of people you choose to ignore. It is called piss poor judgment! The same thing that sets humans apart from the lower forms of life on earth? [ATTACH]16._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  15. There is that can of worm I spoke of? Ok, you ask and I'll tell: This is a report of a memory triggered the other month that I got when I looked at myself in the mirror. I saw what looked like the old man wearing the same hat my daughter gave me for Christmas two years ago. Each time this man I saw drove the same dark blue car that had no brand name. Funny how something can trigger a memory. This could indicate that time travel may be real and that time travel is being used by some unsavory people in power. I need to give this idea some additional thought because it sounds way off the hook. The first time I remember seeing this man was on the farm in Blackistone, DE as a young boy. The dust made by a car driving down our quarter mile long lane would linger for a long time as it blew from east towards the west on the open field. Less then half the lane had dust as I saw this car coming towards the farm house. That was odd but not as strange as meeting the driver that wanted to speak with my grandparents. How did he know they were not my parents? The man looked like what I look like today and wearing the same kind of hat my daughter gave my two years ago. He said He wanted to speak with them in private so I returned to the house to observe from the window. My grand father appeared agitated at one point and returned to the house. I asked my grandfather who the man was, but he just said he did not know. After several times asking what the man wanted he finally said not to ask him again. My persistence paid off when he told me that the crazy man said that he was me. I said that was crazy as I am me and he must be nuts. After that incident my grandfather would hold his palms apart left and right and ask what that was as a joke for many days after the visit. He would ask " what is this" then answer with " It's a box and what's in the box?" with the answer "Nuts and then you shake it". It became a private joke between us. Second incident: Around the mid 60s standing with my best friend Jim Walser in front of his home at Pendrew Manor, about seven miles west of Wilmington, DE, a same type of blue car drove up a parked behind the car Jim and I were sitting on in the street at curb side. The man that looked the same wearing the same hat as he asked us if George Walser was home. Jim walked him up the drive to the door to meet his Dad. He said he would like to speak to his father in private. The body language was about the same as with my grandfather at the farm, and then after awhile they hugged and walked down to meet Jim and I. He told Jim: " I heard a lot of good things about you young man and shook his hand. He then turned towards me a said "And you better behave yourself and keep out of trouble" Do you understand"? He declined to shake my hand and just went with Jim's father to look into the passengers side window for a long time. As I was about to walk over to see what they were looking at in the car window George told me to stay back. Very odd! The car made no engine sound and seem to just vanish as it drove around the corner. George would never tell either Jim or myself who that person was or where he know him from, also very out of character for George. Third Incident: While living in North East MD we returned from a day of shopping to have a neighbor Bill Carter tell me that a guy in a blue car parked in our driveway and opened our back door to let our dog Sam out. He said that our dog played with the man for about an hour and then let Sam back inside. Bill went over to talk to the man and asked him if he was looking for us. Bill said he look a lot like he could be related to me but the man never said how he was related after Bill asked him twice. Bill described the car and the man looking just like the the other three time as above. Either I or someone that looks like me is a time traveler. I am starting to think that I may not be normal? The only good thing is that I may one day drive the fastest car ever! Fourth incident: This took place around 2005 while living in Idaho where the same dark blue car with no brand name drove by down and back very slowly and the man kept staring in the window at me with a stupid looking grin. He was wearing the same hat and looked the same as the other two men in the past. The next time I see that guy I will confront him with questions and a camera. I have not seen anyone that looks like him around town before or after. If time travel is real I now think that I may be getting close to finding out for sure.
  16. Hit a nerve did I? Your hero Barker is a foolish joker! His friend James W. Moseley said Barker "pretty much took all of UFOlogy as a joke". In a letter to John C. Sherwood. Barker occasionally engaged in deliberate hoaxes to deceive UFO enthusiasts. According to Sherwood's Skeptical Inquirer article "Gray Barker: My Friend, the Myth-Maker", there may have been "a grain of truth" to Barker's writings on the Men in Black, in that the United States Air Force and other government agencies "DID" attempt to discourage public interest in UFOs during the 1950s. However, Barker is thought to have greatly embellished the facts of the situation. [ATTACH]15._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  17. Very good Cosmo as you have done your homework well. Extremely high energy motion of matter in close proximity to other matter seems to create a partial void in space/time?
  18. Never had that problem with real ghost, just some people I've known. Have you tried changing party affiliation? [ATTACH]14._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  19. Is that a proven concept or still a theory? scientific facts sometimes change. The unified field theory may change one day? The String theory is but a fine thread of ideas as well. The scientific method of discovery almost always begins with the idea of observation? The more I've learned the more questions are created. We could use a little alien help here. Here is a secret: I've met my older self several times as I was growing up, and I've been scanned while laying in bed. Just opened another can of negative worms? Please try to avoid stupid questions of what I just shared... Remember that I am here looking for answers too!
  20. Give this some thought: If aliens are able to travel around in time then maybe they could also create duplicates of themselves...or us? Multiverse or just one changeable timeline? Like I said...Give it some thought! I do have some insight of this subject but need to hear from others before I share. If there are two types of power drive systems used by aliens, and there are, then both would be needed to travel beyond the speed of light. Antigravity along with Antimatter power drive system together may be the way aliens are able to move around in space/time. I was told we had the first one and were trying to master the other back in 1965 at Los Alamos labs, NM. [ATTACH]12._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  21. Remember when Obama shit canned many of the top military brass and replaced them with his cronies? Then those Obama placed in charge fired and replaced them with more followers. Those smarter fired military brass now had time to kill and were good at their jobs. What if they all got together as a team and talked Trump into running for president? What if they had a large smart following still working on the inside that were able to feed info to the Trump team? All it takes is to piss off enough people to a high enough level to get the game started? "Game ON Deep State"! Smart money will prepare for trouble. [ATTACH]11._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  22. Oh well Pen you could have stopped with "I don't believe". It seems the people that don't know talk and the few that do know are silent? I got my visit from a man in black in 1959 and in 1965 I was given alien government secrets from the family of Phil Corso. You may read books but I get my information from the first hand account folks. I would like to know what YOU have seen first hand? This negative shit is the reason why I left this forum before and it will be the reason I'll leave again...Thanks for the reminder!
  23. The officer told me to wait until another person arrived. It was a strange looking fellow as described by many reports of a man in black. I got in his face and asked him if was with the FBI and got no response at all. I noticed he had a pen and yellow not pad. He seemed to be in charge over the officer. I would like to know more about who or what he was too.
  24. It's been a long "TIME" but I wanted to share new information I received from an old HS friend and the son of my teacher that gave me secret info back in 1965. I called to say I was sorry for using his father's name as the person that told me above top secret government/alien programs on a radio show. Jimmy said it was Ok because his uncle Phil wrote a tell all book in 1997 and died a year later. Now I knew where Mr. Cole got his secret info back in 1965. Phil Coros's son is still alive and gave another interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cTmy-vwrns Just to remind you of my 2012 interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvB2cgy7loA I'm looking forward to reading a soon to be released book from David Capps about time travel. I shared with him my story and told him about some strange time travel issue I had. Later I'll share those stories and listen for comments and ideas of what I encountered. I don't have answers, but I hope to share and receive ideas from forum members. I do get pissed at false reports such as the one from John Titor that tend to diminish our fact finding efforts. Hope all is well with this curious group and I'm looking forward to finding answers to many questions. Walt
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