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  1. Carl, it would help if you had been in my shoes as then you would know for a fact that aliens are real. At the ripe old age of 70 I only have one agenda and that is to find others like me as a way to better understand the reason aliens are interacting with humans and why our government is not sharing that with the stupid of the earth! I do understand why people question such reports as mine, and why such secrets are very easy to keep secret. I don't know any first hand info about the Montauk program, only that it sounds plausible. I was lucky to have the brother-in-law of Phil Corso as my science teacher and having scored in the top ten percent nationwide in science. Also have no first hand info of any mind control programs either, but I do know that it has been reported that other nations were actively involved in this work. All I do know is what I know for sure first hand and now it's up to others to come forward and share what they know too. My best guess is that my teacher tried to explain that the sound of the pin drop was still there but we moved away from the event as it was explained to him during his stay at Los Alamos Labs. TT? Who knows? I did not share the offer of a promotion from PFC to Major if I would agree to represent the US. How many people would have been given that offer at the age of just 21 years old? While in college we were given a judgment exam and the next day I was called into the Deans office and was told that only two people had past the test and all others failed miserably! The Dean said that my life would be hard because of the need to be with and work with and for some rather stupid people. He was right! If I wanted to be rich and or famous I could have with ease, but all I wanted was to be normal and not looked at like some freak. I started to share information as a way to help some but not all people. "The rest failed Miserably" ? So about 9 out of 10 people are never going to believe or understand fact from fiction. Ask yourself if you would have been the one other student that got a 74% on that test? No insults intended to any other forum member! Try to explain myself to fools that don't care to listen and I would become the jackass whisperer! Like I said, all I want to do is find others like me, so if forum members give me grief I'll be gone in the blink of an eye! The grief giver would then be responsible for depriving others from things I am willing to share in the future! You have no idea what it's like to walk in my shoes and I would not wish that on anybody!
  2. He is my take: There may be two powerful and very secret forces at work in our world we may call "Good and Evil"! The same as we see good and evil humans we may also have good and evil aliens that have human followers. The evil ones will lie cheat murder and act as power hungry control freaks while the good aliens and humans avoid such behaviors. There may come a time where the good much act poorly to bring humanity back in balance. Or the evil ones may shit once too often in their own nest and trip over their own dick? Time will come when the North evil Koreans make a fatal mistake of hitting us with an E-EMP. That event would cause the city folks to murder each other wholesale and forever change the voting pool. Our cities are full of useless eaters that sap our nations economy dry and they have grown in greater numbers in recent years. Kim of NK is a sick puppy that could cause the next world war? Trump is not controlled by the secret cabal as was both other party presidents. The people have seen the harm caused by the oligarchy cabal. They seem to be acting like a cornered rats they represent. Most folks in the past have been behind the curve before the advent of wars and economic failures and I think that trend will repeat itself? If you live in or near a large city I would suggest you make a plan to avoid trouble and do it soon.
  3. The deep state has been in control for a very long time as it was told to me by Leo Zagami. When I say "Deep" I mean very deep and pervasive in every dark corner of our society. Leo said it all started long ago as a few humans were given TT as a way to empower the humans that were protecting the non humans on earth. Most folks may never know the truth as the truth is so very hard to believe.
  4. I am a skeptic but not a total fool about strange things! Before I ever heard the word "Montauk" I got a call from my sister telling me that she met a retired cop that wanted to meet me. When I got there I met this older guy and all he wanted to ask me if I remembered him from Montauk. He was very persistent that he knew me from there even after I told him I never heard of the place. He used my sister to get to me for some unknown reason? Now about the science of mapping and gaining access to the human mind: Try to think of the brain as just a electric powered computer that has the potential of a WiFi connection. Now build a helmet with many transducers that can receive as well as transmit DATA connected to a quantum computer. Would that allow us to quantum leap through space/time? If I can think of such things I bet our government can too. Such secrets are highly sensitive and would surely be kept from the public? I am a skeptic, but not a closed minded fool!
  5. I was given secret info that we do have wave weapons that can numb, kill, or make you vanish!
  6. "A long time for TT to be proven"? Boy are you off the mark! Proven to who? The general dumb public is and have been clueless because the TT secrets are being kept by a select few. The Illuminati had their leader brake away and write a tell all book just as Corso did. Leo Zagami may be of interest to you as a person with information that should help you better understand the history of aliens and humans. Unless you have been face to face with grays like I have it may be much harder for you to accept the basic facts that aliens are real and are interacting with humans. Read the nurses report rewritten for public consumption called: The "Alien Interview"! I ask the author if he believed the report and he said he did even though he wrote the book as fiction. My mother work in the army air corps service in the same location and I can see a similar dialect from that time period. I hope you get your wish to learn and understand more before you die. I would, however not wish you to be abducted as it was very scary as a kid and I'm not sure if my heart could stand that event repeated today?
  7. Now you're thinking like a cop Paula! The Harber's may be acting as a front for the real TT that may not be allowed to share secret info. And then there is the possibility some things did not happen because the secret info caused a change in our timeline? Human evolution is at stake and the only question that remains is if we have TT folks that give a shit about humans go forward...or not?
  8. The SES folks are paid well and love their work and that is why the FBI was called the untouchables? The mob could buy the members of the FBI for cash so the mob changed their M.O.! You can guess of many other ways to control people and so can they. I just see trouble if we continue to act as a police state like Nazi Germany became. "Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"! Our mass media is owned and controlled by a few very rich powerful folks that work for some international cabal. The many fingers of their control have been able to create the deep state and now comes Trump! If they fail to unseat Trump they know he will at some point expose them all. This is why the war of words between the left media and Trump will continue until there is a clear winner. Either way we may be in for another nasty civil war soon?
  9. YUP! So Sorry! Just need to keep looking for the truth...
  10. The bad news may be that Titor was a fake, but the good news could be that you will be able to listen to much more info about some very strange stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_o6AwqRcP8
  11. I wonder if Q is the person that gives info to Julian? When I was a manager for DHS I has friends in others secret government jobs that would exchange secret information with me. It was a one up game we played and I always seem to loose. I was told things that could get me a visit from some nasty angry people if they found out it got leaked. I'll share some info after my friend dies...maybe? When we get near the end of our days on earth we tend not to worry much about death. I hope that other insider feel the need to share what they know "Before" they die. We may want to view Assange as a world wide hero for exposing the evils of the deep state?
  12. Well said Cosmo and I thank you for explaining the problem I am having to deal with jokers and trolls. This is why I leave most forums. I welcome question about my assertions as a way to allow folks to better understand my report of seeing aliens, but insults will not only drive me away but it may prevent others from ever coming forward. And there lies the problem of getting to the truth? John Titor has been exposed as a likely hoax or not? His story has opened the question to many more people so I thank him for that. There is personal reason to get answers as to the time travel issue. The other story about the ability to use people for twenty years and then reverse their life and send them back to live a normal life as Corey Goode has said may help to explain much. I try to keep an open mind after making fun of the Lock Ness reports because I got to see first hand the same thing in the Chesapeake Bay near Kent Island while fishing there. It's hard to admit I was wrong to the folks I made fun of back then...
  13. Leo Zagami broke away from them and wrote a tell all book of things he learned as the top leader of the Illuminati. He said on a phone conversation with me last year that the group got their start as a protector of the aliens and in return were given time travel technology as a way to have more power to keep them safe. I think Leo is the real deal and feels the same way as Corso in that Power Corrupts and the few folks that have had this time travel have gone too far with the misuse of power. It seems like "Q" may feel the same way also? The deep state may very well be evil pricks that have fallen for the trap of power corrupts? I think that 9 out of 10 people would abuse power and it takes a very God loving strong willed person to resist temptation. I wonder how Trump never went along with the power hungry control freaks of the world?
  14. Yes Carl I do have to question all theory's as they are only theory's and not proven to be facts! I did not believe the stories in the book "The Day After Roswell" until I called my teachers son and learned that he got his secret info from his brother-in-law Phil Corso back in 1965. I am a bit of a skeptic because I've been lied to before. There are a few people I tend to believe such as Dan Sherman, Travis Walton, Phil Corso, And some family members that have told me what they saw. The time travel report from my teacher was the hardest thing to believe back in 1965, but now I'm starting to list it as being real. I hate liars and wish they understood how harmful their actions were to the people that want answers. I saw that movie too and thought the same thing of how a person going back in time could cause problems. Hope I get to learn the truth before I die.
  15. www.majesticdocuments.com website: Thanks for the link above! I did speak with Leo Zagami the head guy in the Illuminati about the alien connection to humans. He is for sure a non fiction fellow. The strait up truth is that aliens have been here much longer then humans?
  16. Idle hands are the devil's workshop? Or it could be "Too many dollars and still no cents"? It gets old real quick having to put up with jokers day after day! Need to find answers to questions and just don't have time to play games with fools at my age. Paula I respect your self control and ability to be a moderator, but I must confess that I am no longer amused at my age. The harm caused by fools and skeptics as well as government trolls hell bent on clouding the issue of secret alien investigation has left a bitter taste. The other problem may be that there are many not so bright folks that will listen to evil stupid folks and take them literally. So sorry for the rant!
  17. My wife had the same problem and went to the eye doctor. He called the hospital and sent her there right away. The result were mixed as to the cause, but they believe it may have been a transient blood flow problem. She was also told it would help to lower her cholesterol with meds and try to eat more greens. The test took all day and cost a lot. You might want to just eat more greens?
  18. It may be that there are good as well as in every walk of life be it human and alien? Old Indian wise man was asked by his grandson: "Grandfather why do I have both good and bad feelings, and How may I control the bad ones"? His wiser and old grandfather told him: "We all have both a good and a bad wolf within us and all you need do is not feed the bad wolf". That is why God gave us grandparents? Mothers and fathers as well as grandparents all have a vested interest in our well being! If your heart is full of love there would be no empty space for anything else?
  19. Thanks, but can you share some insight as to his ideas on the subject? If we do live in one of many world lines we may not suffer the consequences of the grandfather affects theory. The problem I am concerned with is that if I travel back and visit family and or friends it may cause some undesirable change to our future. When I was drafted into the army I refused to take a leadership role and was punished by our fearless leaders. I just don't like telling others what to do as it is like playing God with other humans.
  20. Only if the wish to end their life and were too afraid to end it themselves? Maybe at some point in "Time" the truth will be told to the world? I spoke with Leo Zagami about the origin of human alien power transfer and why this is being kept a secret for so long. I was shocked to learn how far back it all got started and the reason why. The truth may cause great harm to all human cultural structure. 9 out of 10 humans are way too stupid to handle the truth? We are not ready as a specie to live in a world without crutches? I think that you of all people already know and understand the answer to your question!
  21. I think we may be what was told to the nurse as recorded in her report? I.S.B.E.'s, or Immortal Souls, Biological, Entities.
  22. WOW! Good find fella! I now have more to think about for at least a month or more! Now That may explain why some have said the saucers they saw seemed to have disappeared. Also could explain why the three aliens that I saw could do the same. Dimensional jump from ours to another could explain that we have much more work to do before we understand the cosmos.
  23. In theory there may be more then just one way to achieve the moving around in space/time. Time has been shown to be somewhat relative to space and mass may be related to gravity as well. The unified field theory is just a theory but it's the best we got at this "Time"? If quantum mechanics is applied to the above you may see how weird all theories could become. The John Titor story has merit as far as the box in his car. If what I was told back in 1965 is legit and true, the energy produced being 10 to the 34 power greater than fusion would produce enormous amounts of electrical energy. Now if Bob Lazar is correct about the greater than light speed derived from the Anti-mater drive system, you now can imagine enough power to do some very strange things to the fabric of space/time.
  24. There is a thing called relative mass so if mass can be relative I would think that energy may also. My SAT grade score was in the top 10% nationwide in science. I love science and had teachers with friends and relatives on the inside secret government projects at Los Alamos labs.
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