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  1. You think that you have secrets? Very funny fella! I got my secret info from Phil Corso back in 1965 and kept it a secret longer that I needed to because Phil wrote a tell all book in 1997. The one thing I was told that Phil would not put in his book was the information about time travel. He said it would be way to hard for people to accept or believe and may cause folks to not believe the other information he provided. I know of at least one way to move around in space/time and I have shared that already. I think I know why you won't give details about your story. You are afraid that you will look like a fake fool that came here to screw with forum members?
  2. This happen a long time ago and it was only now that I can see the face of that guy in the mirror every morning. I'm worried that if I am that guy I may not be able to ever get back home again!
  3. My question to you is: Are there more then one time line at the same time? Andrew Basiago claims it is true and real, but I am not so sure. I do think facts can be stranger than fiction!
  4. In the past I would make fun of the "Dr. Who" TV show, but now I wonder if it was based on a report from an insider that leaked info?
  5. Good question! I think I did see myself more then once. Same guy driving the same blue car that I saw each time. The strange thing is that guy looks about what I look like today! Andrew Basiago claims that we live in a parallel universe. If it was me that I saw then I am about to go deep undercover soon. So if I am given the keys to the blue can they may tell me to STFU or die? Kind of scary to think it may be real! Print a hard copy of this post as the government may have it erased! Pray that more folks will come forward soon and the power hungry control freaks of the world will be exposed.
  6. Also I just found this YouTube post that I think may have some merit. I can remember some of the same things that has happen to me as Corey talks about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXLP5Q-WdR4 The gold orbs and the three grays and being escorted by them back to my room. Also the time on the flat table and when one of them got in my face eye to eye. Just a lot of weird things that need to be shared with others before I die. Hope some day others will come forward too!
  7. This is a report of a memory triggered awhile back that I got when I looked at myself in the mirror. I saw what looked like the old man wearing the same hat my daughter gave me for Christmas two years ago. Each time this man I saw drove the same dark blue car that had no brand name. Funny how something can trigger a memory. This could indicate that time travel may be real and that time travel is being used by some unsavory people in power. I need to give this idea some additional thought because it sounds way off the hook. The first time I saw this man was on the farm in Blackistone, DE as a young boy. The dust made by a car driving down our lane would linger for a long time. Less then half the lane had dust as I saw this car coming towards the farm house. That was odd but not as strange as meeting the driver that wanted to speak with my gradparents. The man looked like what I look like today and wearing the same kind of hat my daughter gave my two years ago. He said He wanted to speak with them in private so I returned to the house to observe from the window. My grand father appeared agitated at one point and returned to the house. I asked him who the man was and he said he did not know. After several times asking what the man wanted he finally said not to ask again. My persistence paid off when he told me that the crazy man said that he was me. I said that was crazy as I am me and he must be nuts. After that incident my grandfather would hold his palms apart left and right and ask what that was as a joke for many days after the visit. He would ask " what is this" then answer with " It's a box and what's in the box?" with the answer "Nuts and then you shake it". It became a private joke between us. Second incident: Around the mid 60s standing with my best friend Jim Walser in front of his home at Pendrew Manor a same car drove up a parked behind the car Jim and I were sitting on in the street. The man that looked the same wearing the same hat asked us if George Walser was home. Jim walked him up the drive to the door to meet his Dad. He said he would like to speak to his father in private. The body language was about the same as when my grandfather and this man met but after awhile they hugged and walked down to meet Jim and I. He told Jim: " I heard a lot of good things about you young man and shook his hand. He then turned towards me a said "And you better behave yourself and keep out of trouble" Do you understand"? He declined to shake my hand and just went with Jim's father to look into the passengers side window for a long time. As I was about to walk over to see what they were looking at in the car window George told me to stay back. Very odd! The car made no engine sound and seem to just vanish as it drove around the corner. George would never tell either Jim or myself who that person was or where he know him from. Third incident: This took place around 2005 while living in Idaho where the same dark blue car with no brand name drove by down and back very slowly and the man kept staring in the window at my with a stupid looking grin. He was wearing the same hat and looked the same as the other two men in the past. The next time I see that guy I will confront him with questions and a camera. I have not seen anyone that looks like him around town before or after. If time travel is real I now think that I may be getting close to finding out for sure. Fourth Incident: While living in North East MD we returned from a day of shopping to have a neighbor Bill Carter tell me that a guy in a blue car parked in our driveway and opened our back door to let our dog Sam out. He said that our dog played with the man for about an hour and then let Sam back inside. Bill went over to talk to the man and asked him if he was looking for us. Bill said he look a lot like he could be related to me but the man never said how he was related after Bill asked him twice. Bill described the car and the man looking just like the the other three time as above. Either I or someone that looks like me is a time traveler. Andrew Basiago said that he was told that he would one day become president. I am friends with Andy and that may be how I get to visit the past? I am starting to think that I may not be normal? The only good thing is that I may one day drive the fastest car ever!
  8. We have old car shows where the folks dress up in a way to best reflect the time the cars were built. I did see the same blue car three times from the mid 1950s to around 2010 with the same guy at the wheel. If there are time travelers that are able to move around in time it would help for them to have a way to get around some. Corso thought the 1947 crash was a time traveler that used a saucer to travel and crashed as a way to bring us that technology. Too many secrets are being kept from the people. Give a listen to the report from Karen Hudes and Leo Zagami and see what you think?
  9. Hey cupcakeman, It sounds more like an out of body trip? Just last year a strange thing happen to me that I told my wife right after it happened. I felt a tingle thing wave starting from my toes to the top of my head travel slowly up and then back down much like a computer scanner might do. It reminded me of the time I woke up when I was around 8 years old to see three gray aliens appear floating towards me at my bedside. It gave me a upset stomach just before I past out. I share this as a way to ask others to be brave and tell what they know as well. I hold back some details as a way to weed out the fools. It way past time that the general dumb public be told the truth! Phil Corso said that the people deserve the truth and that was why he wrote his book called: The Day After Roswell. Hey Cosmo how about it fella? I got your back if you speak up and share your life story!
  10. I can spot a liar way off fella so be careful! I am here looking for information and not BS. If we ask a few questions for some details and you tell the truth you are welcome to share what you have, but be advised that some folks here will know fact from fiction reports as they have been there and done that with aliens. For the folks that have seen or have friends that have seen craft and or contacted aliens, they are looking for answers as to the what and why they are here. I was told back in 1965 that our government was given time travel technology and was also told never to share that information with anyone. I'll old now and don't care they murder me so I feel the need to come clean.
  11. It was long ago on the Blackistone farm in Delaware west of Clayton, DE about eight miles. If your new to this forum I'll direct you to my interview report with Mel Fabregas back in 2012: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvB2cgy7loA Veritas May 2012
  12. My grandfather shared with me a story of what he saw back when I was a kid: After I asked him if he ever saw a ghost he replied! He said he did see an old horse and buggy with old looking dressed family driving down the farm lane as they got closer the buggy and people vanished! What made me ask the question was the night before is when I saw the three gray ghost looking aliens at my bedside. I believed the grays to be ghost at the time back in the mid 50s. Now I think they were aliens!
  13. Trump is a rebel that may use the secret as leverage against the cabal? Leo Zagami and Karen Hudes are both insiders that have come forward as a way to end the stranglehold the cabal has on the world. I kept quiet for fifty years for two reasons: No one would believe me and I did not want the grief from stupid people that surely would come out of the woodwork!
  14. If or when I do get to travel I am sure that the folks that allowed me to drive that very fast car would never allow me to share that information on this forum? However until I am forced to sign the 10/10 papers to never disclose I am free to share things I do know. My teacher told me back in 1965 that TT was being used by our secret government and I learned just last year where he got that secret info from. It turns out his brother-in-law told him way back in 1965 and then he told me at great risk to his safety. I felt back that I did not tell him back then about my seeing aliens face to face back in the 50s. Now you know why I believe that Time Travel is being used by our leaders. It is easy to keep such a secret because who the hell would believe you?
  15. Just received an email telling me it was back active once again. I do tend to think that time travel is real and that a very few humans have been given access to the technology. I spoke with Leo Zagami about this subject and he said it was real and it was given to a select few in the Illuminati as a reward for their protection from us scary humans. Dan Sherman claims to have been told the same from an alien and My teachers brother-in-law Phil Corso to him the same thing. Jim Sparks said he was told it was true and well as Andrew Basiago. Not sure if I believe Andy? Until I travel back and forth in time I will keep an open mind and not an empty head about the subject.
  16. I'm also not sure either, however I can only share the events in my life and then allow others to decide. To me my life is normal just as a crazy person may believe that they are normal and all others are nuts? This forum may serve as a place to help people share what they know and or things that they may believe are true! "Just the facts Mam"! I'm looking for others that may have more information as a way to better understand the big picture! It also helps if we do NOT give the people grief as it may scare off future reports from the real deal folks!
  17. Quantum physics allows us the curse of empathy? I got to meet my cousin Bruce back in Pennsgrove, NJ when he was just a tot. My grandfather Charles Edgar Willis had three or more families at the same time in the tri-state area of NJ, DE, and PA. Who do you know in the entertainment world? Got a phone call from Nixon and met JFK and Chuck Norris with Bruce Lee too. Think I was lucky to get around as a kid.
  18. I've been hacked on Facebook and now Twitter too! So much for free speech? Both forums are owned and controlled by the internationalist left? I did have the opportunity to screw with them before leaving! It seems that there is only one know cure for stupid: Anthrax!
  19. So sad that we are given grief in our lives! It may be a necessary evil that is required of us to appreciate the good things we are given? There was a song that expressed the idea for a need to experience both sides of life to understand the value of the good in life? I just try to enjoy the ride and help others in their quest for joy.
  20. I do believe John and a few others and their reports of inside information the have received. Back in 1959 I reported seeing several saucers and got a visit from a man in black and two air force men. They told me to remain silent and that the government will soon tell the American people the truth. Remember that was back in 1959! No joy thus far?
  21. Precognition has been proven as a fact and the test have shown that the average person has about a three second look into the future. This begs the question: If it is real and the average is around three seconds then what are the chances that some people may have much more ability and that our government has found those folks and are using them to gain more power and control?
  22. Hey Skyler do we know each other? Hope you are well and warm fella!
  23. I turned down a request to lead while serving in the army and a job offer from the FBI to work as a special agent, so it worries me to control others and it would not be nice to play God with the lives of others! TT has and is being used to this day as a way to gain power and control! Humans are nothing more then hairless monkeys relative to the creator. Watch the movie called: Time Cop and understand the problem better. "Power Crropts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"! TT is absolute power?
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