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  1. The only way to predict the future is to invent it.
  2. So if it really doesn’t matter then, why don’t you tell us in detail, the project you’re working on. From your comment it sounds as if you’re certain time travel has been achieved.
  3. I read about this also. They also used dogs in the 1960's against them too. Ah, history repeats itself.
  4. Let what go? LOL. I was just merely showing a page from the ol' zine, and I personally don't care what it says. I just think it was rather interesting. There are lots more photo's but for some reason they won't upload. Did you know the guy that started Dharma Combat also started the National UFO Museum in NV?
  5. For some reason, most of them won't upload. So here is a last one.
  6. This I found interesting. I mean the "Neocons" came along later... or were just aptly renamed. But this "manifesto" is bizarre. Just total backward insane thinking to me. Just my opinion.
  7. I have some photo's of Dharma Combat Magzazine #10 by Jim Keith. Here are a few photo's. This issue came out sometime in 1990
  8. I am currently on the look out for original copies of Dharma Combat Magazine by Jim Keith. I have some original issues already. These are VERY hard to come by.
  9. I was just sharing a little piece of forgotten history. I own this, so I already bought it. I don't w want to sell it. I am looking for other Trend Books like this. I have two and recently found one, which has an article written by Arthur C. Clarke. That one is a bit more expensive, but if anyone comes across these books let me know. I collect stuff like this.
  10. This is completely false. A hoax. Have you been to Basagio's site? He says something to the effect of, "I know I can be president, because I have a very presidential look." Which has nothing to do with being president. He was probably in some sort of program, but as with anything, they're probably lies mixed with truths.
  11. In all seriousness, in my research and reading there are different kinds of MIBs. I don't mean look wise. Certain entities utilize them. Be it government or private sector. I was told "You don't want to mess with the Vatican MIBs." This was told to me by a retired USAF Sgt. He's also had first hand accounts with them. He would not speak any more about the Vatican MIBs. Apparently he was scared of them the most.
  12. I think it does. Perhaps "time waves" are those series of unfortunate or fortunate events, that suddenly, seemingly for no reason, these events occur. I was thinking about it, but perhaps, this type of thing is a time wave or the result thereof. I have no scientific proof or anything to offer for my theory, it's just a thought. I think the experiences would be the same. Kind of like being trapped in an elevator, the same basic experience, but one guy may panic, while the other guy lights up and waits for the mechanic.
  13. Why was this not uncovered before now? If it was who uncovered it? I have to question sudden findings like this after the fact. Just like Cruz's dad supposedly photographed in Dallas during the JFK assassination. Or could these be results of time travelers? Connections like this "suddenly" showing up? I have a friend who knows ALOT about Tesla, I am surprised he doesn't know this. I will have to ask him.
  14. I'm with you on a majority of this, however the UFO time travel bit. It's false. In fact, "UFO's" are ours, ( USA's, ) not to mention, Germany, Mexico, Russia, well then it would have been the U.S.S.R, France, to name a few countries who have these flying discs, IE UFOs. The ancient astronaut theory is partly correct, we're the ancient astronauts! Not Grey's from Beta 6 Gammy797987. It is late, and to get into how I know about the "UFO stuff" is a completely different thread, or book. Take your pick. The Mandela Effect, is wrong. I forget her name, the lady that has the site about it, and the story of how Mandela died in the 80's is wrong. Completely. I have kept silent about this, but I have read it on various sites, seen various youtube videos and interviews about it. And I am sorry to say, a majority of the information about the Mandela Effect is inaccurate. I have conducted my own poll, albeit not very scientific, but it proved my point. I asked 30 strangers over a period of 4 months from the ages of 40-65 this: ( I would always start out by saying the following: " Do you remember Nelson Mandela? They all said yes, Do you remember when he got released from prison? Do you know what year? The usual response is, The late 80s, about 10 said, 1989. I myself remember him being released in 1989. Then I would ask or say, "Then he became president, they would agree, then I would say, then he got sick, and died. At this point they would stop for a moment and think. Some would say yeah, he DID die! I then would usually respond and say, this is how I remember it, and you tell me if you remember differently or think I am wrong. Mandela is released from prison in 1989, becomes president, gets sick and dies in 1994 His wife took over as president for a short time after that. CNN, ABC CBS, all major news networks carried and covered his funeral on live T.V. 20 of my 30 pollers recalled watching it live on tv then as well. I also surveyed 6 of my family members, the oldest my grandparents 89, and 90. Both remember watching Mandela's funeral on live tv in 1994. When I tell her they "they' say he died in 2013, she laughs and says oh they are lying, that internet! ( she has never been online, doesn't; own a computer." This is what I recall. Another time slip was in the summer of 2006, Entertainment Tonight reported Keifer Sutherland dying in a jet skiing accident in Lousiana. I remember this because I was on my internet radio show at the time an announced it an had my listeners searching online for the story and I was also was thinking what an odd place to go jet skiing on vacation. I eagerly awaited the program to return from commercial. When it did, not a word mentioned about Sutherland's death. And this is before all this time slip crap came into being online. I mean really really took hold.
  15. No_More_Bets


    If the Spooks weren't monitoring this site before, perhaps they are now. This site is pretty obscure imo. I love it, as I've said before, I am surprised more people don't join.
  16. Compound? Dare I ask? Are you a Rainbow? Ever attend Burning Man?
  17. Nah, he died in 2009. Though I do recall sometime in the late 90s, Chris Cornell from Soundgarden died. But I think that one is a hoax
  18. Oh yes, I remember him retiring once as well. After Dave made the NBC switch in 1993, I slowly stopped watching. By that time Conan was on and I found him more funny. Speaking of timeline changes. I asked my grandmother whom is 89, what year Nelson Mandela died. She replied, "Oh I remember that so well! He died back in 1994. His wife was president for a short time after that." You have to understand my grandmother, she has never been on the internet, she doesn't even own a computer and still has a landline. When I told her that the news said Mandela died in 2013, she laughed and said well they're wrong. So there you have it, add another person who remembers Mandela dying in 1994. Cha-ching...
  19. Dave didn't "retire" many times. He changed major networks many times. There's a difference. I remember when he left NBC in 1993. His last musical guest was Bruce Springsteen. I remember it being a big deal because no one knew who the mystery last guest was going to be. That was the first and only time Springsteen ever appeared on David Letterman.
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    Fear mongering. It's all it is. There will be wars, and rumors of wars...."
  21. Muhammad Ali is dead. At least on this timeline he is. Is Ali still alive in what time you're in?
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