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  1. @Gpa - No offence taken. I have considered it, but getting in contact with a doctor is difficult these days, and seeing the appropriate one to discuss something like this requires waiting for a long, long time. @Hyborean - What do you mean by editing? I woke yesterday morning, and for some reason that I couldn't explain - I felt like I had to drive to a specific city, and buy a specific food item, take it home and eat it. I had a mental image burned into my mind, and a singular focus to accompany it. Of course, and I went and did it, but now I feel melancholy. I usually have a lot of pocket change, so that's easy. How would performing the actions you've described help me? H
  2. Hi there. I'll get to it. As I understand it, time travel as I've seen it is extremely difficult in that you have to be in the right place at the right time. By this, I mean that if me from right now, inexplicably went back twenty years - I would end up in the vacuum of space, right? As the planet moves around the sun, you would need to calculate the exact position in relation to the solar system, and not the planet - unless you had some method of tethering yourself to the planet. Perhaps using satellite positioning would work, but would some of the positioning data be lost in transit if you used the current satellites to move to the past? I'm just curious how one would use positioning coordinates to go back, specifically what the coordinates would be in relation to. Moreover, and this brings me to my main point - There seems to be more than one method of going back. Physically going back in this body and co-existing with myself back then does not interest me. I am a man of regret. The other method which I fear has no scientific basis is consciousness transportation. I want to go back. And I feel like I can. There are moments wherein I can feel myself going back. I can hear, see, feel and smell being there - but it's as if there's something mechanically holding me back. I'm in a fish bowl, trying to break through. Like a safe-guard of some kind. It requires immense concentration, but I feel like I'm right there - and then something pulls me back. Someone. Moving backwards in this form would not bring about the problem of positioning, because you would move back with the universe, rather than independently. However, simply turning everything back means you would also lose your memories if everything shifted back - like a reset. So how would one return back - with thoughts from the future? This method seems far more like make-believe fantasy as there isn't anything mechanical involved. But I can't shake these feelings. It's all just conjecture, but still... Does anyone else have these episodes? Edit: I'm also having trouble remembering what's what, it seems. People, faces, names and things like that are fine. However, events are troubling me. I'm often being told about things I've done, that I've remembered doing the exact opposite of. Conversely, reminding people about things I've seen them doing results in them claiming to have done nothing of the sort. Could this have anything to do with memories from other worlds bleeding into each other? I'm legitimately concerned, and at times have been doubting myself. H
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