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  1. Im fully aware of the current math music relationship. Im scouting out people who don't immediately write off the question with their current knowledge. Which is the purple squirrel effect. Basically every response is confirming my question. So thank you
  2. If you leave a number 1 in the modern day math and come back later.Its still number 1.
  3. Thats what im saying. Is if you use 2d math eg numbers like 1. If youuse numbers that arent expanding with the universe. When youcalculate the universe your number will be too small. Like the theoryof relativity they lost fractions of numbers due to what they thoughtwas a loss off time. But its that everything expanded except theequation
  4. Throw away 2d math a find a third dimension for your calculations.Using stationary math can describe things as stationary. Even if themath describes a 3d environment its only describing its static formduring the calculation. So 2d math unless a calculation is made thevalues are also static. You cant describe an expanding universe, orand expanding 'time' with numbers that arent expanding.Sure Pi is infinite but there are only static numbers to use with it.
  5. Im going to look into that, and nailz i went through a few of vi harts videos so thank you for the link
  6. Interesting video but what im looking for are your theorioes, because that video just shows a guy playing a certain rythim. thank you for the response
  7. Okay so im trying to find what anyone knows on the relationship between math and music. and im also interested in a theory i have called "the purple squirrel theory" what it is, is when you speak to someone, their subconscious decides what to accept and what to override with accept. so if you just go and say to your friend. oh hey heres the secret of the universe in 3 words. and its as if they dont hear it. because what you said doesnt exist in their programming so it gets weighted out by their subconscious in a sense similar to how your brain fills the gap between your eyes. can anyone relate to this? if you can then you might know what i know, and your feeling like a purple squirrel.
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