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  1. As tti nears the end, I just wanted to thank everyone that tried to make this site a good place. I've met many friends here that will last a lifetime. I spent nearly 15 years here, and put a lot of time and effort into trying to be a productive member of the community. Through all the crazies, this community had some of the best of the best. Ill never forget all of you. I wish you all the best. It's time.


    Until next time folks. :)



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  2. Not to devalue your information or reject it, but I am not sure that is necessary, however helpful. And I have no desire to make an account here, if that is even possible. Last time I got banned. This is the first time in a long while I have even visited this site. I'm surprised I have this much access.

    Do you, by chance, have an account at that other site, ..the paranormal one?


    I have a stalker issue that goes back decades. It has taken years, but I have narrowed it down to the source, which is a network of people. 'Pamela Moore' is apparently one of them or an associate thereof, as are others. It is only a matter of time until I confirm which are which.


    What I am more concerned about is an authentic untainted version of the posts, as well as an explanation for all the nonsense as to determine an appropriate response, to determine a means of resolution. In other words, I am giving them an out, but one that will come at a high price.


    What is the value of life?

    surprisingly, you are correct. if you want to know who pamela and the network is, send me an email address or some way to personally message you. you are on the right track.



  3. It's not Haber(or me), and it's not a hoax. It's some kind of time travel operation and/or psy-op, and the posts primarily serve as a medium for communications. Those who would have you believe anything else are liars and con-artists. Those who are controlling the narrative and spinning it all over the place know this and do so intentionally for an unknown ulterior motive.

    They are obviously up to no good. For whatever reason, they don't want the underlying truth getting out. That is why they go out of their way to make threads like this, as well as do things like reject and/or ban me when I attempt to call them on it and explain things.


    What they aren't doing is being honest with me about it. That is a mistake, a BIG one. Those posts were addressed to me specifically, and perhaps also to others. All the games and nonsense have had a direct and substantial effect on me personally, and adversely. You people manipulating everything need to cease with the BS and start making sense of your actions and explain exactly what you ar doing and how my business is your business to meddle.

    on september 29, 1999, my mom was shot and killed. i could not take it. i searched for any way i could to change it. i had thought i had found it in titor. i would stop at nothing to find him. after going so far to hack his email and after i found pamelas true identity, i knew it was a lie. i am a real person and my story is chronicled here. ive had laughs, cries, and a mental breakdown on this site over the years. if you want to know the truth, i will tell you. it sounds like you deserve to know the truth as much as i do.



  4. This is interesting what you told me about this being a sign of ptsd. I do not know if we are thinking of the same thing , as for ptsd I am thinking of post traumatic stress disorder. I am a Vietnam Veteran and was in lots of combat situations. I have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and did not think of my flashes and feeling of what I see as being a symptom of ptst before, but it sure sounds logical. Could you explain it in more depth to me.

    yeah bud, im sorry you had to go through that. no one should ever have to go through that. ptsd makes you kinda feel like you never left the warzone. you always expect something to happen. you know its about time for something bad to happen.


    it happens to me too, and ive ruined alot of life from reacting on it. ive been on this site for many years, looking for a way back to september 29th 1999. i never found that way. i now realize nothing will ever change the regret i have amd if i did, i would have never met the woman i had my children with. i accept that now.


    i still stay on guard duty at nights, and i still watch everyone with the expectation that something bad is always about to happen when i am in public. its a hard struggle, but you can get control over it. im in your corner bud. ill be glad to help you with anything i can.





  5. I understand what you feel because I to am able to see a few seconds or minutes into the future. To me it is like time travel for it becomes helpful when something dangerous or bad is about to happen to you. I get flashes of what may happen a few minutes in the future and change what I am doing so that bad event does not happen to me. For example driving down a road and seeing of feeling an accident ahead and then stopping the car at a gas station or a parking lot for 5 or more minutes to avoid being involved in a accident or near accident.

    this is a sign of ptsd. you are doing a disservice to yourself by believing this. using logic and deduction can give you a glimpse of the future, but that is the best us humans can hope for. i hope the best for you.



  6. HOLY CRAP!!!! I must be in an alternate reality, because look who is back.....Kinky Dave!!!

    How the eff you been, man? I see you still have not been able to rid yourself of Chrono completely, and for that I am truly saddened. This is the first time I have muscled into these parts since the domain was restored.


    Good to know the "good people" are still around (and that includes both you and ruthless!)



    I know, talk about a blast from the past. I wonder what pete and zeshua are up to nowadays.



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  7. BREAKING NEWS! This just in!

    Old stalwart RainmanTime has returned from his time travel road tripping and has settled back in at his old TTI homestead. RMT had just one thing to say to his TTI friends and family: "Anthropogenic Global Warming is STILL BUNK SCIENCE. That is all."





    Welcome back. It seems all the old hands are coming out of the woodwork. Happy days!



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  8. Apart from the mm thick strip of Brick/Chronohistorian I have still embedded in my frontal lobe I wonder where he is now? Still in his mom's basement? Do you think he moved on to working in a video game store? Or, highly unlikely, is he traversing the mists of time somewhere centuries in the future? No, probably still a nerdy virgin.

    I'm sure he is hanging out with joseph kakusagan, throwing stars out of ther hands. Either that, or he became a mountain dew fan and joined nascar. The possibilities are endless.



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  9. I don't recall reading your posts but nice handle that you use. Post up , we need some content to keep everything and everyone checking in. I'm about to lookup YouTube apextv but they push a global warming agenda that has no scientific , pressure , location, altitude, numbers ever mentioned. Still , they do make a time travel experience as their reason for the content.So, Ruthless, welcome and be yer ruthless self.

    huh? ive been here since the dawn of time. thanks for the welcome though.



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