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  1. i figure you could put a coat of fireproof paint or something similar, maybe even silicon. i know there will be alot less friction due to less weight, so the temperature would be less. automobile engines run about 160-210f, and considering the engine will be much smaller and water cooled, i guess it would work. i dont know how well heat transfers through carbon fiber though.
  2. Re: Sing o' Lara D can you tell us how you got this information? also, could you tell us a little about yourself? oh yeah, welcome to tti.
  3. patent analysis its ingenious, but you kinda missed your chance. its mainstream now.
  4. apple already has a patent for this. they use it for photography. you couldve made a ton of money if you wouldve used it for different purposes. ive said it before, and ill say it again: for every second you look in the future, the less accurate it is. 10 seconds into the future is a random guess. humans are much better predictors unless its looking 2 seconds or less in the future.
  5. nah, thats pretty lame compared.
  6. the most badass thing in the history of the universe!!!
  7. i had a thought and wanted to share it. they should make car frames out of carbon fiber skin with the inside being a pressurized helium tank. i figure you can make engine parts the same way. if you made an entire car that way, it would weigh nothing. equip them with a rc sized gas engine,made of carbon fiber, and fuel dependancy issue is over. could make everything like that...
  8. actually, they are probably harder on me than you. they expect more from me. but i figure they wouldnt say anything if they didnt care. sometimes they can push a little too hard, but then again, extreme heat and pressure makes a diamond. if you want to be friends to the"elders," you have to deal with the associated b.s. i guess i do that myself nowadays. i just have to remind myself that we are all equal and we all have problems.
  9. thats why science is science, but its also a double edged sword. what is inherited from laws is limitations. in order to put something new into the system, you have to break laws to get rid of parts that never were, even though the data wasnt right in the first place. thats a fatal error by scientists.
  10. Re: Man arrested at LHC claims he's from the futur the light is red. i repeat! the light is red. too many canned drinks in the grocery store...
  11. Re: Man arrested at LHC claims he's from the futur viva la revolution?
  12. Re: Man arrested at LHC claims he's from the futur actually, that article was an april fools joke. try again.
  13. i like ron paul, but i have to agree. he'll never be close to leading. but thats also a gimme, which also proves this claim is toast for good.
  14. can you go back to 2008 and send me a pm? i might believe you then.
  15. would you consider looking into water from land an extra dimension to percieve? special relativity is pretty cool. the cats in the box over there and we are on this spinning disc, hanging out with light and such... wonder how the cat is doing.
  16. Re: Public version of code working and getting better. web page
  17. Re: Public version of code working and getting better. tons of checksum checkers if i were you, i wouldve just used an open source checksum checker instead. theres tons of em around.
  18. hey titorite, its been a while. how has life been treating you? i have proof it was all a hoax, but i wont disclose that information. you can either believe me, or not.
  19. seems oddly coincidental that he pops up the same time i pop back up. funny stuff. im not getting sucked into it though. i already know everything i need to know.
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