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  1. oh yeah, in case you dont know how to do that, right click my pc, go to properties, click advanced, go to performance settings, then change virtual memory settings.
  2. easy fix. increase your pagefile size to 16gb.
  3. the photo is authentic, and from a museum. but its not a time traveler. everything he is wearing comes from that period in time. welders glasses, embroidered sweater, and even his camera all come from that time. gizmodo.com did a story on it recently.
  4. us punches uk directly in the nose, then uk calls its mommy.
  5. im not giving up on it because of any one person. ray says that science is patient. well, we humans are not. we only have a very limited time on this earth, and to science, that equates to the bat of an eyelash. im always ok, no need to worry. i was just attempting to make a point. that point is that sometimes society works in reverse. there was a low-brow attempt at being witty somewhere in there too. guess it got lost in the translation. ;)
  6. that just made science very unappealing to me. then again, im a balls to the wall type 'o fella. this world is like bizzaro-land to me, i swear. my theory is that god didnt make the tower of babel, he made egos. and thats the true test. how does man overcome their egos, in unison, to achieve a goal? methinks martin luther king had a shot at it, but some prick with an ego had to ruin it. bullocks i say! seriously, i can lay out a perfect plan all day, every day, but folks dont want to play follow the leader. they dont want to walk 40 days and nights through the desert for their cookie, but they sure do want that cookie... ...and then try to eat said cookie with their toenail.
  7. Re: A Bumblebee Isn't Supposed to Fly - A Poem sweet poem. kinda reminds me of those cartoons where they didnt fall until they looked down. wile e. coyote comes to mind. :D
  8. hey ray, i'll give it my best shot. god supposedly is infinite, and created the universe. if you believe this, then you probably also believe that man was created in gods image. now, when i create an image of a cd, it is a replica of that cd, minus the physical disk. when you take a picture, it is a replica of the scene, minus the physical scene. if god knows it all, then should'nt humans have the goal to replicate that? should humans say, "it is my goal to know everything?" or should humans say, "knowing everything is out of reach?" well, im going to go ahead and cuy this short. i could write pages and pages about it, but it would not matter. even though these things are facts in my eyes, because i have been through experiences i cannot fully explain,and verify and reproduce, that puts it in the realm of fiction. my theory will be rejected, because it is not based on science, and is not reproducable. so, if i am correct, how can science ever accept it? but heres the thing, science cannot prove it to be false either, so there it is, just floating in the air, like a ghost to haunt.
  9. you have to admit that he does have a point. i believe he has spotted a serious flaw in scientific method. as always though, that is just my opinion. once you have explored all options, and still have not put the jigsaw puzzle together, what does science do? ignore the facts?
  10. ruthless


    that depends on your perspective.
  11. heres one to ponder: can a person sweat underwater? if so, how do you know?
  12. how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? figured i might as well ask...
  13. you and sprite are too funny, in a napoleon dynamite type 'o way.
  14. i agree with kerr. i think you should make a small scale model and try it on something that is not human before you put someones life at risk, especially if something caught fire on the last run. a shopping cart, with seats, that is a mental amplifier... heh. good luck with that. btw, ive got this single blade helicopter design for sale. you seem like the type that would buy these plans! i'll give ya a real good price! :D
  15. Re: Changing The Universe, One Worldline At A Time well, i dont want to waste too much time on it. but judging from what i remember, he would be around 55 in his eyes.
  16. how do you expect to time travel by sticking some seats into a shopping cart? oh well, dont forget your tinfoil safety helmet...
  17. Re: Changing The Universe, One Worldline At A Time it's easily solved, yet pointless.
  18. quoted from wikipedia. interesting, ya learn something new everyday. a riverbank erodes over time. what is the only way to reverse this? by putting more "riverbank" there. so it is my opinion that the only way to reverse time is to add energy to the system. i have been told this is overunity, and is impossible to accomplish. if im right, that means time travel is not possible, until people can create energy to add to the universe. if i understand correctly, that is a feat only god can accomplish. if im wrong, none of it matters. if the world is a model of the universe though, i am probably right.
  19. i believe differently. i believe time is the decay of energy. it is universal decay for that matter. thats just my personal opinion though. i have no facts to base it on.
  20. seriously, can a mod lock this idiotic thread down?
  21. in case you havent noticed, noone cares.
  22. i know its b.s. ...ive become too lazy and unmotivated to point out the obvious though.
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