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  1. sounds to me like your perspective is askew, just ask anyone observing you while doing this. its all in how you observe, and how you observe is not accurate.
  2. http://pcriver1.com/download/pcriver.com_Windows_XP_Pro_SP3_32_bit.iso here ya go. put it on a usb drive and take it to your folks. mission accomplished.
  3. By the way, did you ever notice that besides john titor, there is only one other anonymous person related to the story? I found that quite interesting.
  4. It looks like the thread is still there. I guess there is some problem with google and how it links to the old website.
  5. When I was investigating titor, I was deeply involved. I gave cosmo some info. If he wants to share it, that is up to you. I found a copy of this on Google: It's interesting to note that many of the links no longer work. But going through, you can see the difference in the methods. I pull no punches when i want answers. One would have to wonder why this thread is no longer here and why those links no longer work. Could it be possible that it links the habers to a person that this story revolves around?
  6. Has anyone ever noticed the similarities between quantum uncertainty and human uncertainty? My thoughts are that things behave on the quantum level with a certain spontaneity that life on earth has. We can never predict what a life form will do next. There is always that chance that someone will do something random and unexpected. In my opinion, this is the only thing that acts similarly to things on the quantum level. So my question is, could things be alive and have free choice on the quantum level?
  7. I had an interesting dream last night. I wanted to win a foot race against a beam of light. So i conducted all kinds of experiments. (in my dream) When i woke up, I did a few searches on google and came across this - New Kind of Light Created in Physics Breakthrough Does anyone have any thoughts on this subject?
  8. How about i give you the information via personal message and you can do with it what you want?
  9. This isn't even remotely close. I'll give an A for effort though. There is more to this story than meets the eye. I really wish I could say more about it.
  10. I guess I wasn't clear in my language. I meant add instead of induce.
  11. Well, lets go back through imagination. It's september 30th 1999. My mother is still alive. I am in tuscaloosa alabama, working the job I had at the local car wash. I can only assume i would have stayed at that job for some time, had my mother not died. The odds are that I would have been an average american. In reality, when my mom died on the 29th, I came back to columbus and walked the streets. There I met a guy named josh. His mother introduced me to my ex wife a few months after. A year later, we had our first child. I named him brandon lee after my heroes son. That also never would have occurred. Had I never met josh, I wouldnt have met heather. Without meeting heather, i would have never went through the horrible things i did. And without that, I would have been a naive kid my whole life. I would have missed out on the things that made my life truly meaningful. I do wish things would have been different, and I didn't deserve the awful things that happened to me, but I was given this lot in life for a reason. I plan to play this hand to the end, for better or worse. ?
  12. It would be nice, but then I never would have had my children and I never would have learned all I did in life. My mother's death greatly impacted my life. That was my catalyst to becoming the person i am today.
  13. I would akin it to me being in a pc parts warehouse. I know what is right and wrong, but i also know what i want to do. You might come back to the warehouse the next day and it has transformed into the company dell. But more than likely, nothing would change. The temptation would be great though, I won't lie.
  14. Coincidentally, I was born on the first of the month as well. It was a different month though, 8/1/81. It's also the same day MTV was born. :)
  15. Funny you would choose that date. That is the day after my moms birthday.
  16. I figured i would share my mental breakdown/ call for help with the people here in hopes that it would help someone. The funny thing is, it ends up helping me. Time after time.
  17. I can hear it very clearly. Is there a certain reason these files are in .wav format? Is there any way you could try this again in lossless .mp3 format? Also, could you post a longer clip?
  18. I just drink the water. The worst i ever got was a stomach ache and the runs.
  19. Do you know where i can research all of this? I have no clue what any of these terms mean. How would i "time charge" myself?
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