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  1. It's just like smoking. Some people make it to 90 with no problem. But the majority don't. Do you really want to gamble? Why wait till you get a symptom? It is your choice to make.

    well, i smoke a pack of cigs a day, but i can run several miles. you are right though, its a choice. i choose to exercise. whats more unhealthy? unhealthy food, or not exercising?


    How long has the "consensus" of medical science told us that cholesterol is bad, bad, bad?And has anyone else been seeing how that little "rule" is pretty much being thrown out the window in the last 6+ months? US Food & Drug Administration is no longer carrying a recommendation for limits on cholesterol intake.


    i read an article on it just the other day. things like that happen all the time.
  2. i certainly believe in equalism, but i think in some cases, people are only as good as their word. if someone like ray or darby say something, im apt to listen to them more, because they have a little more credibility in my eyes. if creedo and chronohistorian were around, you would know what im talking about. ahh, but that was a time long ago, back when the muscle trees sprouted on zeen rock...


    err, either way, i agree with your post for the most part. people should be treated with respect, even if you disagree. alot of wars couldve been avoided had that lesson been learned. in darbys case though, thats just darby. id expect him to say the same thing to me if i said something that doesent make sense. it also keeps me on my toes though. thats my two cents.



  3. Pam? You mean Pamela. She never used the short form of the name.

    What you consider stalking isn't really important. What actually occurred is the only import point. You weren't here and you didn't have the private contacts, as a Moderator and SysAdmin, with all who were involved. I did. You're opining and you're wrong. The case is as I stated above: a few people got out of control for a short period of time. Pamela was one of them, in fact. In several cases I stepped in, took corrective action and it soon stopped.


    When people stop taking their psychotropic medication, start believing in Internet fiction as if it is real, rant and rave incoherently in posts and start emailing all concerned it gets pretty weird pretty fast. If they don't listen to reason and warnings a TOS Ban from the forum solves the immediate problem. I did that to the three most obvious Fruitbats - more than once. Yes, I relented after a reasonable period of time and let them back onto the forum only to discover that a Fruitbat cannot become anything but a Fruitbat. In the case of two of the three I let them back twice before finally giving them the GTF Out of Here Forever ban. That was on Anomalies. I worked closely with Raul here and he enforced the same bans on the same people here at TTI.

    darby is the fella that reigned me in. i consider what i did to be an investigation, but i did violate her privacy and i feel bad about that. if it wasnt for darby though, i quite possibly couldve ended up a "fruitbat" as well.



  4. great question! "IEEE 802.11b-1999 or 802.11b, is an amendment to the IEEE 802.11wireless networking specification that extends throughput up to 11 Mbit/s using the same 2.4GHz band."


    because it has to be exact. there are also "handshaking" protocols that will only work with 802.11b. everything has to be exact, or nothing happens.


    you are but a mere level 3. how dare you question me! respect mah' authority!



  5. i have created a way to time travel by focusing rf waves, infrared waves, and wireless 802.11b waves into a single point. the energy created in this point opens a rip in space and time. i used a sony psp and a small amount of power to create this. it is a variation of the hutchison effect. i will post some links so you can get an understanding behind the principle. http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/John_Hutchison#The_Hutchison_Effect










    any questions?


    a little more info:








    and i apologize for the triple post, but i thought this might help you grasp your mind around the ideas.






  6. well, considering you are "really," and you arent near as eloquent as the original titor, that leaves me two conclusions: 1 time travel causes mental issues, or 2 you arent titor. but im not getting into that. you asked me why? because ive decided to let it go. its something i cant change (i hate the word cant. cant never could do anything.)



  7. i see everyone jumping on einstein, but i agree with him. considering how the president is wording himself, he doesent want a war against islam, just the radical extremists. how will they seperate the two? why are we even in iraq? they say the answer is to stabilize the middle east. well, its been going on for over 2000 years now and no end seems to be in sight. so then, the question isnt really if isis is real or not, its why are we fighting an unwinnable battle? its no secret that the middle east is predominantly muslim and they hate american values. so how do we change that view? "lets go kill us some arabs! wooo!"


    geopolitics, at the most, equates to crap. at worst, it gets alot of people killed.



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