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  1. ill give it a shot. november 11th will be the happiest day in history.
  2. whats with the levels next to our names?
  3. it looks to me like you and john are bullying titorite, and being rude about it. ok, titorite, ill try some of your "tact." so paula, how is apollo beach this time of year?
  4. i understand your metaphor, but, if i was watching a kid with down syndrome speak to a person, and the kid spat when he spoke, AND someone was a dick to that kid, id do more than tell him he is a dick. get what im saying?
  5. fine, ill conform to all you conformist mofos... hey john, did the x-rays vent into your brain and turn your it from a left sided brain to a right sided one? nah, i cant do it. its just not me...
  6. i thought i was being gentle. i could make a witty remark, or i could belittle another person just to get a response. that is not what im about. i like being honest. yeah, i could say, "john thomas, you are acting rude." but i dont. i have the freedom to say what i want, when i want. and right at that moment, i wanted to let him know how much of an asshole he is. i dont like bullies.
  7. not to mention my post was deleted calling ren a dick. i mean, i can keep on calling him a dick, so why bother deleting it brent?
  8. if i could talk to titor, and he was real, id have a very specific question. could you take me back to september 28th 1999 so i could save my mother from being murdered? if he was real, thats what i would ask him, nothing more. thats my whole reason for ever coming to this site.
  9. NASA: New "impossible" engine works, could change space travel forever any opinions?
  10. when i look at a computer, i see little differences between it and myself. we both have storage medium, sensitivity to light and sound, and we both have complex processing units. we both make noise and can visually output. from what i can tell, the only difference between a person and a computer is common sense, and those lines blur more everyday. pc's have character, such as mine, with its 512mb of ram. its a boss on xp, until said ram runs out. then its a cantankerous lil s.o.b. kinda like me and cigarettes. ;)
  11. heres a copy of the last essay i did. the proffessor did not like it, but i passed, thank god.
  12. i like that article. it does sound alot like me, besides the age difference, and i was never a valedictorian. hell, i dont even study, but i do write notes! well, ive been in college for a month now, and i can tell you my life sure has changed. the best part is, everyone thinks im 18. its really great, and everyone treats me real nice. i couldnt be happier. this is the last week of my history of civilization courses, and ive learned tons of cool stuff about history. hammurabis law code, the fall of rome, feudalism, so many things. its mind blowing to think that a year ago i was a hopeless alcaholic that was homeless, that wanted to die. i feel like ive got a second chance in life, and im not going to waste this one. im really glad everyone here pushed me to go to college. ive been having a tough time with the essays, but ive been getting pretty high scores for evereything else though. if im lucky, maybe i'll pass with a B average.
  13. thanks, i couldnt have done it without you guys. ive got my schedule set up for summer and fall, got my campus i.d, and now im just waiting for ca,pus housing to send me an email. i start on the 28th. back in the day i remember thinking this was impossible, and in reflection, it probably was. even though getting into college was fairly easy, i had to overcome alot of fears. i had to meet all kinds of new people, and basically ramble around the campus until i found the right people. i felt like i was breaking the law lol. then, i had to get over my needle phobia real fast, i needed immunization shots. did i mention im deathly afraid of needles? so everythings in order, im getting tons of cash thrown at me, and life is good. what a crazy world. oh yeah, and ive been sober for a long time now. craziness... just wanted to keep in touch with you guys and let you all know how its going.
  14. indeed good sir! ive got a meeting at 11 to set my schedule up. it looks like today is a good day.
  15. Well, I'm accepted into Mississippi university. I'll be moving into my dorm in about two weeks. I've decided to go for a bsn in nursing. I want to thank Darby and Ray, without your help I would never have made it.
  16. well, i filled out my college application and finished my student aid. i think i need my immunization records and thats it, wewt!
  17. well i started on it.i made 6,000 energy points so far (whatever that means.) i guess i have to trudge through what i already know to get to what i dont know. well, at least they kind of make it like a game.
  18. if you know anywhere online that i could go to study more on math, it would be much appreciated. thats really the only thing im worried about.
  19. Recent Stuffings Between Sandwich Layers on Theory | Time Travel Institute time= decay? | Time Travel Institute atomic theory/ cell theory | Time Travel Institute time and friction | Time Travel Institute
  20. i think you are right. as a matter of fact, ive posted something similar.
  21. yeah, im enrolling next semester at mississippi university for women(men go too.) i just figured ray and darby might want to know.
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