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  1. well, i wish i could be more help. i think what you are doing is very cool. everything you are doing reminds me of a speaker. it works much the same as your machine. hey! that gives me an idea. slap a magnet around that coil and make it jump a mile in the air :D 150 amps should make something happen lol. good luck on this, and if theres anything i can do to help, let me know. :)
  2. some say man gets further from god when they go by science, instead of the bible. i myself believe that science brings forth rational thinking, which eventually gets you to realize that some kind of god had to make all of this. after all, ya cant make something out of nothing ;)
  3. "I started with a larger coil made of 14 guage wire that measured only 1/4 ohm. So that coil would let 48 amps through" and im not totally positive about this, but im pretty sure from my experiences with amplifiers: 14 gauge wiring can only handle about 50 amps. im pretty confident that if you went with lower gauge wiring it would work better. because at 1/4ohm that thing should DRAW some current if ya know what i mean :) ill put it like this. i had 16 gauge wiring on my amp, it drew 30 amps. replaced it with 4 gauge, and it drew the full 90 amps. and sorry if im incorrect about anything :)
  4. very interesting indeed. wish i had the time and know-how to help you with it. i've got quite a few ideas, but not sure about any of it. if you ever get a chance, or have the time, try out a 37 ohm coil on that 150 amp setup. if its even possible. prolly wont help any, but its just a hunch :)
  5. "But as it turns out, the higher capacity capacitors do not produce any antigravity effect at all" so your able to make small antigravity pulses with 5 amps, but none with 150 amps. have you tried seeing if it makes any positive gravity at 150 amps? but in my opinion, your battery and capacitor cant put out the power your trying to produce. also, could you tell a little about the machine? most importantly, what gauge wiring and how long the power wire is. these things may seem silly, but are extremely important for that much power. also, i would like to reffer you to a crack in the ocean floor of the bermuda triangle. its the only place in the world with negative gravity. also the deepest place in the ocean supposedly. may give you an idea or two :) sorry for any dumb questions ahead of time :)
  6. Re: Yet another time traveling claim im trying to get into an online college. hopefully that will help :) "Relativistic space travel requires energies of the order of mc², or 300 trillion joules per ounce" holy cow! well, back to the drawing board :)
  7. well. running off a car battery, thats 2160 [email protected] ohms. one thing i would be worried about with that much power is the amplifier clipping. i would suggest a marine deep cycle battery and a 2 farad capacitor, then you might see the results you were expecting :) oh! and some nice 0 gauge wiring too :)
  8. " I used higher current carrying semiconductors. The device was able to handle continuous current levels of around 150 amps" how many volts?
  9. i believe that the slowing of time cannot be percieved. i think your body and mind thinks everything is normal.
  10. Re: Yet another time traveling claim how come an electomagnet picks up things? it can free a paperclip from gravity, but it cant lift itself? i was under the impression that negatives and negatives always push away from each other, and positive and a negative attract. i believe that with a sensitive enough program, it could lock on to a certain point and use the earths gravity, or the moons, or whatever is nearest. its all a dream really, as it would take millions of dollars in funding, experiments out the wazoo, and then i'd have to learn alot more about magnetic fields. but i do believe that magnetism will be a big part of the future. imagine a skyscraper that was magnetized, wouldnt have to worry about that building too much. or houses in tornado alley, they would be able to stand much more. also, at the north and south poles, a compass spins like nuts, so why dont we make a giant generator to harness all that free energy? in my humble opinion,magnetism will be very important in the future.
  11. Re: Yet another time traveling claim "In other words: you can't "bend" gravity with an electromagnet." i think theres a way around that.
  12. Re: Yet another time traveling claim how much power do you think it would take? im guessing 1kw/hr or more
  13. Re: Yet another time traveling claim sorry for all the posts, i just wanted to state one thing: "At any rate, keep in mind that no form of space propulsion is capable of breaking the light barrier. Travelling at light-speed requires an infinite amount of thrust" but thats the point! it will always have infinite thrust, gravity will always pull it, and in space there is supposedly no drag
  14. Re: Yet another time traveling claim "Another possibility, is to use laser power instead of magnetic repulsion. A very powerful microwave laser (a maser) on the ground could be aimed at a mirror upon your ship, and the momentum of the maser beam would propel the ship upwards." the only reason i dont like this idea is: gravity will still affect this device. so instead of fighting gravity, id rather use it.
  15. Re: Yet another time traveling claim and also, i have a very, very original idea on how to power the electromagnet
  16. Re: Yet another time traveling claim "A possible variation might be to replace the earth's magnetic field with a second strong magnet. Now you have one supermagent on the ground and a second supermagnet on your ship" thats pretty close to my original idea. my plan was to pave every road in the world with a highly magnetic mixture, and have cars that float, you could even have propulsion by simply changing the angles of the magnets.
  17. Re: Yet another time traveling claim when i get older, more respected, etc. i plan on doing many experiments involving magnetism and electromagnetism. i cant wait :)
  18. Re: Yet another time traveling claim sure, my idea is based on how two magnets are affected by each other. positives push away positives for example. i'll try to explain it the best i can: the earth has gravity and a magnetic field, so if we were to make a powerful enough electromagnet, it would be sensitive enough to "sense" the earths magnetic field. for example, you could grab the edge of the earths gravitational field, and pull yourself up there. change the polarity, and it sends you back. i have thought up a complete system to use, i have even thought up navigation and mapping software. and the machine could use a computer to switch to the strongest gravitational field. ive been thinking about this since i was a young kid and have most details worked out, only thing that isnt figured out, is if it works :) and sorry if i didnt explain it very well. trying to think of a better way to explain it.
  19. ruthless

    The 60's

    Re: The 60's yeah, the decks stacked against me. oh well :)
  20. Re: Yet another time traveling claim while im thinking about it: "I could explain to you a dozen different ways how a car could be going at 400 pounds... I think the job of physicists is to put things like this into formulas" i can understand how a car can go 400lbs. i think RMT,darby and the rest do too. i think what is trying to be said is that "math" doesent comprehend it, and if it did, would cause many, many problems to arise. every equasion that was considered correct would have to be reworked regardless of if it worked or not. and its just my assumption, but i believe it would make math much more confusing... and unfinished.
  21. ruthless

    The 60's

    Re: The 60's in 1967 my mother was 4 years old. but hey, if your willing to try something i am. i sit here all the time and wonder if i'll ever get a chance to go back and do anything to change what happened, and i doubt i will. but i'll still try :)
  22. Re: Yet another time traveling claim oh well, i tried... jmpet, i suggest that you leave RMT alone, as he really could take you to court (though i doubt he will, unless you just drive him totally nuts) i already know you'll have something derogatory about that statement, but im just trying to help you out. and to RMT: man, your way too smart to be lowering yourself to that level. all jmpet is doing is coming up with ideas from his extremely constructive mind. he thinks he knows it all without knowing the math behind it, and that is a fault. i'm sure he already realizes that, but feels that he's being treated like an idiot. so what i'm saying is: maybe you two would get along great, if you didnt think you were better than one another. never know...
  23. ruthless

    The 60's

    Re: The 60's yeah, ive got a question for you: how about going to 1999 and making a phone call for me? it would keep my mother from being murdered if you need motivation.
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