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  1. I know him as renuncoscious. He probably forgot me long ago.
  2. Man, you hit the nail on the head. While I read this, I kept asking myself, man, hhow do I fix this? MLK got killed with his way, and rosa parks changed a nation. A revolt isnt right, but neither is sitting here.our founding fathers had it right, a new nation of good people is the way, but even with the strictest system, sparta fell. COMPUTING...
  3. you raise a valid point. To some, ethics is just a fairy tale. Whats the u.s. Motto? United we stand, divided we fall. Whats so hard to understand? The world would be so much better iff everyoonne was like you. Sadly, they arent. so whats the fix for that??
  4. I have a new theory, and I believe it should be a law. Its simple, any theory is flawed because it is thought out from any/all perspective(s). On a side note, you can patch something up with duct tape, and on occaision, make it better than it was, but a scan shows it to be false as compared to an original from any/all perspectives. Physics today is a patched up 78 ford fairlane running on 5 cylinders.
  5. I'm under the opinion that the higgs boson is a converter of different kinds of forces. It cant really make something from nothing, but I do believe that understanding zero point energy is close.
  6. What more can you do yhan share awareness?
  7. Blah blah, black holes make all gravity. Yada yada, everythings a black hole. Insert witty pun, thats why the vgl system is, like, sooo cool... SYNTAX ERROR
  8. A All speculation. The titor story is just a rabbit hole full of junk until yo u get to the bottom. At the bottom is a man. His motive was love. Sometimes men do crazy things while in love, then time passes and to the eyes of some, popularity equals wealth. I hope he tells her the truth one day and she in turn, tells us.
  9. Facebook Integration | XenForo Purdy pleese?
  10. I really dont like this new site. It looks and works like crapon android and it wont work period on psp. And yeah, jim croche pwns all. Btw, whered the I.p.s go?
  11. Funny story, I am a decendand of the st.clairs. My grandmother was a sinclair. Would be pretty cool if the stories are true and im a descendant of christ.
  12. Hmm, guess ive been gone too long. Can anyone inform me why this troll fella is using my shtick? And whos this new john fella that acts like titor?
  13. Thank ye kindly, ma'am. I appreciate it. I try.
  14. The great mental meltdown of 08. Those were the days...
  15. You have seemed grumpy lately. Is everything ok?
  16. Look up a post called be careful 2 before you pass judgement on me. ;)
  17. Btw, creedo really did believe what he was saying. It wasn't a joke to him, but some of it is hilarious. How did you know rmt and I weren't talking? Sorry Darby. I didn't know he said that. That's pretty messed up.
  18. Rmt is an ok fellow, we just don't see eye to eye on some things. He can't accept other peoples flaws, and he definitely cannot accept his own. If he ever needs anything, I'll help him, but I'll keep my feelings to myself from now on.
  19. That's incorrect about the time limit posts. That happened about 2 years ago when someone kept changing their posts. Rmt didn't ban him because he wasn't a mod at the time, but it's public knowledge that rmt really didn't like creedo. Sure he was a nut, but aren't we all to some extent. There is something strange about it. It seems like if you don't run with the wolfpac, you're not welcome.
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