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  1. "That wasn't a dumb question, but you did overlook the obvious- you wind up a watch and it slowly winds down" that was my whole point. if time slows the clock down, then you must slow as well. a wind up watch wouldnt know the difference otherwise. also would your perception of time slow? "I think math and time were made by God." i believe there is a god and that he created this complex universe. but i also believe he didnt use math to make it, and i also believe that math can never explain it to its fullest. i think that the scope of the universe is too big to comprehend regardless of any system one can come up with to explain it. "Time was made by God and is measured in Planck Units. Math was made by God and is relative to pi. NOW you can spend thousands of hours pondering that!" after a moment of pondering that, i dunno. whats a planck unit? how is god and pi relative? they very well may be. but i do know that man created the idea of time.
  2. all i can say is "wow" i think i should write a tutorial on how to make a believable TT claim... lesson#1:when your lying, dont make things too complex, you end up forgetting alot lesson#2:dont talk about space. it really messes with rule#1 man... lesson#3:dont flame on those who you wish to convince i could find a number of inconsistencies in your story,this was just a lil faster :P btw anyone look him up on whois?
  3. well ive thought about tt many times in my life, well over 88.333 days im sure of, in fact, i play a game called guild wars much less than i think, i have 3,500hrs spent into that. so i dont see your point :P
  4. thanks for the answers, i feel really dumb now :P all of your answers were very technical, so maybe i should reprase: im not talking about a million dollar atomic clock or anything of the sort,im just talking about a simple pocketwatch. heres my thoughts:the watch is mechanical and has no idea what time is, just its job to turn the hand. so with that being said, does that mean that we also slow down at the same time? do our hearts slow? what about our reaction times? as this is surely the only way to slow time on a watch,we would have to slow too. edit: also to the poster above, i couldnt agree more, i think people look at time in the wrong way to TT. hence my "can you math travel" and these posts. i feel time travel will always lead to a dead end, because the"time" we think of is very different than the time travel "time" i strongly believe that math and time were measurements created by man,not some miracle by god. to me, time is an illusion,and understanding how to percieve time correctly is the true problem in time travel. i could very well be incorrect,but,thousands of hours of thinking about this subject has led me to this conclusion. i admit im no expert in any way on these subjects, i just realize that time travel is something people have been trying for a long time,with no success,therefore i think the answer must lie in perception and understanding of the problem. now i feel a 'lil smarter :D
  5. could someone explain to me why a watch is supposed to rewind or fast forward with time? seems impossible for it to move any more than usual.sorry if this is a dumb question :D
  6. great answer darby :) wonder if anyone thinks of time travel the same way as the "math travel?"
  7. "Ah, math is a form of equalivence. E-MC^2 = 0" im sorry, i dont really understand. could you maybe dumb it down for me a bit :)
  8. when i read about titor, i was very impressed,but, from the story, i had to look at it with a skeptical eye, even though he blew me away with some of the things. i was hoping to beyond of a shadow of doubt debunk it, but i guess i did a sub-par job lol.
  9. well, this is my thought: time is a form of measurement. people believe in time travel. math is also a form of measurement,so i was just wondering if folks thought the same way about math. may sound stupid, but just something on my mind.
  10. has there ever been a person to believe in "math travel" maybe simmilar to time travel? just wondering, as im trying to think of alternative methods.
  11. this all reminds me of the crusades for some reason...
  12. i must be missing something. i will take it as your right, because these are only my thoughts. also i read alot of darby's post and from that, i dissect that im probably wrong as you have the upper hand in this field. i default to you :)
  13. im still having trouble with your post darby.why does a space ship have to decompress? this is my thinking behind it. the lower the displacement,the easier it is to compress or decompress. say for instance you were in a glass bubble with a port for an air hookup, if they compressed the air, it would get to a point where you couldnt keep the force from pushing into your lungs and popping them. create a vaccum and i imagine its nastier. my experience with this is from sealed subwoofers. nothing more. so the rules may apply differently and i may not be comprehending something. if i am incorrect i totally apologize.
  14. also another theory: maybe we have multiple dimensions that are a mirror to each other. they are no different in anyway than our own.when we do an action,the same action happens on every dimension. so when we would time travel, we would think it failed,as all you did was switch dimensions with another you,and nothing would be different, so you'd be like "poo it failed..." i dunno i can be pretty scatterbrained at times, so it might not make any sense, if so, sorry. btw sorry for the double post.
  15. well to me, its hard to understand. take for instance a subwoofer in a sealed box. when you try to push it in,it does not move. also, i think submarines have an oxygen supply and an exhaust, but i could be incorrect :)and a submarine also has a much larger displacement, if that matters im unsure. with such a small displacement, it should be impossible to breathe imo,but,i probably am wrong. certainly wouldnt be the first time lol
  16. this is my idea, keep in mind its purely hypothetical, and i would love to know whats right or wrong about it: say that every second, a dimension is created, it has a big bang,and the excact events transpire the way it did in our dimension.so my theory is,that there are dimensions, not time. though it would seem like you would tt,as its a perfect copy. if you find a grown man that has never been hit,nor knows what it is, and you hit him, he doesent flinch. if you could erase his memory, and hit him again, he'd do the same. this is totally out there prolly, but i find this scenario more plausible than tt. any comments would be appreciated :)
  17. thanks for your posts, very informative. heres a couple more thoughts. if he could scoop up an inch of dirt underneath the car,so i wonder, does he end up and inch above, or does the inch of dirt simply "meld" with wherever he lands? consequently, if that were the case, wouldnt it be possible to eventully make a worldline disapeer? and i wonder if that would simply make some really hard dirt,or explode. grr! wheres a phycisist when ya need one! :D oh, 1 more thing. i wonder why he didnt just suspend the vehicle an inch above the ground with wires or something. just a thought.
  18. ok, ive been reading posts,archived material,anything i can find really as i find this subject totally facsinating. i believe titor's "theory" is correct and i believed everything he said until i read this. this was in reference to what it felt like when traveling through time. "The gravity field also traps a small air pocket around the car that acts as your only O2 supply unless you bring compressed air with you. This pocket will only last for a short period and a carbon sensor tells us when it's too dangerous" to me, this seems impossible, as the bubble has no input or output for air to escape or come in. so that being said,the bubble would have to be soft to breath. i see this very strange,because,the bubble would have to contract and expand with your lungs. and im most sure that it would throw some calculation off, tho i am no physicist. one more thing i would like to comment on is the incredibly long thread i read from chronohistorian. he tells on himself with his sig. for him to not understand that a cake cannot exist on a plate and in your stomach at the same time tells me all i need to know. i dont know if this has been talked about before, but i didnt see anything about it anywhere. one last thing, as i've said before, im no physicist,but heres my theory: time and math are forms of measurement made by man, they are used to understand the universe,but, i believe the universe is far too great to be measured.in other words, time is man made,therefore,how could we travel through it? also i would like to know if this video excists,as i cant seem to find it. any feedback would be truly appreciated, regardless if good or bad. these are all just my thoughts, and i mean no harm by it,just very curious. i love this site btw, a gold mine of info.
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