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  1. I wonder what company, institution or government will be the first to develope a special super/ multifunctional analyzing computer that can actually teach us or give us feedback on how to construct a device or devices or model that would permit time manipulation for reasons of the protection of national security. I guess that this would make a pentium or super computer look like a lifeless pile of junk. Whoops, I may have posted this in the wrong year. I think, about now, profits are the only concern. Sincerely, A now profit/ non- Government funded Radioactive Boyscout
  2. It is Interesting how most people base worth upon how they look or what they say not the products of thier conception. Do you think this will ever change in the future????????????
  3. I wonder what would if a person had the ability to be clairavoyant but also have a telepathic ability. Can a telepathic and clairavoyant connect? There are many interesting books, about this in the librarys. I wonder how much real information will be lost when people stop reading books and start downloading thier brains with internet propanganda. You can always learn more from books. Maby a company like "Random House" will come up with a way to keep people reading books. You know, like start producing books that have parts of books within books. In other words you could start collecting books but when you put them all together, they tell another story. Like phrases or sentences from each book can be put together to tell a whole other story. That would give a greater purpose to the books and help keep them from getting wiped out by the computers. The Radioactive Boyscout
  4. Who knows maby all the sailors on the Philadelphia were just "Holding sweepers". If you can prove me otherwise just send an Email to:[email protected] Some person in Mt. Clemens, Michigan said that people just watch too many movies.
  5. Hey stranger, Email me at :[email protected] I would like to hear your complete theory. The Radioactive Boyscout
  6. Can the Pro-hormone Pregnolone really improve spacial thinking in the Human brain? Well ,a product brain lightning is supposed to. I had a friend on the U.S.S. Enterprise that experimented with the Pro-hormone a few years ago. He was really worked up. He started reading more and even started comming up with many interesting ideas. I wonder if there are other compounds, pharmaceuticals etc.... that may actuallt increase , expand or extend the neuro pathways in the brain. If anybody has any information about the described above please Email me at:[email protected] I am always open to suggestions and like to hear what you have to say. David
  7. To find out who my friend is search YAHOO for "UFO message board" It should be the 3rd message down titled "UFO message board- aliens - Extraterrestrials Space. Once you are in the message board, go to the first post. That is, unless somebody decided to post something else above it (which they soulden't).
  8. Have you ever been around people that just seem to give off negative energy? Well, that would be a large number of people, right? What if a person could take in all that negative energy and re-configure and redirect it to positive energy? That would be pretty neat! Just think of all the things that people will do to get rid of negative emotions and energy. Now, imagine recepting all of this negativity and transforming and later redirecting it into something that can be used positivily to help others. It could be transformed into helpful messages or gestures etc............................... The reward is greater than something that can be seen or heard but can be felt. Now, imagine when a seemingly invisible neutron enters paraffin, the particle that will leave (or be ejected) the paraffin will now be a positive proton. A cople days ago, I was driving around when I saw a sign on a bus. It said "The best things in life are free". It was then that I understod and it reminded of a very special friend that I have. If you would like to know who my friend is, search for "UFO message board". It will be the first one, at the top. I just had to set the message board, straight! The Radioactive Boyscout This message needs no codes, times or dates .
  9. Try to understand that you are of everything and everything is of you. Try thinking of 2 concepts or ideas, at once and go from there. As you walk through life, try to think of what was, what is and what may be, all at the same time. There is a higher level of thinking that your mind can be expanded to. Gather 3 trusting friends and form a circle, in a sitting position. Place a calm light source (or a small campfire) in the center of the circle. Concentrate and focus your ideas (they are important). There need not be any physical contact. Each experiance should be considered a sacred form of higher understanding and communication. In essence, you are reconnecting something very important, that is slipping away from us, with time. The process will be completly disrupted if negative feelings or emotions are directed toward each other. Stay humble and open. You may learn more in 1 day than you have in your entire life. You may construct a 3 Dimensional glass pyramid and place a energy source within it, for the inside of the circle. If negativity is sensed discontinue the process. You may need to choose more intellegent and understanding friends who want to learn. However, that is your decision. Today's technology will kill your ability to connect with others. Do not let the distractions around you interfere with this. This sacred process may need to be repeated several times. ACTIVATOR/ONE/SHIP/NEW/PORT/MAP/MELANOTROPIN/MENTAL/PROJECTION/APPLICATION/PATHWAYS/CROSS (Sep/01/03). Code: Mfdqsnihph.Yrntwlmpsstgcs.TmfeaaMttRoAC. SDHFUESALM/FIPO).
  10. A few brave soles may one day come back to the Earth (from the future) and let us know that our human race made it. Just make sure that our friends come to the land of the free "The United States". By now, we should be understanding enough to greet our friends with peace and ability to learn (also communicate). The Radioactive Boyscout 10/03/2002. Distributed flyers (Shelby township, sterling hts., Macomb county, Utica). 3- Dimentional triangle (C.O.M.F.A.T.). Melanotropin, mental projection and application Sep/01/2002. Code:(Mfdqsnihph. Yrntwlmpsstgcs. TmfeaaMttRoaC. SDHFUESALM/FIPO). Saturday/20th/2003 12;45 P.M. Eastern time (Correct stable placement on the grid. It appears that we are far from the above. Fortunatly, we can start working with transfering messages (in code format) that may be reconstructed in the past, maby future? Even if a prototype system was built, we would need to secure a space that would be highly protected from the elements and potential intruders. It appears the microwave signal construction and light acceleration only scratches the surface. Whatever is created, it will require an enormous (input/output) for the energy required. I am sure that detectors will also be created to measure this, if and when it happens. Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  11. If life started from a comet or meteorite, woulden't it be a good idea to start launching frozen human blood (In sealed containers) into all directions of space. Maby, include cloning instructions. What if the human race eventually ended (In the far future) because we did not rocket our human genetic material towards unknown solarsyatems and planets. So what if the solorsystem or planet can not sustain or promote cellular material, or duplicate owr precious genetic codes. Well, by the time the Earth sample gets there, Life may be able to start all over again. Unfortunatly, it seems that most human are only concerned with how much money that they can make. Woulden't this be an admirable idea? We should have already rocketed human genetic samples (Within heavily protected containers) to at least, the planets in our own solar system. Just remember, there really has never been any biological isolation between the planets anyway. [email protected] Sincerely, David C. Hahn Former USN/ American Legion Member Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  12. Having Difficulty Understanding The Most Complicated Concepts! To truely understand and grasp the most complicated you must be able to think a certain way. As you walk through life remember you are of everything and everything is of you. Try to not only think of the present. As you walk through life think of what was, what is and what may be. Learn to attack problems with a multi-functional way of thinking. Try thinking about 2 thingd at once and then go from there. Eventually, you will go far in life. Never forget to give respect to the persons that have been on this Earth before you.
  13. (Human DNA in the skin can be altered to a type of alien DNA) There is a mutagen called 5'8' Methoxypsoralen (From Bergamot oil) and Trioxsalen have a dramatic effect on the DNA within the skin. Upon application or injestion (Along with Ultraviolet light) (8MOP) or 5'8'Methoxypsoralen activates the Tyrosinase enzyme at the genetic level. 8MOP appears to also be a photoactive substance that is activated by exposure to long wave ultraviolet radiation. Upon photoactivation (8MOP) forms covalent bonds with DNA which leads to the formation of both monofunctional (Addition to a single strand of DNA) and Bifunctional (Cross linking of Psoralen to both strands of DNA). Now, I bet if you throw a,b,Gamma Melanocyte-stimulating-hormone into the equation, you would have a super dark tan. Remember (8MOP) and Trioxsalen only genetically activates the tyrosinase enzyme, is does not cross the pathways of the tyrosinase products like a,MSH does (Phoemelanin to Eumelanin is interchangable. Sincerely, David C. Hahn Former USN
  14. (Piece of Roswell wreckage removed before area was secured) A few days ago, I talked to a gentleman from Roswell, New Mexico. This person claims to know a person that actually secured a piece (or more) from the Roswell wreckage. I am trying to be very careful but the person that I had talked to works at a museum. From talking to this man, I did find out some good news. Appearently, somebody was smart enough to hide some of the wreckage before the area was secured by the Air force. This man appearently has (legit) contact information, names and address. From what I understand he is also a private investigator. On a separate note, I did a little of my own investigative work. Appearently I need to come up with about 600 million dollars before anyone will even discuss the matter any further. Unfortunatly, at this time, I can hardly keep up with my mininum payments on all of my credit cards. If anybody is interested in persueing the matter further you may Email me at:[email protected] However, if you require contact information that will cost you. Just keep that in mind.
  15. I am currenlty creating a more advanced form of supplement. I have always held to the theory that "The more diverse your dietary intake is, the more diverse of a person you become". Who knows maby, gradually, your thinking will also become diverse. The first meteorite supplements will include: (List of Meteorite supplement source material) 1.)Dar Al Gani 476 (Mars Meteorite)- A known meteorite from Mars. 2.)Bilanga- Origin from a comet. Origional sample contains unknown white inclusion at the core. 3.)Tagish Lake Meteorite-From an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This Meteorite material is likely to be even older than the solor system itself. Current plans are under way to add the following (additional) Meteorites to the above. ALH84001, NWA817 And A "CRYMS" containing material that was terrestially located below a cave in Mexico. This material is of extraterrestial origin is said to contain over 250 million year dormant genetic DNA.
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