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  1. I guess the only thing to do would be to study any local records of automobile incidents from that time. If police or emergency personnel were contacted by a woman in distress, etc., etc.


    It is so much easier for people to put things like this off an nonsense. I believe they do so for their own protection, because they are incapable of dealing with anything that taxes them mentally or emotionally. Like the Man from Taured story I followed from that link. The first comment was "I suppose the source of this story is the internet." -- snicker, snicker behind their hand. That sort of reaction is really a defense mechanism against thought processes they can't handle.


    Or check for missing persons reports, as it suggested in the original article.



  2. The whole world is at war, more or less, and it will not end in the foreseeable future. I do not believe there will be a war such as nuclear between the 'mega powers', as there is far too much money to be made off the limited warfare currently being engaged in. A nuclear war would ruin the wonderful worldwide economy currently engorging the pockets of those at the tip top. Don't worry about nukes in that way. It is possible, though, if a religious group such as ISIS may go off the edge and detonate a small nuke. But you never know.



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