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  1. Just build the correct robotic building device. The built pieces diagram can be sent from time to time and built when they get received. Send messages now to a place where the future building machine will exist. Build a building machine for the future to send messages back. unless there is a fear of machines getting their hands on time travel devices.
  2. I recently saw a commercial for insurance by a trusted voice in the industry use the word standards. Standards in the workplace has ruined many people's lives. When you see a slogan like higher standards equal lower prices that means working harder and faster, usually by contract negotiations, keeps the prices lower. Not making the standards is cause for fire, end of employment and in some areas no employment insurance benefits.
  3. He posted a time machine call for pickup routine, as though it was a procedure, then never returned to the forum.
  4. I wrote an ebook series and combined them into one large one. It is better listened to through an audio system while driving. I touch on a few mandela effect situations. One really bothersome one is the ballplayer had a year ending injury in 2016 ,where the number 27 kept coming up mathematically in his stats . He is currently recovering from an almost identical injury to his other hand and when I add up his current stats the 27 totals jump off the page at me again. The book is on amazon under the title raised middle finger. It was a rushed out version to protect my copyright and concepts , storyline , and soforth.
  5. I don't recall reading your posts but nice handle that you use. Post up , we need some content to keep everything and everyone checking in. I'm about to lookup YouTube apextv but they push a global warming agenda that has no scientific , pressure , location, altitude, numbers ever mentioned. Still , they do make a time travel experience as their reason for the content. So, Ruthless, welcome and be yer ruthless self.
  6. Today it was announced that Ontario is intending to run hydrogen powered trains. The announcement came from posers of intelligence that have risen to authority and big paychecks. The truth is drinking the water that will be told is just water isn't safe. It will strip the calcium from bones and effect the immunity of animals and every small organism that requires water right up to the spreadable from altitude of clouds built on evaporation. Ontario , do you know that this tech has been known for a very long time and rejected because it is actually dangerous? Did you see Johnny Carson reach for the glass and be warned not to drink it? This would have been common in cars twenty years ago , but the truth became known and the cars industry stopped the progress. This is the water table and disease potential. If there is some scientists that will chime in here, I'd appreciate the help. Common sense is needed after the people in power began acting out today. Effecting or affecting is a world issue worthy of u.n. intervention. Where is UNESCO now? Thereupon parks to the extent of overgrowth and when real threat emerges the sit silent.
  7. Trying to get a book to sell is difficult. My title is a common thing done daily by many, many people. The magazine's that I read when I was younger had so many people posing in this position. Maybe I'm not advertising cool enough and have to up my game. It might be the time to spend money on a waisted space advertiser.
  8. It's the time now to prepare for your last cigarette. Have a hard pack that is unopened. That sealed pack can one day be your memorabilia of when you used to smoke. Tonight before midnight , this ends.
  9. If someone asks for a smoke while your using this type of quitting method , say no. Keep that packaging unopened. It's important to have them but reject using them. If you ask someone for a cigarette it gets lit. Don't light up.
  10. Try to keep the wrapper on the unopened package. February 13 is often called pancake Tuesday. The other one is 27 of February. Try this upcoming Tuesday anx if it doesn't work out then attempt the 27 pancake Tuesday.
  11. I quit smoking at 11:30 on pancake tuesday , nine or ten years ago. The plan was for a last midnight smoke but i didn't bother to have that last one. I kept an unopened pack of smokes in my pocket for six months so i never had to beg for one and could only blame myself if i went back to smoking. Pancake Tuesday seems to be the right choice.
  12. To understand 2001 is to look at the theft of the internet. The people accepted the excuses for the collapse of the buildings forgetting that those with trillion in investment had their investment taken along with their (stock market) own money. The term blue chip goes away. Unknown rose to the top and hugely invested in were taken out. The cutesy word bubble , as in bursting boils, was said and continues to be a used term. People accept blowing bubbles but when i hear a person use it used i picture that person holding a clowns hand, a clown named bubbles. Speak that way to children not investors. Everything is more computer designed throughout this dark period you speak of. The theft included control and spying on service usage , secure transmission , marketplace , newsfeed , knowledge base . Good luck finding a real truthful account when they entire world accepted the results without any fight back years ago. As always it was power and money, control over others that caused your dark , hidden history that should really have a vast amount of records.
  13. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6362843375300804608/ I wrote a small post and request comments. This is time study at its worst for the working class. Standard is a word that manipulation by contract sounds to many to mean quality but in reality is quantity demanded. I hve seen the bad side of this happen in the workplace. Please get as many social media friends to make comments on this post. The partnership trade is going to bury the standard word as accepted by everyone if we dont speak up now.
  14. Would duration not exist without time? https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6362843375300804608/ This is a post on another site about time in the workplace. Please comment this post multiple times. Get your social medis friends to comment this small post. Errupt with volume that becomes noticed.
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