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  1. I have been looking into the how of the tipler cylinder. But couldn't find any great sources. I would like to see a good visual explanation of it. It's sounds like you are refrencing the membrane as in string theroy. I could be wrong. But the only constant is the inconsistencies. In an alternate pocket, the laws of science here might not apply.
  2. First, got watch that South Park episode first. Second, not sure 100 percent on how Internet fiber optics work. But I wonder how fast the signing would have to go. But also the light would be (heavy), due to fact that I assume bytes sent through light, still carry mass. But even if it were possible I see messages could only go into the future not the past.
  3. I think beyond the science aspect, the psychological aspect is the second hardest.
  4. EEK didn't want to be associated with that story but thanks for info. Maybe the GPS they are building on the Big Bang Theory is the one in his story. Lol. Well here is cool video of earth rotation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJhgZBn-LHg
  5. Been watching a couple of things on tv. And came up with an idea of a piece the theory of physcial time travel. When time travelers travel through time they might be getting lost in space. Based on the idea that the wormhole can only go take a person from exact spot to exact spot. But if you travel from July of this year to January of 4 years ago, the earth would be in total different location while it revolves around the sun. Also the tilt of earth slightly changes the exact x,y,z position of the universe too. Unless you take a completely encompased machine like the one from the TIme Machine. Than I guess the gravity on earth would keep the transporter close to the earth by gravity. Any thought?
  6. Loved that show. I learned that if ever get stuck in past send a letter and have post office hold it. (BF2 did it to when Doc got struck by lightning)
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