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  1. this is not exactly your timeline because your future is not written (if i told you than you'll get hit by a car tomorow you'll get hit anyway because you won't take this seriously but if you do,you will make everything possible to stay in your house and so the future will change )and we have not the access of others timeline we have only access to our timeline
  2. 2018 one of the biggest math problem is solved and he becomed really rich because with this problem solved 3 others big math problems are solved(this is the date of the approvement) 2023 128bits instead of 64(i can't tell you more) 2025 new screen technology (about yellow) 2029 something will shater the window (as someone said,think different)because this is not about glass 2038 timestamp i don't know if i have said enough thing about your future ?
  3. i can't really tell the difference in real terms because i don't know sorry
  4. i can provide proof obsiously,just tell me what can prove to you i'm not sure if i have understood your question ,is this was your question : why my posts are there in april 2016 and not on another timeline? ,you mean in the both timelines or: why not ,only on another timeline instead of this april 2016 ?
  5. anyway i just have to ask the authorisation to change the ip to be in another location and it's done (you said U.S)(the ip is not even located in U.S)
  6. what i have to worry about ?i have no risk to be arrested or thing like that
  7. just don't think with the logic that you've learn because it's false,for example we think there is a beginning and ending at everything but this is false ,the universe has never started and will never end
  8. based on statistics by what i sent for exemple if i tell you who will be the president this would be terrible because the amount of difference would be more than 80% but this is just statistics
  9. aproximation of 7,594% actually and i'm not in contact with anyothers
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