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  1. As the Topic Says I was in contact with people who have the technology. There are outside demonic and spiritual forces controlling this dimension which are beyond your comprehension! There is a conspiracy so powerful you could never understand! Why do you think the 1,000s of inventors whom have invented everything from the 200mpg carborator, to free energy, to cures for all diseases have been silenced or killed off when they patented it? Unless you have personally been caught in between such a conspiracy you are clueless to what kind of evil is out there. 100s of people I was in contact with were detained attacked or killed off!! The few remaining contacts I have CAN show an actual demonstration before I give them 1 cent, But not unless you can verify you have 3 million dollars! My childhood was ruined and my life and health is a living hell because of such a evil alien/government conspiracy.
  2. forget about it. This forum is filled of ignorant want to be people and fake claims. The only tt forums which had real people and information/schematics on them all got SHUT DOWN over the years along with every legit tt on search engines. Everything is monitored and controlled via keyword. Back in 2000-2003 things were very different. I gave a specific set of instructions to anyone which is serious. I did not ask for money without live face to face proof, But I am NOT foolish enough to post that proof over here.
  3. I am for real and if anyone happens to live close to the Boston area I can show you proof and communications, federal laws and information right out their books. you have never seen or will find anywhere public. I will not post here as everything is being monitored.
  4. correct when I was sent back 6 hours the UFOs I saw out my window in the sky that morning opened up a portal in my hallway of my house. When I walked through the hall I heard a click which sounded like a camera, felt this tremendous force rotate my body slightly, saw a flash of bright white light which lasted a nano second. And then it was midnight again.
  5. No! I was actually abducted around dec or jan of 1995, 1996 and put here in time timeline back 6 hours. Everything seemed exactly the same, EXCEPT for a few things which were off. People and family members which liked one thing or had a certain set of believes suddenly they were the opposite. It was one of MANY things which happened since I was a young child caught in between a MASS conspiracy which led up to me seeking out /finding t1me travelers/al1ens. around 2000-2003 at the turn of the century there were MANY here in disguise. There are still some but many have left E23.
  6. people get killed over this. The technology is under tight wraps. But I have contacts WHICH WILL show you the proof BEFORE you deduct 1 cent from your bank account (as long as you can show you have the money to buy the technology. So if your in a BAD situation and need either t1me travel or age regress1on and have the 3 million contact me.
  7. if you have that kind of money I will be happy to tell you more. email me dirtbikeracer52_-at_-gmail_-d0t_-c0m
  8. The subject says it all. However this technology is highly regulated and controlled by the government. If you have a legit need to travel back and happen to have 3 million dollars I CAN help the both of us! I have the contacts which can show you proof before you walk into your bank and empty out 1 cent! If you have access to that kind of money and have a real need to go back and relive your life or change something bad which was done to you, or even just age regress I have the contacts. Contact me.
  9. It is all about traffic. If you can get 100s of thousands or better 1 million+ visitors even a beggar can get someone wealthy to give them a million dollars. There were a few cases of guys that got lucky doing this on youtube, (but only because their promotion went well. Whether you make a youtube video begging for 1 million dollars, or have a product development on a crowd funding site like kick starter the likely hood of getting a ton of traffic without having any money to risk on promotion is SLIM. Other option is to drop $500-$1,000 to promote it and for that limited budget you still don't have a very good chance to get a ton of traffic you will need and will likely lose your last $500-$1,000.
  10. At this time I am in poverty and flat broke for the past several years. So I don't have any funds to find a supplier to purchase equipment from, or make something from the information I have. Although it is very dangerous even more so now that I was exposed I'd rather dye trying to get back my life rather then go on here living in this hell hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They stole my childhood youth and ruined my life infecting me with a horrible energy life sucking disease in the process. I'm in constant pain 24-7m and have weird things happening people following planes, helecoptors everywhere I go. I am owed a life and I intend to take it back as soon as I'm able to! The only thing holding me back right now in money! Yes the crystals have the ability to store data as well. When one regresses in age their memories are reverted back to a previous state unless it is backed up/restored after regression with a device like the crystal Ionizor. I had many photos of the crystals on an old computer but lost them all one day when my pc was hacked and erased. I managed to make hard copies of other stuff though but lost some of the most valuable information and agencies I was in contact with whom had access to editing the timethreads at the multiverse level. There are bases on many planets including Mars. Some other planets you may not be aware of are Zoltar, Chiron, Trafelmadore, Vadikar, Nefarious, Valtonator, Oh dont forget the Nexus 7. the google phone was named after it. The nexiums some are for preserving the timeline while others travel for their own personal gain. But the Wogs along with the rannolians, ranns after they shortened their name are some of the most hostile beings and there are hundreds if thousands if occurrences where the Wogs have interfered with the local timeline fir their own personal gain. Wogs or Nvnienals, primarily originate from a planet believed to be only a few rotations from the Timecorps system of Sol. They have yet to discover what their objective is except for some reason they seem to be very concerned not with human inter-dimensional travel but with a new concept in in Universe D3094GL7 called "Planet Truncation" ineptly named because it more deals with the best I can understand with regenerating a star in order to create habitable planets in that stars system. The corpsmen succeeded in cultivating planets for human life with no issues but finding planets with suitable solar systems does take some time to do. They find on average an extra 15 per rotation in each of the 20 universes, Once they do it takes a matter of days to cultivate it. Star trunscation as I like to call it a Scientist friend of mine once informed me the term is grossly incorrect) would solve that problem... although I don't see what the problem is anyways, Humans don't multiply that quickly. Anyways the Wogs are not freindly to anyone who may suspect them to be anything other than what their disguises suggest. I suggest doing everything you can to keep away from them.
  11. The blue or green moon crystals is the easiest way to regress time or age, The only other way to emulate the blue crytals is to actually get ahold of a 2.5 kilogram moon rock or high iron ferrite meteorite with a nickel cadmium base element trace factor of atleast 500 parts per million. You can properly polarize either the same way by soaking it in a mercury bath while applying 3.14557 gigowatts of three phase electrical current. Apply the current directly to the rock. This voltage must be exact or it will cause a dramatic, violent implosion, creating a spacial vaccuum in the immediate area, Very bad indeed which is why the blue crytstals are preferred. Once a dimensional vortex is created, it's stability can be easily checked by lightly touching it's surface with a non-conductive instrument (preferrably solid wood instrument such as a dowel or drumstick. The surface should gently radiate ripples from the point if contact (the pebbles effect). Also be warned the radiation can reach dangerous levels. The moonstones should not be used unless their design and operation are fully understood. Venkatachalam the wise discovered that they can reach 10 Gige in unrestrained modulation. To protect against radiation, the moonstones should be eqaully spaced on a foundation of bedrock and a device such as a solvie to measure the I2C of the edge modulation of the vortex. To further control the radiatio, a pair consisting of low & high frequency Bi-direction polarizers (upper_ BP & Lower _BP should be in place. And once the vortex is created it should appear not unlike the surface of a tranquil body of water. The carbon copy replica device (slagpole) should not be used until all of the parameters have been compiled. (Cowley computations) and checked against Pongo derivatives to prevent an unstable vortex (tiffany effect). Should a tiffany effect occur, the slagpole device must be disengaged by inputing a seies of complicated Cassel equations. Obviously, it would be easier to achieve a stable Time-Inverted Neutrino Gate the first time, rather then risking Loopback or having to do an emergancy Latent Vortex interrupt & restart action. To reduce Earthbound Magnetic Interference, Dimensional Integral Magnetic Modulation (Dimm) should be executed on the peak of a Hill with a core of slate granite. Note: that the harmonically tuned Gemstone used in the Slagpole device must be of Jewel quality and in the indigo to Magenta color spectrum to achieve Signal Acceleration Crossover (SAX). Some materials needed to build an Endora class vortex generator are not found on earth. An earlier Simba class vortex generator exist on earth, having been found by earthlings at Jab2, near village of Cogwell, 15km west of the town Rosswell NEW MEXICO. It is stored at what they call Hanger 18 in what they call area 54. It's still operational, as one of their agents posing as a colonel Casper Piccolo stationed at Wright-Patterson Airbase. Unfortunately, it relieas upon older Allen Algorrithms for formatting data, and thus is incompatible with the their newer time travel components at JAB1 Their base on Europa, Uranus). A second newer one was badly damaged and later hidden in a pile of Rubble in a place called Kazoo, Michigan.
  12. Hello Monique, thanks for your questions. Yes if you provide medical information and DNA it would make it easier for other agencies monitoring everything to then impersonate ones identity. MOST vendors are very strict and everything must be done by law and code. This is why I chose not to deal with a licenced supplier which works with the government (because the government CANNOT BE TRUSTED and are the biggest murderers (timeline manipulation control freaks of all). They will kill off then take over, the remaining humanity and all our freedom without so much as a fight because of public ignorance!! I sent out so many emails at the time because BECAUSE I UNDERSTOOD THE POWER OF BULK EMAIL impact and outreach potential! In fact for marketing purposes it was the only way for someone without an advertising budget to to quickly get 10,000 websites visits a day and make $50,000 a week which I made at one point selling digital products! My childhood and life was ruined by a corrupt government.alien conspiracy. I had already had 1 instance at 19 a few years prior that I saw a UFO in the sky and had a 6 hour missing time experience so I knew other life forms and time travel existed. And in a plea for help I sent out all those emails. I quickly came to realize that not only was email able to contact people in other time dimensions + cross over fitire timelines, but that there with several travelers and other life forms among us in disguise here. I also quickly started getting death threat emails from countless government agencies and other evil aliens and about federal laws applying to it all. The turning point which made me send out all those emails was when they sent an agent to one of my dentist appointment to infact me with an unknown life sucking disease which makes me makes my brain hurt with horrible head pressure, red eye and takes away 90% of my energy, makes me unable to sleep without night sweats and always as if I'f barely conciousss and about to faint. Once I sent out the emails and all my potential help got interfered + I realized how dangerous and serious this was I stopped.
  13. Look stop wasting my time please! I have already clearly asserted the fact that I wasn't about to drop a cent on equipment unless it could safely be delivered to me + demonstrated in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny how the only ones whom have replied so far are quick to discredit me but fail to have any knowledge or be able to pass basic test qualification questions!
  14. Most suppliers only dealt in Platninum gold, glactic credits through GalacticNet, with the TransHoloMatrixGalacticExpress Pressed-Latinum Business card, federation trading units, Also required a filled out 4455683/2 form, i.e citizenship and ident. listing home world, energy modules or government provbility tokens. Also the following was required for the devices I was requesting: * peptide chain helical-spin direction of your DNA. *Pineal crystallization percentage. *Blood type, serum cholesterol level, resting BP and heart rate. *Sperm count.
  15. Ok first thing is first. GPA. You are wrong. They are real and to the untrained eye of course you would think they looked like gears and that they are some kind of google goggles. Second of off to scornedtramp I know they are real because I have compared my technical facts vs 1,000s of email replies and 100s of proclaimed travelers and aliens I had filtered through. And no I did not pay any money, and the only way I would agree to conduct business is in person after a working demonstration of merchandise. However everyone I attempted to meetup with ended up being detained, killed attacked etc. I have countless horror stories of emails, recorded phone conversations, of bad stuff happened to travelers whom sell to me. I have video proof footage of helecoptors hovering over my house, hood blimps, following me everywhere, along with black cars, and military chemtrail planes spraying trails down every single street I turn no matter where I go. They even called my contacts using my exact voice and changed meeting times/dates around, then showed up as a morphed clone of myself. I have proof of shadows and dark entities always being around me in pictures, stuff flying off the shelfs when I walk into stores, peoples tires poping when I am next to them etc. The truth is anyone who is legit probally does not have the balls to talk about it because they know just how deep and dangerous this stuff is!!!!!!! And Anyone who is a real travler would be able to answer my basis test questions and these 2 questions: When one travels without changing the 3 primary co-ordinates (i.e. only changing the n and not changing x,y or z, one runs the risk of someone of something occupying that location, Explain why this is not a risk when traveling? Shoul it ever be permited to change the timeline and if so when? Explain how the Y Theory, VB-generators, and reverse spin electrons operate? Legal consideration: The classic example of a creation of a paradox is when one travels back in time and kills one's ancesto. If the ancestor was killed, one was never born and could not travel back in order to kill the ancestor, however if the ancestor was not killed, one was born and was able to travel back to kill the ancestor. In the well known (and history making case of the intergalactic magistrate vs. Baldrock do,Sunduc, what was used by Baldrock doSunduc when he was accused of creation of a paradox, and why wasn't this defense accpted (he was found guilty?
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