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  1. In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unless of course....the wife was trying to destroy the time machine before the cops turned up. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You mean the timecops, I am certain. RMT oh good grief what a guesser..
  2. Warrior381 - No, I will not tell you what happens in 2012, its just another dull year in the mist of prehistory as fasr as we in THE FUTURE TM are concerned. you don't have a time travel machine you just making it up period. and by the way i heard something like Pole Shift coming in 2012 or not?? :confused:
  3. are you making that up about the scam Future horizon web pages?? it a rip off company...and by the way oh well :confused:
  4. who cares if i become a time traveler but there is one thing that you can't prove yourself that you are a time traveler so i figure hmm you don't have a video.or pictures, so i guess you not a time travel either so I win too.
  5. if you are a Real Time Traveler then show us the picture of your devcie?
  6. sp Dave tell us what will happen in 2012? i would like to know that part..
  7. maybe we need to ask Dave_kinky some questions!! i doubt it because he is a fake or maybe he is not a time traveler so let ask him a question more more question please.
  8. Ah gwenog, thank you for visiting this forum and asking the '2012' question of many 'time travellers' who by now have forgotten about their postings altogether and gone back to their schools and youth clubs to live their normal 21st century adolescent lives! I was horrified at first to think chronohistorian had returned along with his dreaded 'cake and this sig will change every couple of days' line for a mere moment there! thank you for that!! oh dave no excuse this time there is a time travel machine from a mar connection and Goverment connection too..so hehe hahah look for the second coming that i post it to you..hahah :yum:
  9. Re: Time travel Web Bot: Andrew Basiago is predicted �planetary level� whistleblower for Mars life and time travel ================ http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-2912-Seattle-Exopolitics-Examiner~y2009m11d9-Web-Bot--Andrew-Basiago-is-predicted-planetary-level-whistleblower-for-Mars-life-and-time-travel you see dave_kinky now there is a time travel machine and teleportion device no excuse this time Dave i told you :yum:
  10. Don't cry little Warrior Jacin. Although it is entirely your fault that John Titor (The Real John Titor TM mind, not an impostor or Chronohistorian) has returned to THE FUTURE to Titor Towers and you should hang your head in shame, there are other things in life which are far better than riches, fame and time travel. Perhaps you could go for a brisk stroll in the countryside with a good book, or you could date a rosy cheeked girl with firm thighs and watch movies together, rather than hang around time travel forums in the unlikely hope that you will become Dr Who? Something for you to ponder, eh? Best of luck Creepy Uncle Dave well there is many thing happen to me like i wonder is there a alien Abduction going on behind my back i don't know also i wonder there is a time machine hidden by the public view and that this time travel machine is only owned by the Gov. like MIB..also i wonder hmm don't be sorry about me Dave because there is alway a Astral Projeciton and time travel by HDR unit..opp opp i think Dave misunderstood me sorry Dave but there is a time travel machine call HDR unit also Time Vortex Actiavtor maybe all need a Grid point and there u have it.. also that is the end of the story. :confused:
  11. Oh good grief, its really not confusing at all, my little mammal friend Warrior. Here is the truth of the answers you seek Will Jacin Young be rich and famous in the future? No Will Jacin Young ever be a time traveller? No Will Jacin Young be fictionally 'raptured' by his imaginary friend 'Jesus'? No Will Jacin Young be the first person in the 21st century killed by multiple blows to the head by a 26th century Time Belt TM? Yes, the way he's going x ok i see Dave thank you. End of story.
  12. Dave_kinky what does he said about me?? hmm come on on on give me the answer I not looking for a rich and powerful way so what is my death Dave what is my death maybe i will be rapture taken by the church...when Jesus Christ call me home i be home hehehe ahahaha :confused: i am so confused with Dave_Kinky :love:
  13. Warrior381, The Real John TitorTM and me have done some research in THE FUTURE and have some news about the ultimate fate of Jacin Young you may be very interested in.... i am interested in Jacin M Young and by the way...go ahead and post it on this board thank you
  14. do you remember if there is a Pole shift in 2012? also do you know a guy name Jacin Young?? write back thank you.
  15. ahhh i love it love it i just wonder?? why i am i legend Dave? also if i go to the future i must not come back home hmmm i wonder what do you see Dave. :confused:
  16. I just wonder why are those people taken to FEMA camp?? and write back thank you..
  17. is pole shift really going to happen? or not? write back..
  18. Dave_kinky where are you Dave..and come back on the web site ohhh yeah baby we miss you. ;)
  19. Dave Dave my man i know Creeo299 but I bet he is not a time traveler so quit saying he is a pet or a time traveler i don't see it that Creeo299 a time traveler....also i also don't see Dave as a time traveler just speaking..just speaking garage stuff you need to be on mind pill to help you out...
  20. heheh hahah oooo yeah Dave my man what up?? i just wonder something will this war going to happen?? and when is the date of this war going to happen?? I think it not going to happen unless ET invade the war and stop it heheh hahh oh oh dave my man just kidding.. what do you think? Dave
  21. PS Warrior381 you are a legend. A self-obsessed dull legend, but a legend nevertheless, in time travel circles. If you ever get the chance***, hop to 2132 CE where there is a statue in your honour made entirely of corroding LVDs of the Solarweb sci-fi drama 'The Combostulous Adventurisisng Of Fizzwang O'Leary'. *** You will never time travel, a career in retail followed by eventual death beckons now stop that dave you are scaring me about me being a legend I feel hurt and depression by Dave word..I just trying to be nice to you Dave...I like your writing and feel sad..I am sorry for what i did to you so forgive me for asking too many questions..peace brother..
  22. the reason why I joined your bulletin board was to see the technology of time travel has progressed since the time of John Titor, it does not seem that it has progressed, of course the speed of light has not been broken yet (for your time) but I have been reading about a physicist who has been trying to create a time machine ( I cannot remember his name now ) that can only teleport from the day it was created. That is all I have to say. well i think you wrong about it..because there is a UFO and time travel all ready there but who have it?? The Secret Goverement have the stuff like UFO,Time Travel and other thing it just it not for the public use yet...so now you know so quit lieing ok..pal..
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