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  1. All are theoretically correct, however, I do not yet know the answer for that question pertaining to THIS world Line. Sent from my iPad using the TTI Forums mobile app
  2. This is just a theory, and quintessential conjecture, but the idea that John Titor used to present himself, although sounds like that of an individual, I believe that there was never a "John Titor". But instead, there were "Titor Time Travelers", people from the future who assumed that persona in the given situation so as to both reveal info about their world line, and not reveal themselves, thus not creating a paradox or upsetting the flow of the space-time continuum. Sent from my iPhone using the TTI Forums mobile app
  3. Every "House" is surmised by your choices, thus it is YOUR congregation of decisions and world lines you allowed yourself to interact with.
  4. Depending on ones choices, like the fruit example I provided, these rooms will appear and disappear from your "House of World Lines"
  5. Let me provide an extensive example, say you can at least interact with one choice in the space-time continuum, and you choose to eat fruit for your whole life.(Weird example, I know). That would mean you can no longer succumb to disease from other foods, therefore those world lines in which you come across any events whatsoever associated with non-fruity foods you will never see or access, because they share no common link. However, the world lines where sole fruit eating events occur become tangible, and are bound by your dietary choices (For better or for Worse). As such, String Theory ties in the multiple world lines that go in consequential accordance to the given circumstantial conundrum. R.T.
  6. But, back to its ACTUAL application for time travel, string theory is more like a tangible yet untagible dimension across the many streams of time. Think of the world lines congregating into one big house, string theory is explains that the rooms ARE THERE, but depending on ones choices, they will become visible/accessible.
  7. I myself have theorized the true intentions and/or purpose to the proclamation of this enigmatic identity, when I had an epiphany, it all of a sudden made sense. Sent from my iPad using the TTI Forums mobile app
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe that your current concept of "John Titor" is misconstrued, largely erroneous even. Sent from my iPad using the TTI Forums mobile app
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