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  1. My understanding if deja vu comes from studies in to the soul (conscious) and spirit. When we die in human form it is only your physical body that is dead, your soul is eternal and it remembers everything it learns. So each time it takes a new human form it brings with it the knowledge of all it has ever learned of any person place time, everything. When you have Deja vu experiences it is your conscious trying to show you or tell you what it knows or replays its memory about an event, person or place you are dealing with in this time. Sent from my LGUK410 using the TTI Forums mobile app
  2. please see my previos comments and i would greatly appreciate your input or any advice you could give me. there us an answer to this stuff but it will not likely be found by one person but rather a group of people with varying degrees of knowledge, beliefs and understandings of the world around us. Sent from my LGUK410 using the TTI Forums mobile app
  3. i sure wish i could wrap my head around these type of scientific understandings of multidimensions, string theories and those type of things but, quite honestly, is something that is a big weakness of mine. i have personally met with quantum physicists and other scientists hoping to get a better understanding but i just cant seem to absorb that kind of information. i am very open minded to all possibilities and am always seeking knowledge on a huge variety of subjects and love to learn new things and most things my brain absorbs so it becomes permanent information. This area or degree of science just will not absorb. is there someone or something you can refer me to, like a "Dummy's Guide To Understanding...."? I think I need to start at more of a beginners level so i clearly understand the basic foundation and such b4 trying to wrap me head around the big stuff. Sent from my LGUK410 using the TTI Forums mobile app
  4. I looked at 1 map from app on my tablet and 1 map from my hardcover atlas from 1967 to verify North Korea's location. This still does not seem right to me because I remember looking up North Korea and thinking they would have to shoot a missle over a body of water from a little bit of a distance to hit China "accidently". i also dont remember Japan being that close to any land mass let alone being a stones throw away from the Koreas. I have spent a great deal if time studying the maps of the world and have them all over my office walls because I enjoy just relaxing at checking out different parts of the world. Now I am seeing so many places that are out of place that I can't dismiss it to my lack of remembering correctly anymore. A few places is one thing but I have at least 20, being conservative, things that I see completely different then I remember. A big one that is realky bothering me because I feel it may have a greater significance and may relate to why so many people are having glitches with their compasses and seeing the sunrise and set more in a more northerly locaton then normal is the North Pole. Where is it? It was a land mass at the 90 degree point at the top of the world. Now it is gone and on some maps it shows a "suck hole", i call it, where the 90 degree point would be. Cern did want to reach the center of the earth to release Satan from his internal pit. Could this be related to that??? i don't understand the science/physics part of this at all so that is greatky affecting my ability ti properly analyze this whole thing. i do bet any amount of money Cern is responsible. Sent from my LGUK410 using the TTI Forums mobile app
  5. New Zealand is to the SE of Australia and the Tasman Sea is in between them and the South Pacific Ocean is to New Zealands north. is that how you remembered it? Sent from my LGUK410 using the TTI Forums mobile app
  6. Whoever it is there us a huge chance they are Satanists like most if the other leaders and elites are. Sent from my LGUK410 using the TTI Forums mobile app
  7. No, South Korea does not border Russia but a small part of North Korea does. The uppermost NE corner of North Korea touches a very small South Eastern strip of Russia containing a town called Vladivostok. The Sea if Japan is in their East and the Yellow Sea us on their West. Vietnam is not connected to them. it is a little ways SW connected to Cambodia, Laos and China. Does that seem to be right to you? Sent from my LGUK410 using the TTI Forums mobile app
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