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  1. It´s the only post, from 2011. At least it sounds more feasable for information to travel back in time than a person. But why did it stop posting?
  2. I would expect much more from someone with 700 years of more knowledge than us. Following what Walt said in the previous post, back in the early 1900, Minkowski united space and time into one absolute spacetime, which is the actual view on that matter. According to that, then time travelling is actually spacetime travelling... Or in some year ahead, the theory was put down, and space and time are independent again? You should know
  3. Interesting. Sounds pretty much as a deja vu but with a longer time interval. When I have a deja vu, the feeling as I am approaching THE moment that somehow I know is going to happen, is usually "hmmm I think I already know what is going to happen next", and I actually do. But it's only the knowledge that something will happen, and not a memory of it. In your case is like an inverted deja vu, you had your deja vu moment before having the real one. As you told it, feels like the second time you played the game is the original memory, and somehow you had that memory available before living it.
  4. Thank you for sharing your experience. It´s quite confusing and there are some things that I do not fully understand from your writings. There is a 7 year period that your are living over and over again? How many times have you "lived" it? Once you are reaching the end of one of those periods, what happens before you go back to square one? Are you 7 years younger when you start? There are some movies that shows similar phenomena (in a more superficial way, of course), but sounds very similar to Groundhog Day, or Butterfly Effect. When you are starting a new 7 year loop, the initial conditions are always the same? Major events in the world are changed? If I had to give an explanation then it would be multiverse. If everything around you goes back 7 years, that means the whole universe has gone back 7 years? Everyone on Earth is reliving those same 7 years? If you are moving through other universes, then it's not necessary for the Earth to "unspin" 7 years, and all stars and galaxies to return to their previous positions, that sounds extremely difficult to happen. If that is not the case, then have you tried remembering lottery numbers, or do wolrd cup champions repeat? This is very strange, and though it sounds pretty amazing, it must be very tough for you.
  5. Why bother to write in binary? Is there some kind of meaning in that? It is so easy to translate it that it's not a good "secret" code.
  6. Totally agree with PaulaJedi. If it cannot be tested, then we shouldn't become too enthusiastic about it. That's the basic principle of science.
  7. I agree with L0B0 that this is turning to more philosophy, and also take the apple example as a satisfactory answer. But time, as abstract as it is, is not "pointable", there is no way to show someone what time is, like with the apple. Maybe a watch, but that is not time either, is just a mere cyclic machine. There's a dead end trying to grasp the abstract, let's just use it as a "known" playground where we can put time travelers to play. :)
  8. That's true, I will read the link! And that's ok with, I'm not native either :D
  9. That's the point, it doesn´t matter what you call it, it's that you are trying to define a concept, using the same concept. Is like trying to describe a color, can you describe color blue, without saying blue? You can point things that are blue, but you are unable to describe it for what it is. Maybe you could say that is light with a certain wavelength, but we haven´t found the "wavelength" that describes time. In your last post you were talking about time travelers, so there is no problem with using the word "time", it is in it's definition that you shouldn´t be allowed to use it.
  10. I wouldn´t be so optimistic about time and entropy. If there is a way of traveling through time, whatever that is, means that it's not absolute, but entropy is. You can reduce entropy in some controlled system, but increasing it in the universal scheme. So if time moves towards higher entropy, what happens then when you move back in time? In the time of arrival is entropy lower?
  11. hahahaha that's true, but my point is that everyone "knows" what time is, but as soon as you ask to anyone "what is time", they will inevitably answer you with something containing the same word you are asking for: time. Basically we know what a time traveler is, but we are unable to define what is he traveling through.
  12. First we need to define "what is time?", which is an unanswered question, because honestly, no one really knows. Without that answer, is useless to talk about time travelers.
  13. Last night I had a strange surprise. I went to bed at 23:06, I know because I check my phone to set the alarm. I sleep in the next room because my wife is sleeping with my 8 month old son, and I snore like hell haha. We also have 2 cats, and they usually are very active at that time. The thing is that I fell asleep (or think I did) and suddenly my wife enters the room and tells me to go to the living room to see what the cats have done. I thought it was around 5:00, completely sure that a long time had passed. The cats had literally killed my favourite plant, and as I lean to pick it up, I saw my watch to confirm it was early morning, and to my surprise it was 12:00 sharp. I looked very amazed and said to my wife "it´s 12:00?????", it was impossible that only 50 minutes had passed. She didn't look surprised at all. I know this doesn´t mean anything, but it really caught my attention, and I wasn´t even high when I went to bed.
  14. I don't know what's the point in your statement, but seems to me that an absolute point on Earth, which is permanently at night, and other one with daylight, is not possible, since we are rotating and circling the Sun, which is also spinning and moving. Any given moment, there is a place on Earth where is mid day, and other where is midnight, but it is always changing. Can you please explain where do you want to go with your idea?
  15. Interesting.... I just went to look up for that book in Barnes and Noble, but in the reviews some people claim that the edition has been edited and that they removed very important passages... I wonder why. Anyway I will look for the original version. What makes you think this book has some clues in it?
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