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  1. http://theness.com/roguesgallery/index.php/science-and-the-media/radio-waves-faster-than-light/ there’s the real explanation, the person who wrote the article from above basically made a misinterpretation of the original paper : https://arxiv.org/abs/physics/0405062 or worse just copied an old article. people do your homework greetings,
  2. chocolate from the future!!! ...yummy!! :lol:
  3. for a science fiction novel, absolutely! but how come being "La" the future particle, an interaction with "Tui" would be the future? isn`t it redundant? the interaction between those particles, if anything, would be the present. please elaborate
  4. I think this discussion is about philosophy. About the impossibility of knowing (really knowing, understanding) the object of study or the multiple phenomena that are part of our universe. We as humans measure things, those measures come in the form of data which we can translate to our understanding. Defining things through their properties is a valid way of defining i think. Philosophical definitions are complex and require more elaboration, such as new vocabulary. Languages evolved in a functional way not a philosophical one. Its easier for me to tell you how to build a house than explaining what i understand for time, universe, dot, color, freedom, etcetra.
  5. There are some questions unanswered about entropy. "Another question is whether the Second Law is universal? That is, does it apply to the universe as a whole, so that we can say the universe's entropy is increasing, or does it only apply to select sub-systems of the universe? " quoting the link i left. Sorry for my bad english im not a native speaker. Read the link, its interesting.
  6. Time is the measure of entropy. http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/time-thermo/
  7. Falzon never said "next president" back in 2006 (I think).. Said she will be.. Lets see how this election goes. Neways i had fun reading these posts. greetings
  8. TIme traveller got busted! It got him :o
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