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  1. Highly probability that we do not see time travellers from the future because they invisible to us (does not exist in our time line). So used communication devices that emit green light.
  2. Simple math for incoming. IF A>C and IF B> C Your answer in 4 boxws 1 A>B 2 B>A 3 A=B 4 I do not know What number is correct answer?
  3. And where are songs from the future time?
  4. The future does not exist. Traveling to the Past require enormous amount of energy. So We just prisoners of The Present.
  5. By mine point of view Time have 2 components: 1-creative 2- destructive Time by itself is sort of energy that helps to create Future deltaE. For example a person draw a picture in 5,000 years ago. He spend energy to find tools, to draw. Picture will available for everyone who want to see it. Planet by itself has to fly distance path. DeltaE=E1-E2
  6. I think that future society does not have resources to support travel from Future to Past.
  7. We are both foolish people local and time travelers. After dreaming at day time I wake up with idea that local are living in parallel universe. So time travelers came to our parallel universe not to the PAST. So intriguing issue. What are you thinking about it?
  8. Watch out for anonymous young people who act as parrot.
  9. Putin and his wife were sleeping in same bedroom. His wife sleep very quietly. Putin was shaking all night. Early morning she ask husband why he shaking all night. His answer was strait You are sleeping quietly, because I am shaking all night thinking about new day.
  10. Life is miserable itself. When I will go I will say thank you.
  11. So our civilization goes forward from past to present or from present to future. If some travelers do not remember what happened to them in past - try notebook.Going from future to present or past require enormous amount of energy that make impossible voyage luck of 2 Gigawatt of electricity. So i am skeptic about time travelers from future - impossible. BACK TO FUTURE is good movie with very good actors.
  12. Here 3 fundamental questions 1- What is Time? 2-What is time density? 3-How to measure time and time density? Looks like we are all sitting in WARP machine, past where too many oscillations create trust to future where very quit like on cemetery. How we can increase speed moving toward future? Very simple need (singularity) all processes unite under one leader oscillator. To whom did not saw movie BACK TO THE FUTURE, where Cosmo play role of crazy inventor who invent Time Machine.It is from movie 2 Gigawatt of electricity needed to drive a time machine.
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