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  1. New 2017 Mandela Effects (Not necessarily CERN) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6DvLOdGePw
  2. Links to a couple Youtube Ratings Of Time Travel Movies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFriRcIwqNU HELLO! MCFLY, ANYBODY HOME! THINK MCFLY, THINK! (Envision Biff Tanners Meathook arm wrapped around George McFly’s neck, applying Noogies with fist to the top of head here)
  3. The Big List of over 850 time travel movies & shows 1931-2015 http://www.aetherco.com/timelinks/
  4. See the John Titor overview posted on YouTube, by JSNIP4, linked here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Fvr50QNzh0
  5. The Encyclopedia of Time-Online http://www.andersoninstitute.com/world-encyclopedia-of-time.html5
  6. Thu Nov 28 2:27:39 AM PST 1996 Mike Marcum, the Missouri guy who made News of the Weird in 1995 after he stole six power company transformers he said were necessary to make his time machine (so he could find out the winning lottery number and come back and buy a ticket), called a radio show from Nevada in October 1996 and said he was only 30 days away from finishing his invention. His Missouri landlord had evicted him for various electrical misadventures in his apartment.
  7. You may need a time traveler, but ask yourself what a time traveler needs with you?
  8. YouTube video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlEPsLA7TQc
  9. Stopped in to post one link. Will be back later in the year (2017).

  10. Tom Bearden 1998. The minimum requirement to begin gravity/antigravity studies is to understand Longitudinal waves (A sound wave is such a wave). If you have a transverse EM wave and add to it- it's phase conjugate, and couple it's phase conjugate replica to it, you make a “scalar” or time density EM wave, polarized (vibrating) in the time domain. The longitudinal wave we are speaking of is comprised of Gravitons, ie., spin 2 quanta, because it is comprised of coupled photon/anti-photon pairs with each photon or anti-photon being of spin 1. The scalar EM wave is comprised of “Supergravitons” ie., spin 4 quanta, because it consists of coupled graviton/anti-graviton pairs each of which is spin 2.
  11. Here is where the old John Titor posts become self fulfilling. I am going to paraphrase here, Titor had made the comment, that there is some debate in the future whether to use “time” as an energy source. So why would he write that there would be a debate? Current talk is that what a soul is (more accurately, a spirit), is a quantum fluid. I made the comment that I would put more energy into this technology, if what we were communicating with were highly intelligent, but the higher intelligence rarely interacts at this particular level. Steve Huff at times, likes to help some of these spirits into finding the light. I am not so sure that this is a good idea, both for that spirit, or for us (upon their reincarnation). Most of what you find at this level, where EVP occurs are damaged souls, trauma victims, victims of violent accidents and events (even serious illnesses), those who have not used their lives wisely ( we have all seen these people out on the street who are self destructive and would be happy to destroy you if you come into their sphere of influence), and sometimes very evil peoples spirits as well as other evil entities. In other words, it seems the Universe has a way of recognizing that a spirit is damaged enough that it would only have a traumatic life if reincarnated, (or do great damage to others), and it is decided to have them absorbed back into the energy of the universe rather than to progress forward. I am of the mind that not only God has this power to do this, but we as people also have this power (in the future). Now what does it mean that there is a debate as to whether to use time energy as a source of power? In these words to sum it up -Honey, put another soul on the fire, I need some kindling in my free energy device to run my hair dryer. Now I am sure that many of these people and their disincarnate souls fully believed that they were going to heaven, but consider that you might not want to be in heaven with a suicide terrorist bomber who thinks he is going to be having sex with multiple virgins in heaven-in your presence.
  12. On Hiatus (from TTI) starting January 1st. 2017. On to R &D, and further field work.

  13. I get it! fizz_ Short for fizzicist (Physicist). Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha.
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