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  1. An introduction to state of the art Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP).


    I first started seeing this show up in the early 1970s as a crude method using a simple tape recorder via playback of low level background sounds of localized ghost phenomena.


    By a combination of trial and error and some with better understanding of both the phenomena at hand and of electronics, the technology has gotten Much, Much better.


    Much experimental work can still be done in this area of research.


    I look at this phenomenon for specific reasons having to do with time travel research.


    Areas of future exploration/Experimentation would include technology such as Memristor studies having to do with playback or artifact phenomena known as a residual hauntings, and the honing of feedback and feedforward circuitry.


    The following link is of Steve Huff who does some of this cutting edge research.


    Also included below is a youtube link of some of the results he has gotten.


    I would also note that infrared photography can come up with interesting results as well.


    If any of these researchers could ever come up with highly intelligent contact (such as Physicists), I would be more inclined to put more time into it. This being written, Jim Marrs completed a show with the Discovery Channel (which they decided not to air) where he did an exploration of the old hospital that the Roswell alien(s) were supposed to be taken to, and came up with some interesting results.


    http://huffparanormal.com/ (Huff Paranormal)






  2. We know that Gravity in related to Time anomalies.


    I personally have found that locations with anomalous Gravity can have strange effects given the right conditions.


    The following are some areas to explore that show “Gravity like” propulsion or anomaly effects to experiment with, which if legitimate, and a strong enough effect occurs-And if you know the required parameters needed, should also interact with time on a low level scale.


    A place to start for experiments.


    First a person to gain insight on the nature of magnetism:



  3. Keep Digging!


    I can imagine Red Blocks flashing at the NSA computers with the words Project Titor Compromised on them, and Paula Jedi at the other end on her computer doing a facial recognition with the project lead General coming up.


    Keep on it. I wonder what projects General Cartwright oversees.



  4. Introduction to Phase Conjugation and Time Reversal Mirrors.


    Time Reversal And Phase Conjugation by John Kooiman:




    David M. Pepper Thesis on Temporal Reversal by Four Wave Mixing:




    Tom Bearden Video on the Nature of Time:



  5. Cosmo had mentioned he would like a section for schematics and plans in this new format of TTI, so this section is to fulfill his request.


    I start by submitting a “Weird” science schematic of a Multiverse Resonator that I found on the web. No idea what it does-if anything. If you build one, be sure to post your results. Later I will post some Anomaly Detector circuits and other items such as Proton Precession Magnetometers, Time anomaly circuits, etc.





  6. The new movie release Doctor Strange is sure to be on the list as one of Time Travel enthusiasts favorite movies. It covers Mutiverse, multidimensional. Time travel, Stopping Time, Mirror symmetry, The Metaphysics aspect of time. A really entertaining movie.


    Plus Benedict Cumberbatch, quite a capable actor in his engagement in the role.


    Be sure to stay for the beginning credits at the end of the movie.



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  7. Again, I would like to point out, Here in this forum dedicated to Time-Travel, you will be dealing with some sophisticated individuals with a great deal of knowledge about the technology of time travel.


    It is Never enough to make a statement without a good deal of elaboration of the details and proof of concept of experiments, or at least theory.





  8. Measuring Time Warps.


    Can we measure the difference in time between two locations?


    The answer is Yes.


    This is called gravitational Red shifts.


    The Red shift is the change in color observed from a radiating body that is moving away from us.


    A glowing radiating object placed in a gravitational field glows Redder when it is put in a stronger gravitational field, and Bluer when it is placed in a weaker field. Similarly, anything that vibrates shows a shift in frequency when placed in a gravitational field.


    Clocks tick Slower in a strong gravitational field-are Red shifted-and Faster in a weak gravitational field-are Blue shifted.


    How a Rotating Black Hole is a bridge to Many universes.


    Once you cross an event horizon, time and space reverse. Space becomes a “Stream” that has no recourse and Time becomes “Space-like” allowing you to move back and forth freely.


    What this means is that once you are over the event boundary you are swept forward in Space as perceived by the outside universe. The Space inside the horizon has a “Time-like” characteristic, meaning that you can flow in either direction. Thus, even though you, the traveler experience a steady movement in time as you perceive it, those mapping your motion will see you move in time as you enter the event horizon but then you will be perceived to sweep through space toward the holes singularity while going back in time.


    If the outside world could watch you while you were doing this, it would appear that you were going backward through time as they experience time.



  9. Gravitational Waves associated with Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) emissions.


    These arise from a variety of mechanisms associated with rapidly rotating fluids.


    In particular, emissions will be produced by Bar Mode instabilities producing fragmentation of orbiting matter prior to the formation of a compact object, non asymmetries in the accretion disk, as well as after the formation of a rapidly spinning black hole.


    The first mechanism may produce an initial “splash” of gravitational radiation, the second, a bi-modal spectrum containing high-frequency emissions produced by non-asymmetric perturbations of the black hole and low frequency emissions from the disk, whereas the latter created a long duration burst of low-frequency gravitational radiation.


    The kerr metric describes an exact solution of a black hole space-time with non-zero angular momentum. It demonstrates the remarkable property of Frame Dragging: the angular velocity of otherwise zero-angular momentum observers in space-time outside the black hole.


    Frame Dragging assumes a maximal and constant angular velocity on the event horizon of the black hole and decays with the cube of the distance to zero at large distances.


    This introduces angular velocity of the black hole, as well as differential frame dragging by a non-zero gradient (whereby it is not guage effect). Rotating objects have a general tendency to radiate away their energy and angular momentum in an effort to reach a lower energy state. In the dynamics of rotating fluids, this is described by the well known Rayleigh stability criterion. In many ways, black hole radiation processes are governed by the same principle. Generally, black holes in isolation are stable by exponential suppression of spontaneous emissions by canonical angular momentum barriers. Fortunately magnetic fields can modulate and suppress these angular momentum barriers.



  10. Explanation as to why these processes could be detected from military satellites.


    Cosmological Flashes from Rotating Black Holes:


    (Quoting Maurice H.P.M. Van Putten)


    Gamma Ray Bursts (GRB’s) were discovered serendipitously as “flashes in the sky” by the nuclear test ban monitoring satellites VELA (U.S.) and KONUS (USSR).


    Lasting up to tens of seconds in non-thermal gamma ray radiation, gradually triggered a huge interest. The Burst and Transient Source experiment (BATSE) on NASA’s Compton Gamma Ray Observatory launched in 1991.


    More recently, the Italian-Dutch satellite Beppo Sax discovered X-Ray flashes related to the Bursts, launched in 1996.


    These Non-thermal emissions are best accounted for by internal shocks in ultra-relativistic outflows from Black Hole formation occuring about once per a minute.


    A Kerr black hole is the leading candidate as the inner engine of these GRB’s, at least for the long durations. Optical emissions are also associated with these events.


    The decay of shocks in ultra-relativistic, Baryon poor outflows (of the fireball model-Rees and Meszaros 1992, 1994).



  11. Gamma Ray Burst Processes.


    Two principle processes responsible for Gamma Ray Bursts (GRB):


    Quark Gluon Plasma formation and Photonic Acceleration processes due to Mode conversion of an Alfven Wave with Relativistic Lasers.


    In both Quark Gluon plasma and Electron-Photon Plasma the high magnetic fields and Lorentz factors of the injected particles can induce Mode-Conversion of Alfven Waves to an Electomagnetic wave (EM). The EM waves (plasmon) create very large pondermotive forces that accelerate electrons to ultra relativistic energies in an optically-thick fireball.


    This mechanism decouples electrons and gamma rays. These accelerated electrons provide a hard energy spectrum of photons in the early stage of a gamma ray burst.



  12. This is a collection of links related to the focus on the study of Time.


    International Society For The Advanced Study Of SpaceTime.




    David Lewis Anderson’s website.




    Institute For Time Nature Explorations (Russian Site)




    A Time Travel Website; Exploring The Paradoxes Of Time Travel.




    Chronos Technologies Inc. Making Tomorrow’s History Today.




    Dr. Wendell A. Howe: Temporal Anthropologist.




    Space Time Travel: Relativity Visualized.





  13. 1. Time Travel is available Now.


    2. Sexual degredation of females? If I have my way (and I will), childbirth will be taken away from women entirely.


    3. We have bigger problems upcoming than a sour election, but then you will already know what we are walking into right now.


    4. Best wishes from the present!





  14. Dash Motohito Blogs From The Year 2062!




    Dash Motohito blogs from the year 2062


    About Me


    Dash Motohito


    The time machine was first invented in the year 2011, still in it’s nascent stage, it did not permit matter, but only energy to travel. I am currently in the year 2062 and am using a telereceptor in Japan to blog from. I am blogging back to the year 2011. I am Dash Motohito, and as of 2011, I am still unborn.


    Sunday, 31 July 2011


    Introduction : How it all Started


    I am currently in the year 2062, and due to the invention of the Matuhito Cosmo-Gluon emitter, time travelling has been made possible, however we cannot travel back to the past beyond the year 2011 as that is when the Matuhito Corporation developed the first prototype of the Telereceptor. Time travel is now top secret and restricted only within the Japanese monarchy now run by the Matuhito family.


    In the year 2011, Guy Osahito, independently made a time machine telereceptor. It is supposed that while still a student, Guy created the proton-quark-di-hydron accelerator(the PQDHA) without knowing that it was actually a Telereceptor. The actual invention is now credited to the Matuhito Corporatin.


    In the year 2018, a biotechnology lab from India, ‘Shastra Inc.’ synthesised DLVD (or popularly known as ‘Sitara’) from LSD and reported high doses enabled certain individuals to travel back in time and relive 30 minutes in a time loop. the test subjects reported to have been stuck in the loop for upto 80 hours. They continuously travelled back and injected themselves with DLVD. This technology would later go on to enable humans to time travel.


    In the year 2021, Shastra Inc. was dissolved and taken over by Guy Osahito from Japan and all operations were moved to japan. Guy Osahito researched and developed the machine for 17 years without the knowledge of the Government. After the East War, Matuhito family took over Japan in 2038 and along with Guy Osahito formed the Matuhito Research and Development company. After Guy Osahito’s death, his son was banished from Japan and so were all previous employees of the Osahito Corporation. It is speculated Guy was assassinated by the Matuhitas. Guy Osahito’s son, Niwa fled to India, where he took refuge and re-established the Osahito foundation.


    In 2049, Koi Matuhito was the first human to make a 6 minute round trip to the future and back. He verified by winning millions in a game of Hanafuda Koi-Koi.


    In my time,the year 2062, I work for the Osahito Corporation currently operating from a small village in South India. I can only transmit information to the years 2011 to 2021(the time the telereceptor existed in Guy Osahito’s basement Laboratory)


    With Love from the future,







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