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  1. I second No More Bets comment. When in a Time Travel forum, where there are serious researchers, it is not enough to claim a system of interacting with, or bypassing time without a conceptual framework at the very least.


    I also find the question “Are Time travelers invisible to us” to be an incomplete question.


    When would time travelers be visible to us, at what stage of the process in the time travel, and what would they look like to us during the process of time travel might be pertinent here in order to even answer this question.


    I would also add that Yes, time travel has been achieved.



  2. Not a time travel movie per-se, but incorporates some aspect of time manipulation into parts of the show.


    I found this show quite entertaining and original, You can find this on Youtube broken up into somewhere over 40 minute segments.


    Another Mini Series of mention would be Taken, also to be found on Youtube.



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  3. This is a Russian documentary with English subtitles about Kozyrev mirrors and Kozyrev’s study of Time. When I first started studying the possibility of Time Travel, I asked the question of whether an anomalous time phenomenon occurs in nature to support the possibility or claim (for time travel). Looking into Mirror Scrying, Crystal Gazing, Lake, Water and Fog related anomalies and use for prophetizing, Gravity anomalies over land, etc. Very interesting documentary, especially the section of the Popes Hat, the reference to HAARP antennas, and other areas of direction as seen by the Russian scientific culture.





    Wednesday March 19, 2003




    NEW YORK — Federal investigators have arrested an enigmatic Wall Street wiz on insider-trading charges — and incredibly, he claims to be a time-traveler from the year 2256!


    Sources at the Security and Exchange Commission confirm that 44-year-old Andrew Carlssin offered the bizarre explanation for his uncanny success in the stock market after being led off in handcuffs on January 28.


    “We don’t believe this guy’s story — he’s either a lunatic or a pathological liar,” says an SEC insider.


    “But the fact is, with an initial investment of only $800, in two weeks’ time he had a portfolio valued at over $350 million. Every trade he made capitalized on unexpected business developments, which simply can’t be pure luck.


    “The only way he could pull it off is with illegal inside information. He’s going to sit in a jail cell on Rikers Island until he agrees to give up his sources.”


    The past year of nose-diving stock prices has left most investors crying in their beer. So when Carlssin made a flurry of 126 high-risk trades and came out the winner every time, it raised the eyebrows of Wall Street watchdogs.


    “If a company’s stock rose due to a merger or technological breakthrough that was supposed to be secret, Mr. Carlssin somehow knew about it in advance,” says the SEC source close to the hush-hush, ongoing investigation.


    When investigators hauled Carlssin in for questioning, they got more than they bargained for: A mind-boggling four-hour confession.


    Carlssin declared that he had traveled back in time from over 200 years in the future, when it is common knowledge that our era experienced one of the worst stock plunges in history. Yet anyone armed with knowledge of the handful of stocks destined to go through the roof could make a fortune.


    “It was just too tempting to resist,” Carlssin allegedly said in his videotaped confession. “I had planned to make it look natural, you know, lose a little here and there so it doesn’t look too perfect. But I just got caught in the moment.”


    In a bid for leniency, Carlssin has reportedly offered to divulge “historical facts” such as the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden and a cure for AIDS.


    All he wants is to be allowed to return to the future in his “time craft.”


    However, he refuses to reveal the location of the machine or discuss how it works, supposedly out of fear the technology could “fall into the wrong hands.”


    Officials are quite confident the “time-traveler’s” claims are bogus. Yet the SEC source admits, “No one can find any record of any Andrew Carlssin existing anywhere before December 2002.”


    Weekly World News will continue to follow this story as it unfolds. Keep watching for further developments.



  5. Plasma related Black Hole physics.


    In general, inflowing plasma does not fall directly onto the black hole, but instead, because it has angular momentum, orbits the black hole.


    The orbiting plasma forms a disc, called the accretion disc.


    The accretion disc rotates around the nearly empty funnel region.


    Above the disc is a tenuous hot magnetized corona, and between the corona and the funnel is a region with ejection of mildly relativistic plasma.


    Plasma is subject to frictional forces that redistribute angular momentum and allow the plasma to flow inward. Magnetic fields in accretion disc’s are amplified by a powerful instability known as the Magnetorotational instability. Such magnetic fields provide the necessary viscous angular momentum transport in most accretion discs.



  6. So Paula Jedi informs us that John Titor is back.


    I have always thought, that in retrospect, it would be great to pose questions to him concerning what he was referring to in his posts. I would bet that he is online in the forum and will see these questions which I will post here. The questions I have are considerably more well thought-out than the spur of the moment string of queries back in 2000/2001.


    And so…………..Here we go!


    My first question would be related to this past question and John Titor’s answer:


    “(As far as how wonderfull your people are in the time after the war I’m very happy for you. Maybe they succeded in wiping out the RIGHT 3billion people.)”


    “Yes, we did.” (John Titor)


    My question (AnotherWorldlyDevice): -Planet Of The Hillbilly Farmers-


    Where a global nuclear exchange occurs, it would be hardly necessary to add to this, Chemical and Biological weapons attacks-Unless, the intention is to cleanse the populations of the world, of certain genetic malcontents, targeted sterilization, and leave select genetics in place.


    It is implied, by the above quoted John Titor post, that this does in fact happen, and that the “enemy” attack is the enemy of weakness.


    Collectively, we would have a consensus in the developed world to use this nuclear exchange as a cover, to solve all our growing problems then.


    Is This A Correct Interpretation John?


    It would be no wonder then, if my previous post is correct that Australia would be as is commented on below, as Australia is proud of, and identifies as having a history of being a nation of convicts. A cleansing and purging would likely create a minimal population for that country. Ticked off indeed.


    “Australia is sort of interesting in what is unknown. After the war, they were not very cooperative or friendly (can’t blame them really). It is known they did repulse a Chinese invasion and most of their cities were hit. They have a trading relationship with the U.S. but I would characterize them as reclusive and ticked off.”


    Still would like to know why French Canadians (Quebec) have become ruthless killers.


    As Socialism decays, people having to fend for themselves certainly wouldn’t be an easy challenge, but it seems to me to be some issue with the French people.


    Care to clarify?


    One of the things that John Titor posts, is that in his future world, the population is more in line with the military, as quoted at the bottom of the page:


    It has always been in the back of my mind, that the founding fathers of the United States, had created our government based on the Roman form of government with one key exception-That the military was not the ruling force. They had learned from the Romans, what not to do.


    For a very good very brief overview of this by ex CIA director James Woolsey see the following Youtube video (which is actually about EMP protection upgrades for the U.S.) Starting at 11:45




    Where John Titor relates our future with the military having a stronger role in government, bothers me somewhat. Here is what John writes:


    Not too much is different except the military is large part of people’s life and we spend a great deal of time in the fields and farms at the “University” or Fort. (John Titor)


    My question would be to John Titor, How does this turn out in your own future, a good 250 years forward?



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  7. Recognize that much of the advice is for those of you who actually do Field Work. Addressing the real world encounters you might come across. The fact that you WILL be tested, when doing field work is why I pose these mind tests. A belief system doesn’t have to be true, or truth, it just has to get work done, therefore the flaw is not in the logic.


    As for the Eugenics issue, voluntary is the solution. I do it,with myself, daily- starting with my own brain. The idea that the more intelligent you get-the more intelligent you can get, and therefore solve seemingly unsolvable problems.


    I will share that with you in off-topic. One can choose to move forward, or not. If the idea is to eliminate human suffering, then this choice would be a real world solution. I would think going forward, that the Chinese Government would be the more likely to work on Eugenics, than the West with it’s moral compass pointing away from forced genetics modification.


    I personally, as a time travel researcher, often look beyond a linear timeline——–> It helps to envision that God sees humanity from the future-back. In this research where time-travel might exist location wise, we will find anomalies which exist right along with this-at those locations-NOW, even if the anomalous phenomena is being done in another time. The location, not being there at the right time becomes more important.


    I would like to suggest to you, who wish to have expertise in this subject, to do the same.


    Now, I would like you to consider, what may have happened in our future, if the major moral compasses which are major religions had not been put into place. Where would we be in society now?


    What would our future look like where this moral compass has never been put into place?


    When we look at time travel technology being available, once in place, every day, every week, every month, of every year, from the point time travel is perfected, someone will be making changes in


    Time, from then-on.


    Christianity being two thousand years old, we would not have the comprehensive information needed to determine how this was put into place. We do have more information on the formation of the Mormon Church as told by Joseph Smith. You should think for yourself, as an advanced time travel researcher, what the following excerpts mean. I will point out that no disrespect would be intended or implied, quite the opposite, as for the motivation, the results and goals of institution.


    From: Wonders In The Sky Jaques Vallee and Chris Aubeck


    Early spring 1820, Manchester, New York, USA Two glorious entities Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon religion, writes: “It was on the morning of a beautiful, clear day.. .1 kneeled down and began to offer up the desires of my heart to God.. .1 saw a pillar of light exactly over my head… “When the light rested upon me I saw two Personages, whose brightness and glory defy all description… One of them spake unto me, calling me by name and said, pointing to the other This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!’… “I asked the Personages who stood above me in the light, which of all the sects was right, (for at this time it had never entered into my heart that all were wrong) and which I should join. “I was answered that I must join none of them, for they were all wrong… “I soon found, however, that my telling the story had excited a great deal of prejudice against me among professors [believers] of religion, and was the cause of great persecution, which continued to increase; and though I was an obscure boy, only between fourteen and fifteen years of age…yet men of high standing would take notice sufficient to excite the public mind against me, and create a bitter persecution; and this was common among all the sects all united to persecute me.”


    Source: The Pearl of Great Price, by Joseph Smith – History 1:5-8, 14-19, 22.


    21 September 1823, Palmyra, New York, USA Golden apparition In this next episode, Joseph Smith was shocked to see a light appear in his room, and a human figure within the light: “Indeed the first sight was as though the house was filled with consuming fire. The appearance produced a shock that affected the whole body. In a moment a personage stood before me surrounded with a glory yet greater than that by which I was already surrounded…” The figure, whose feet did not touch the floor, revealed itself as “angel Moroni” and gave Smith specific instructions. The scene repeated itself three times during the night. After the third time Smith was surprised to hear the cock crow and to find that daylight was approaching, “so that our interviews must have occupied the whole of that night.” The next day Smith found himself so exhausted that he couldn’t work in any useful way in his normal chores. His father thought he was sick and told him to go home. On the way he fell to the ground when trying to cross a fence, and remained unconscious. The angel appeared to him once more and told him to reveal his instructions. Smith went on to found the Mormon religion. By placing the case in this section on Myths, we do not mean to state that the story was invented or that no such event took place. Millions of people today do take the report at face value. Ufologists, on the other hand, might claim that it represents a typical “bedroom visitation” type of alien contact. We do believe that it is unrelated to the events we seek to study in our Chronology of unexplained aerial phenomena.


    Source: Francis Kirkham, Concerning the Origin of the Book of Mormon (Salt Lake, 1937), and Smith’s own account in publications of the Church of Latter Day Saints.


    Synchronicity is a solid tool to use in the field. A chaos generator, which is not that far off from the working science of time travel, if you can figure out how to build one, will open doors for you.


    “The time has passed when time doesn’t count”


    -Paul Valery,


    “La crise de l’espirit”


    A final personal note: If I were a Time Traveler, that is what I would do-Pick of the religious stragglers, by both an early experiment in inspiring a religion, and as institution of a moral compass, for our own futures sake.



  8. Plasma Frequency.


    Plasmas have a number of natural modes of oscillation.


    The most fundamental perhaps is the electron plasma oscillations.


    The ions can also oscillate at their own natural frequency as, for example. In standing acoustic waves.


    This frequency is called the Ion Plasma Frequency.


    Methods of ionization:


    Electron Impact Ionization.


    Photo Ionization.


    Field Ionization.


    Surface Ionization.


    (Field ionization from sharp points at which very intense electric fields are created)


    Applications of Plasmas created by Nano-Second Laser Pulses:


    Concerning applications of Laser produced plasmas, we can just distinguish between two forms.


    Those which exploit: 1. the Hydrodynamics induced by strong shock waves associated to the ablative pressure-


    And: 2. those exploiting the radiation emitted by the plasma.


    Laser generated intense pressure, multi-magabar ablative pressures are employed for studying the properties of dense compressed matter, and for driving inertial confinement fusion implosions.


    Radiation Hydrodynamics experiments and scaled-down simulations of astrophysical phenomena.


    CPA Lasers.


    Chirped Pulse Lasers-


    Addresses GeV energy scales and Femtosecond scales.


    Chirped Pulse Lasers are also referred to as “Relativistic Lasers”.


    Relativistic Laser Plasmas.


    The advent of CPA Lasers has opened the rapidly growing field of Relativistic Plasma Physics.


    Relativistic electrons generated emit an intense flux of X-Rays and Gamma Rays, (and so protection from this environment generated becomes paramount). Also important to note is that Satellites used to monitor the Treaty on the ban of above ground nuclear tests will “see” this Non-Thermal Gamma Ray Burst.


    The form of Plasma we will be discussing here will always be Light Ion plasmas, so the proper choice in gas or combination of gases becomes important. What we will be looking for cannot be done with Heavy Ion Gases, only the light forms.


    Reissner-Nordstrom Black Hole: A spherically symmetric with Time-Like singularities (Infinite universes each with their own singularity), repeating forever in both past and future time directions like a strip of paper dolls cut out of folded paper. To construct a R-N black hole, you need a lot of matter, highly charged with a single electric polarity (either very positive or very negative). Intense electric fields created by these isolated charges would ionize any matter present into like charge.


    Solutions due to repulsive electrostatic force opposing gravitational contraction “Holds Open The Door” to other universes.


    Like the electrostatic force in a R-N black hole, centrifugal force associated with a rotating body acts fo oppose gravitational collapse.


    Closed Time-Like Loops (curves) / Closed Temporal loops/(CTL’s).


    Frank Tipler has shown that one cannot form a CTL without also producing a singularity somewhere.


    In the real world there might well be unusual initial conditions that lead in a natural way to the formation of CTL’s in space-time.




    According to Minkowski, Special Relativity functions as a kind of Law of Perspective in four dimensions. Relative motion between two observers is equivalent to a rotation in four dimensional.


    Roy Kerr solved Einstein’s equations for a rapidly rotating mass.


    The Kerr Black Hole singularity is not a point, but takes the form of a ring encircling the axis of rotation. Because of the singularities ring shape, it is possible to travel to the exact center of the Kerr hole without encountering a region of infinite curvature.


    This gives rise to another peculiar effect, the negative space-time region: when passing through the hole’s center, either distance becomes negative or gravity becomes negative (repulsive) negative space-time.


    Once entering the ring, you go back in time. The only way to get out, is to exit into a different


    universe from the one you left. This exit universe may, or may not be the same as the entrance universe.


    Ezra Newman extended the Kerr solution where the rotating mass is also charged. This brings forth one addition: A Kerr-Newman Black Hole offers the opportunity for time travel without the necessity of diving through the ring singularity into negative space-time: Time travel is possible without


    leaving ordinary space-time. Highly charged, rapidly rotating massive gravity is, of course, ordinary. Characterised by the values of just two parameters: The holes mass, and it’s angular momentum.



  9. Frame Dragging is induced by Angular Momentum.


    Specific angular momentum (angular momentum per a unit mass) represents a rate of change of surface area per a unit of time.


    Curvature spin-coupling produces a force whereby test particles with spin follow non-geodesic trajectories.


    Gravity as Curvature:


    We can think of gravity as curvature of space.


    This curvature is, however, in both space and time. Because we move relatively slowly on our planet, the gravity we commonly experience on planet Earth is more curvature in the time dimension than in the space dimension.


    David Lewis Anderson “If you bend space-time, gravity occurs”. “curved space-time in action” is gravity. “Special Relativity describes gravity” but Black Hole physics requires a Quantum Gravity.


    Spin aligned trajectories-


    Spinning bodies therefore couple to spinning bodies. This defines a mechanism for accelerating baryon-poor ejecta to ultrarelativistic velocities provided angular velocity is large.


    Frame dragging alone does not describe the black hole mechanism. Helical motion as seen in Four dimensions space-time where charged particles in strong magnetic fields confined to individual magnetic flux surfaces in radiative Landau states in the form of orbital angular momentum.


    Open flux tubes along the spin axis of the black hole geometrically representing the rate of change of surface area.


    Linearized Gravitational Radiation.


    Gravitational wave emissions are predominantly due to low multiple mass moments. The quadripole radiation formula according to the Linearized theory of General Relativity.


    Where the function of the ellipticity of a binary with orbital frequency and chirp mass.


    The Quadripole moment is due to a mass inhomogeoneity in the torus.


    A quadripole moment appears spontaneously due to non-axisymmetric waves such as Hydrodynamical or MagnetoHydrodynamical instability.


    Angular momentu transport occurs by Alfven waves emitted from the surface of the torus, carrying positive angular momentum waves off the outer surface to infinity, and negative angular momentum of the inner face into the black hole.


    On balance of the competing torques between the two faces-Outer: sub-keplerian, and Inner: Super-Keplerian.


    Fred Alan Wolf, from Parallel Universes:


    “How does matter distort space and time?


    Through the presence of Gravity.


    Gravity is the presence of matter-is the distortion of spacetime. They are one and the same thing according to Einstein. Just a small wrinkle in time produces a whopping gravitational force.”



  10. A final note on Alfven waves. We will discuss these again at a later time, where we will also look at how to generate these waves in a real environment such as a lab.


    Again, why these waves are important to the subject of time, relates to manipulation of gravity.


    Angular momentum is how you will be manipulating gravity into condensed forms.


    An introduction to Alfven Waves Rodney cross.


    The elementary properties of Alfven waves can be true in the right circumstances, and equally untrue in other circumstances, This wave is Transverse magnetic, Left hand polarized, coupled to the compressional wave in an inhomogeneous plasma.


    Refracted by a density gradient.


    Has a continuous spectrum and does not satisfy a dispursion relation so it cannot exist as a wave.


    Are a shear, or tortional wave.


    Again, these statements are sometimes true and correct given the right set of conditions, but it is equally possible to find conditions where none of these statements is correct.


    The Alfven wave has an electrostatic polarization and can propagate field aligned currents. In comparison, A simple fast wave, has no electrostatic polarization and cannot propagate field aligned currents. With an Alfven wave, nothing is waving.



  11. While it’s true that (most of) physics views the math as working both directions where time is concerned, this becomes untrue where the laws of Thermodynamics is concerned. This being Entropy, Decay, Age related breakdown, etc. Nuclear breakdown of atoms from radioactive to eventual decay to other elements. The reverse does not happen, so “Time” in our reality is Real on this level.


    The idea of Time travel, then is to work around this concept of Entropy.



  12. A differing perspective on the (alleged) Roswell-like early craft downed.


    If our future were to wish to advance us, as humans, more quickly, they might drop advanced technology in our laps. A Roswell craft, and it's occupants might be seen as, perhaps prisoners escaping from a prison thinking they got hold of a craft and made a clever getaway. These sacrificial lambs, either shot down, or by a pre-arranged crash landing, end up in the military hands.


    Now, you could look at it as a conspiracy and a cover up, or you could take the attitude that I do.


    That even the inmates of the penitentiary know whats going to happen when they are handed the keys to the prison (And we do act badly-even to each other). When the inmates realize this happened too easily, they might step carefully as they exit the gates of the prison. You just know there are going to be hillbillies with shotguns ( and very advanced weaponry.


    I myself, have had to, at times step quite carefully.


    I call this type of influence “Forward-Reverse Engineering” where our future passes off advanced tech., we develop it, thereby advancing their own level of technology even faster. Before you know it we are thousands of years ahead of the technology curve. I call this “Leap Frog Technology”


    A good example of what I am relating would be the Skinwalker Ranch related experiences.


    Reference to this are in part, the books:


    The Hunt For The Skinwalker




    Skinwalker Ranch In The Shadow Of The Ridge





  13. My last post was chopped up at one point by my Open Office Writer program, so I am adding the incomplete content here,


    For all incident angles greater than the critical angle, the beam is totally reflected. For these angles, the interface acts like a perfect mirror. The fact that the ionosphere totally reflects radio waves implies that radio waves travel faster in the ionosphere than in air, however, radio waves in air are already traveling at the Einstein limit.



  14. I came up with this idea after looking over the John Titor posts, and then seeing other Information concerning the Many Worlds Interpretation combined with Emeritus Professor John Cramer's Transactional Model as well as more metaphysical disciplines such as meditation (To reduce noise).


    You are going to read this and think OH---, that is really screwed up! Can we even do this?


    I have been working on it, and with it for a number of years now.


    In the Many Worlds theory, is an infinite number of “You”, all operating along a timeline, not necessarily quite aligned. In the Transactional Interpretation, a Quantum connection and communication occur with the future, or perhaps the past as well. An “Offer” wave is created, and you wait for a “Handshake” quantum agreement to occur. The meditation is a means in which to make communication with your other selves. You are not one person with a goal, you are an army of millions of similarly aligned individuals all effecting a common goal tor humanity.


    Information Links: John G. Cramer's Transactional Interpretation.








    Many Worlds Theory:







  15. Alfven waves constitute the missing intermediate step concerning the gravitational field in the dynamo dynamics (of a rotating black hole).


    It was Oliver Heaviside that worked out the mathematics for this wave. It was observed early in the research on radio wave propagation and especially early radar research that the only way a radio wave would be able to bounce off the ionosphere would be if something within the ionosphere were traveling faster than light.


    Phase conjugate mirrors and reflection of waves. Whenever a wave travels from a medium where it's speed is slow into a medium where it's speed is fast, the beam bends back up, back toward the interface. At a certain critical angle of incidence, the slow into fast wave is bent parallel to the interface


    and does not penetrate the second medium at all.


    For all incident angles greater than the critical angle, the beam is totally reflected. e


    if However, radio waves in air are already traveling at the Einstein limit.


    Thus the total reflection of radio waves off these plasma layers is only possible if waves in the ionosphere travel faster than light. This superluminal velocity of radio waves in the ionosphere was also confirmed by theoretical physicists.


    Using Maxwell's equations which govern all electromagnetic phenomena, it is possible to calculate the velocity of electromagnetic waves in an ionized gas.


    Below a certain frequency-called the “Plasma Frequency” -the gas completely absorbs all waves. For low frequency waves, the plasma looks black. Just above the plasma frequency, the wave velocity is infinite, but rapidly decreases with frequency, approaching the speed of light at very high frequencies.


    At all frequencies for which wave propagation is possible, the speed of radio waves in plasma is


    always faster than the speed of light-that is higher than the speed of light in a vacuum.


    Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism shows that inside an ionized gas, not only can electromagnetic waves go faster than light, it is actually impossible for them to go slower than light.


    Inside a plasma light itself (radio waves construed as low-frequency light) travels faster than light.


    Credit to the book Faster than Light.


    MagnetoSonic wave; Alfven wave. An ion sound wave.


    An Alfven wave is a superposition of oscillatory waves. Often called “Shear Alfven waves.


    A magnetosonic wave (also called a magnetoacoustic wave) is a longitudinmal wave of ions (and electrons) in a magnetized plasma propagating perpendicular to the stationary magnetic field


    The wave is dispersionless with a phase velocity. In the limit of low magnetic field, the wave turns into an ordinary ion acoustic wave. In the limit of low temperature the wave becomes a modified Alfven wave. Because the phase Magnetosonic wave velocity of the magnetosonic mode is almost always larger than the lower limit magnetic field, the magnetosonic wave is often called the “fast” hydrwaveomagnetic wave.


    Why these waves are important to this discussion; Angular momentum transport occurs by Alfven waves. Frame Dragging is induced by Angular Momentum.



  16. This will become very complicated as I progress. That written, I will give some background and basic information on the concepts involved as I go on.


    Here is an initial overview:


    What we will be looking at here is Kerr Black Hole GravitoHydromagnetics.


    Physicists now have the foundation and practical knowledge of how to create with available materials, the analog of an event horizon of a rotating black hole.


    In addition, they also know how to create the Horizon Boundary condition needed with the associated frame dragging effects associated with the no hair theorem.


    The connection from the event horizon to the back hole is well known as well.


    Manufacture of the equivalent of the black hole is also known and able to be done using local gravity.


    We will be going through the theory and methodology step by step.


    This will likely lead you into areas of thinking which will begin to allow you to connect the dots to areas you have never considered. We will go over some of this as well.



  17. Another extended quote by Gary E.R. Shwartz and Linda G.S. Russek, from the book The Living Energy Universe.


    What has been called the Second Law of Thermodynamics (called Entropy), that things tend to wear's out, may prove to be evidence for the accumulation of information and energy beyond a particular system's capability to contain it. Remember, the components of so-called “worn out” systems still engage in complex resonant interactions, and they still contain, in theory, living energy systems. Hence “entropy” may actually be very complexly ordered-the challenge for future science will be to uncover it. It is worth remembering that the order of digits in “Pi” has been precisely defined to millions of digits, and yet no one has discovered the “formula” for revealing it's replicable order...yet (and if the mathematician Godel is correct, we may never be able to calculate certain very complex ordering processes). Our inability to find the hidden order in Pi should remind us to be humble about concluding that “entropy” lacks order. Of course, entropy “looks” disordered, but that does not make it so.



  18. The following is advice concerning more advanced levels of study into this subject of time travel.


    In some unexpected ways, this field of study will affect the nature of who you are in a fundamental manner as you advance in it.


    Certain realizations occur within how you view reality.


    I will give you one example of why this is true. Over time it will change you.


    What I would like from you, is to post back here, as to how it affects what it is that you stand for, as it sinks in. A forewarning: You will likely go through transitional period which could be a little rough.


    But have no fear, this is a Raiders of the Lost Ark adventure – Extraordinary!


    Are you ready?


    If GOD has given mankind free will, and mankind then develops Time Travel (and it doesn't matter if it were 10'000 years in the future), How much free will do you think you really have, if our own future


    manipulates or influences their own past (our present). And they would! So would you.


    Therein lies GODS level of intellect. Free will indeed!



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