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  1. What I will be discussing here will be very specific. It is what Physicists are doing in their own labs. I will be discussing Rotating, charged Kerr Black Holes. The access of local gravity without the need for a singularity. You will likely not find me straying from this focus in this particular post. Be patient, it is time travel after all-even if I have limited time available.
  2. How one perceives reality, interprets it and what they would do if they could alter it would be the question. It is actually a question about responsibility to our past, future, and to ourselves. If the question you pose is how I see “time travel” as actually working, I will tell you that when I actually test out a physical technology system. I have had experiences where I have been “shown” technology, and it's abilities, but I require actual experience to test all the theoretical aspects short of the Grandfather paradox (A tired old-much repeated argument by some physicists who actually know nothing of what they are speaking about). Multiverse, Transactional theory, Physical return to a past, Reality Altering, Space manipulation, The Psychic link to all this? Let's find out. The technology is nearing becoming more available to independent researchers (who are responsible).
  3. Be sure to post here what your experimental results are when you try this!
  4. One of the reasons I pursue Government and Military technology in regards to Time Travel are because, quite frankly we, as interested researchers, need more information as to what can, and cannot be done. For instance: How far can an entropy advance before it becomes far too chaotic to reverse? You pour a bottle of green dye into your swimming pool-it dissipates, never to be able to be un-dissipated. Same with an explosion. How long after an explosion can it be reversed. I suspect there is a very short time in which you could actually reverse an event/decay/entropy/chaos.
  5. If anyone were to know the answer to this it would be Robert Bruce. Start with his book Astral Dynamics-The Complete Book Of Out Of Body Experience.
  6. Time Is: I find that conceptually, no one really gives a straight answer as to what time is. Most of the answers given are vague and ambiguous at best, This does not help us in our understanding. As we are discussing Time-Travel in this regard, it helps to know what we are dealing with. The description time-travel actually is not an accurate representation, so while keeping with the term used, let's look at defining conditions. Time ts: Entropy, is decay. Time is the Laws of Thermodynamics in action, In “bypassing” Time, where time-travel is concerned, we would be in a different environment altogether; The laws of thermodynamics would be different. By necessity If we were to time-travel it means that while the laws would act differently within that environment, our machines could still work effectively (or more effectively) within that new environment. Most of our Laws will still operate in that “environment, but not be inherent to it. When we look at the idea of a new environment, are we conceptually dealing with a different dimensional outlook. Yes, but more than that, a veil, might be a more accurate description. Some of you will know that an electrical generator does not generate anything. The spin is drawing a form of electricity from behind that conceptual veil. The environment of this “generation” is also the environment of bypassing time, as instead of being a reflection of entropy, it reflects re-generation. Therefore, “Time” is not what we are discussing at all, when we speak of “Time Travel”. Clarification has been something I have looked to everyone from Philosophers, Physicists, Electrical Engineers, The Spiritual Leaders, and personal encounters/experience to gain an understanding of. The above is a result of the looking for this clarification.
  7. This posting is to introduce the conceptual physics behind the technology and development of time travel. Over the course of the content to be added, this should help those interested to understand what is involved in it's development.
  8. A couple of months ago I was over in Hawaii on a working vacation. Anomaly investigations, University research, Hawaii could be considered one big Military Industrial Complex, with the civilians right in the middle of it. Where there are military, there are anomalous phenomena. (Both now and in the past and future). I submitted a report to the National UFO Reporting Center (Perter Davenport's website) at that time. The report is here: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/128/S128909.html Peter e-mailed me back telling me to contact the media. My first thought was-Do you have any idea how many of these things and other phenomena I see and experience?. But I e-mailed him back and explained that I investigate and have an expertise in this field, and that what was seen was a time based technology, and that while it shows the appearance of shooting off at a very fast rate of speed, that is just how it appears to look. (Like what something in another dimension would appear as from our point of view). I went on to explain to him what to focus on if he and his colleagues were to want to know how to detect such time technologies. This was a craft exploiting time based space travel. The technology is very real.
  9. Interesting stuff. I think it is not that we cannot have the technology, it is more that even the inmates know what would happen if they were given the keys to the prison. Looks more like a delay in us getting the correct view of the universe.
  10. List of recommended sci-fi/time related movies and tv episodes, and one book. Army of Darkness Time Bandits Demolition Man Primer Blast From The Past Contact The Fifth Element Frequency TV episodes: Red Dwarf-Backwards Outer Limits-A Stitch In Time, 1996 Doctor Who-Blink episode Michael Crichton Timeline (The Book, not the movie) This might be a good opportunity to point out that although entertaining, and Drama and the need to relate to characters is all important in writing for TV and movies, that perhaps drama is the last thing one might wish to bring to the table, where real time travel is concerned.
  11. Einstein, Temporal Engineer. I have been seeing your posts around the net. Paranormalis, Youtube, etc. In regards to the Tesla Zero Time Generator, you can go more basic than this for the understanding of what you are seeing. It is what Boyd Bushman is trying to tell you (or trying not to) in the following interview starting at about 3 minutes in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNPBYtJyfZo What he is saying is that: Spin couples with spin. You are old enough to remember the days prior to digital clocks, I would go into a clock shop and both be fascinated and a little creeped out in seeing and hearing all the pendulum clocks, which would, over time, all start aligning their pendulum motion with each other. Reminded me of one of the old Outer Limits episodes on time manipulation. How important is this to your temporal engineering? Huge. What happens when you take a (Light) Ion plasma, and use a relativistic Pulse chirped laser to spin it? It may be thought that matter cannot travel at the speed of light,as it would become massive, but isn't plasma a state of matter? And, what do the Titor machine, the Anderson machine, the Fluxliner, and many other interesting machines have in common (rather than their differences)? The Titor Machine is necessarily deceptive, who needs a microsingularity? You are probably aware that in the physics circles related to this field, it is expected that the General Theory of Relativity will fall within 10 years (once the math is worked out). Why? Mass does not create gravity; Gravity is from the “space” itself. What you are looking for is the method of connection. This is in the books at this time.
  12. This is an extended quote fro the book by Gary E.R. Schwartz and Linda G.S. Russak; The Living Energy Universe. Reconsider Einstein's notion of Spacetime. Maybe Einstein had it backwards. Maybe it is actually “TimeSpace”. In order to have three dimensions of space, or even one dimension of space, one needed to have “time” first. If space did not continue to exist over time, there would be no space. Space exists in time, over time. If time is the first dimension, before space-not the fourth dimension, after space-then potential futures can exist along the time dimension. These implicate orders would simultaneously exist along a sequential dimension, waiting to be potentially manifested in space. Extending John Wheeler's quote at the beginning of this book, maybe God invented time not only so that everything that was possible wouldn't happen all at once, but also so that everything that was possible could potentially exist in the first place.
  13. The following are links to compiled lists of Time Travel related movies and TV shows. http://www.imdb.com/list/ls009683955/?start=101&view=detail&sort=listorian:asc (IMDb:) http://www.magicdragon.com/UltimateSF/time.html (TIME TRAVEL page of ULTIMATE SCIENCE FICTION WEB GUIDE) https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1498955-list-of-94-time-travel-short-movies-to-watch-online-on-posts-1-6-an (Time Travel - Short Online Time Travel Films: List of 96+ Time Travel Short Movies to watch online (on posts #1,#6, and #7) (showing 1-50 of 66)) https://www.scoopwhoop.com/25-best-time-travel-films/#.5k144ff0i (25 Of The Best Time Travel Movies That Are So Good That They’re Timeless) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_television_series_that_include_time_travel (List of television series that include time travel - Wikipedia) http://www.aetherco.com/timelinks/ (timelinks� - the big list of time travel video, time travel movies, & time travel tv) http://io9.gizmodo.com/every-time-travel-movie-ever-ranked-1682363164 http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/949351-time-travel-television-series---the-master-list (Time Travel - Time Travel TV Shows: Time Travel Television Series - The Master List (showing 1-50 of 118)) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Time_travel_television_series (Category:Time travel television series - Wikipedia)
  14. This is David Lewis Anderson's Patent Application for a Time Reactor System: http://www.digitalmontauk.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/USPTO-Time-Reactor-EFS-ID-6627843-App-No-61286110.pdf Once a Patent application is filed for an invention which falls under the Invention Secrecy Order, it falls under the rule of law for National Security. If one wonders why David Lewis Anderson is not actively discussing his projects at this time, it is because the laws state that he could be imprisoned for doing so. He knew this when he filed, and had the foresight to release the Application at least. He was probably feeling a little heat from the general public, and decided to take it more “underground” for the time being. The following is some background on this Secrecy Act. Congratulations- Your Genius Patent Is Now A Military Secret Bloomberg News Article http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-06-08/congratulations-your-genius-patent-is-now-a-military-secret Wikipedia - Invention Secrecy Act: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invention_Secrecy_Act Secrecy Order Program overview by the Federation Of American Scientists (FAS): http://www.fas.org/sgp/othergov/invention/program.html List of categories of patent applications reviewed for the invention secrecy order: http://fas.org/sgp/othergov/invention/pscrl.pdf https://www.uspto.gov/web/offices/pac/mpep/s120.html
  15. This is an interesting question Zer0Transcendence. It is implied here on this forum, and in popular culture, that when you say, or write the term "Time-Travel", that everyone understands what you are referring to, even if the reference when taken apart becomes nonsensical. As soon as you place the two words together, it no longer applies in thee context of the actual physics. Any suggestions from others as to a new term we can all agree fits the context more correctly? David Lewis Anderson has adopted the description of "Time Control Technology" (or Technologies). I personally have never found this to have any flair to it, even as is more fully descriptive.
  16. Another face of the crack down? or just a farce!? http://www.chinahush.com/2011/04/03/no-more-time-travel-drama-authority-says-it-disrespects-history/ ("No more time-travel drama", authority says it disrespects history | ChinaHush)
  17. No doubt about it. Pink Floyd are definitely time travelers. Just take a look! [MEDIA=dailymotion]x2rz2cm[/MEDIA]
  18. AWD

    Element 137

    I have always thought this was funny. Richard Feynman, the character that he was, took the time to figure out that Element 137 on the periodic table of elements, would be the highest element that could be produced. This because at that atomic number, the atom would have an electron on the first level, that would be travelling faster than the speed of light. Light speed being a constant, not a law, we would then have to consider such an element as existing only partly in our reference frame.
  19. I will add a few disclaimers here before responding to my own post. It might be construed that time travel is a separate concept from space travel-Not necessarily; And so, use of the technology for space travel I certainly would push forward. (More on this in later posts). In addition, the development of technologies such as drones equipped with time technology to knock out ICBM,s, etc. would be a positive step. This having been written: What would I do with time travel? NOTHING. Imagine you have a Genie in a bottle. You could open the bottle and the Genie would pop out, and you could wish for any change you like. The problem with this, is that you bypass the learning curve of solving your own problems, which most likely, you had a hand in creating in the first place. Therefore, the same scenario in which you think you solved, would very likely, manifest all over again, because you did not figure out what caused the problem in the first place and correct That. You would just set yourself back. Time-Is the key to getting through this steep learning curve we all find ourselves in. And yet............I still would like to bring Hitler forward in time to the present, and put him in the New York City Zoo, with freshly pressed uniforms provided by the Goldman family Dry Cleaners. Call it a New York economic stimulus package.
  20. This is a series of videos on YouTube by Jsnip4 doing a home based site called Realist news. He does a good job of going through the Titor posts looking for correlations as they might unfold in the global current environment. A four part series (arranged in order) plus a supplemental video concerning how events may be unfolding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D4iQmYQ4Tw
  21. I am interested in what each of you would do with time travel, if you had it available to you. I would like you all to think it out carefully, and share your ideas-Here. Some of you have expressed that perhaps time travel does not exist-at least not now. I would like you to suspend that dis-belief, for the purposes of answering this question. AWD.
  22. Best wishes everyone! My focus in this field is in the actual physics of time travel, and what exactly we can do with time travel. I have been studying this subject for quite a number of years, and have a propensity for often going to the physics libraries at the Universities closest to military Industrial complexes, and/or their contractors, as these are the resources the actual contractors scientists would be inclined to go to for reference. In other words, I have wanted the real and accurate information. (I also find field work very important-one should actually get involved in experiencing that which they study, if they would be inclined to have any level of expertise.) My profile will tell a little more about me. My first real post will be in the General Time Travel section, and will be asking you all to tell me -What exactly would you do with time travel if you had it available to you?-. I consider it an important question, and you should too. I fully expect to challenge your thinking, and for you to do the same with me. It is a more complicated world than we might expect, and a truly grand design. Looking forward to the interactions here! AWD
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