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  1. And when I talk about traveling to the past I don't mean take your person and consciousness and move it to a point in the past, I think you wouldn't remember the travel, or the future that you created you would just exist as the person you traveled back to at that time... I believe it would work more like you travel back to a point and it's as if you are waking up from a dream... And the life you live from then on would be your present/leading up to your future which you create by living your present... Which is a part of what I think de ja vu is... Now it's a matter of figuring out how to get to the past, also something I think that is more simple than what we think of it as being... And why there's no one walking around admitting to be time travelers is bc they don't remember they did, and don't know how they did. So if we were to succeed at our task we would never know that we had. Which makes it difficult to even trouble shoot and find a way to travel back... And if you don't investigate it and attempt to do it then there's no way you'll travel back anyway, unless freak accident but again you wouldn't even know. Sorry for the ramblings, I've been toying with this idea in my mind for a bit now...
  2. Yes, I am talking about going directly to a specific date.
  3. What if all along we've been thinking about time travel in the wrong sense... I've been pondering lately about the possibility that there isn't a written future. We have to live in the present and create our future... it's not already just sitting there with massive amounts of new technology and people living their lives, because just like everyday, we wake up and that's fantastic in it's own, you may not even wake up tomorrow, you may not make it through today. Why are so many people chasing and attempting to reach the future? and by jumping to the future you wouldn't be able to determine the present. you would just skip all that's in between... In essence it seems to me that you would just be slowing time for yourself not really speeding it up... there's a better way to word that but I'm typing in a hurry before work. What if everyone who chases after the thought of future time travel is really being sent on an in general wild goose chase to assist people of power to find, I hate to say it, it's just an idea.... maybe this is the never ending chase for immortality... I really and truly believe that with the technology that we have we should have some possible way to get a message back to the past.
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