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  1. Registration is turned back on now guys - Guests please register! Thanks -nm nm = no message ;) Dymenzionz Admin
  2. This might come as a shock but we're not time travellers and if we were we would spend our time doing somethign more productive.
  3. GUYS! Come on! You don't all need another lecture from me do you?
  4. Thanks for the welcome Omega. As you can see were nearly at 5000 posts and approaching 500 topics. Hope you can reinitiate some of your taxing conversations!
  5. DaViper, I don't believe fred is afraid of anything. We have worked hard to make this board what it is, and even though i don't completely understand 3beat's intentions - yes there are some great minds here and we do have good theories, and what do you mean we are alone? Certainly not. There are many people here loyal to his board. -Admin
  6. Indeed viper. A profssional quantun theorist will have his head full of too much crap to even start understanding anything like time travel. -Admin
  7. Guys, I haven't been following your previous exchanges too closely, but it seems that you two don't get on. Whether it has been in an argument over a theory or someone has insulted someone, we have had these incidents before and we won't stand for them. If you can't all play nicely, someone's gonna get themselvea banned. There is no reason to dislike a person on this board. Our aim is to grow a community that is a family of friends. If we start trying to win little insult and vengence battles in posts we will become nothing short of an immature faliure. Feel free to argue with ideas, but please, keep personal feelings to yourself (hostile ones anyway). If you really want to slag someone off or have a personal argument, EMAIL them. Don't waste other people's and my time by using the board. It's obvious we were going to get people posting on the board claiming to be "time travellers" or claiming to have esoteric knowledge and not being prepared to tell anyone else. It's nice to think a pioneer of time travel would grace our board, and who knows - maybe he/she has. But one thing for sure. The typicality of coming on here and saying: "I'm a time traveller", "I know something you don't know" bla bla bla - is the thing a genuine time traveller would do. In my opinion, time trave would be used for tactical and extremely classified research, possibly in lots of different forms, and revealing oneself would probably cause destruction of the research aims. Anyway, as to TTA/Enforcer and TT_0, you two obviously have some civil dispute - please keep it away from the board. I don't exactly see why you are arguing with TT_0, he doesn't seem to be being aggressive? -Admin P.S. Time Enforcer and TTA you're the same person (Javier?)???
  8. Nice idea NoTime! We've all had dreams that feel like reality, and sometimes reality feels like a dream. Maybe we all need to wake up from this present "dream", to advance in our existence? Let me know your thoughts guys. "Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream..." ------------------ Dymenzionz "Omnia Vincit Amor"
  9. Hi everyone. I'm Dymenzionz, your new Moderator. I used to be moderater several months ago, but I temporarily left. Now I'm back...woo hoo! This board has grown in the years its been active, and continues to thrive with minds. I'm glad to come back to it in its confident and prosperous state. -Dymenzionz P.S. I understand the point Stars is trying to get across. God knows it is extremely hard to put these "temporal" complex ideas into writing and at large: a feasible theorum. Keep it up everyone.
  10. What the Hell's a jiga-watt? (gigawatt) ?
  11. Hi all. Due to extreme personal circumstances, it may be sometime, if ever, I return to this board. It's been cool, always been interested in time travel, *LOVED* the idea that I could go back and change everything I screwed up; and have a bit of fun on the way :-) I would like to thank Mop (Admin) for giving me the chance here. Thank You. Thanks to everyone who posts here, you make this board what it is, hopefully we progress to what we all are aiming for. Like I said I could be back, but something got me really upset, now I gotta sort something out. Juts like to say this isn't some stunt, I just didn't want to leave without asying thanks and goodbye. Have great lives y'all. I'll be back sometime :-) Sincerely, Omnia Vincit Amor (or so I was led to believe for over 5 years), Dymenzionz, Peter Attwood.
  12. Trever, you look like a good conversationalist, why don't you register? ------------------ Dymenzionz "Omnia Vincit Amor"
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