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  1. No, it is best to deal with what has already happened and try improving from it. Changing the past can create more(and even worse) problems, the consequences of what has been done to change the past.
  2. Time travel would work in a certain way, so in what way are you referring to? Would it be jumping in a pod and traveling to any time you like?
  3. As far as I know, nobody on this site can do this. I am assuming you came to this site mostly for this?
  4. Sure there has, people in the future. I am not sure how many have traveled back to this time(or if traveling to the past is possible). There are practical ideas for it as well.
  5. So, your basically saying that we can time travel by reaching a very high speed? You just have to pass up the speed of time? I have a hard time understanding your post.
  6. False equivalency. Time is not the same. Time traveling is simply moving through time. You are always time traveling. I thought you could time travel at a different pace with curved space-time. However, it turns out that large masses bending space-time make hardly any significant difference.
  7. Alright then, here is a possible answer: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/moslive/article-1269288/STEPHEN-HAWKING-How-build-time-machine.html (STEPHEN HAWKING: How to build a time machine | Daily Mail Online) A large Hadron Collider and a wormhole(if they exist).
  8. But it would barely make a difference realistically? Syzygy pointed that there is barely a difference in time, so building a time machine out of bending space-time wouldn't work.
  9. How would you build a time machine? How would it work? How would it bring your body in a different time? What would be required to build it?
  10. You can't. Even if you could send a message to your past self, nothing would change about your current self.
  11. How much of a difference in time is there between standing on planet earth and standing in a spaceship away from earth? I am assuming it is a very little difference in time. I thought you could maybe create some sort of time machine by bending space-time.
  12. We are always time traveling, I am posting this 9 hours in the future after you posted that. We can time travel at a different rate relative to someone else, like if I traveled at the speed of light or went next to a black hole. You mean instantly traveling to the future to a date like 2062?
  13. Would you say it is possible to travel to the past?
  14. I just joined this site and hope to find and learn some things. I am interested and time travel and the possibility of it. I used to think traveling to the past was impossible, but am neutral on that possibility now.
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