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  1. Since some claim time is an illusion, everything is happening at once (past, present and future) and people that are able to astral project can move in time, would it be possible somehow on the astral plane to re-enter your younger body, possess it for a moment, and act differently in situations? Then when returning, live in a another reality. If i possessed my younger self, at a point i remember my younger self in front of a computer , open notepad, write a letter , with why and how i was able to possess him, give him some clues on the future so I will know its real and not some schizhophrenic behaviour, and also give him some advice on changes he needs to do. As soon as i leave the body, he (younger me) will see the letter on notepad, be puzzled but hopefully save or print it, then he will experience some of the things he read, go back and take it seriously. Although the reason for me to possess him would be gone, that would only happen the instant i leave. And i could tell him, that he must remember my present date, and on that date, spend some thoughts on how he actually was supposed to have had another reality. Thus would be able to answer such a question on a forum - Yes i believe i have done it!! I could even write about the sad stuff in the letter, but wouldnt be any useful information. But if i have read some clues of the future at some point in my life, i would for sure remember that i once got a mysterious prophetic letter, and that i had avoided a sad future.I would probably remember it everyday from that time and until today. Has anyone been able to go back in time on the astral plane and re-enter younger self to do changes to current reality? Or any other methods without astral projection?If so, please could you give me some advice on what i would have to do? Either on here on in pm. PS: I have read many replies where people say change your memory, and be happy with the spiritual growth and move on. Yes, good advice, but sadly for me, it just haunts me too much and has caused alot of economic and health damage. I need to change my reality or get out of it.
  2. Hello I really need to send a message to myself back in 1997. Not revealing anything of the future, but changes in the way I was thinking. Some simple changes in the way i was thinking would have changed so much for me. I see one person saying on the forum that he knows of a working method, but not much information was given on the forum. Do anyone else know of a method to send a message, by mind or letter or any other form. I would really appreciate it.
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