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  1. Is the use of the time machine governed by the Italian government? And if so why isn’t Italy a lot more prosperous as world power?
  2. My mistake, the word machine for me has implications of engineering, and thus of science. Are there now many time machines working order? Does the time machine described belong to a specific group or sect?
  3. If this was a thread about the best time travel based shows on netflix I would get it, (personally id say continuum). But what does narcos have to do with time travel?
  4. Built, or came into existence through causality? If it was so simple to invent then without advanced technology, then why couldn’t freelance scientists create it now?
  5. Every mystery in the universe can be answered by the invisible. God, spirits, time travelers, aliens. It all relevant, and could very well be all one in the same. There is an episode of Family guy where by time traveling Stewy creates the big bang, and sub sequentially a causality loop. Objectively it sounds impossible to create the universe you were created from, but in a sense its just confusing as there being Nothing, and then nothing exploding. So I restate, blame the invisible.
  6. Sexual degradation really comes down to perspective and opinion. Is a woman working at a strip club being exploited, or is she exploiting the base desires of lonely men? I wont poke and prod, but I think someone from 2713 could give us more of an in depth look at the theoretical inaccuracies of our perception of the 4th dimension. For example you make a premonition of our up an coming election, in which both candidates seem to be terrible “choices.” Also the use of the phrase “watch out.” Isn’t a warning futile? Does it imply that a time traveler like yourself could do more then just simply observe? What would an alteration to the past look like, alternate universes springing forward, or could you accidentally prevent your own offspring from being born, with only you as a temporal anomaly having memories of them?
  7. Right. I based my comment on more of a 1 way ticket rather then a “time machine.” Current studies on photons and other sub atomic particles dictate that the universe is more self correcting. In this sense the time travel you describe can’t really exist. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/05/150527103110.htm The way I interpret this information is if we could send a message back in time through the use of sub atomic particles acting as binary, to try and advert a natural disaster. Lets say with a message that read “Earth quake, San Fransisco, 500 will die.” They would receive the message as 200 will die, make attempts to save the people, but find it was to no avail, as 200 still died. When time moved forward the message would actually be sent as 200 will die. I simply can’t believe that disease prevention, or future-present temporal trading can ever exist. To think it would be initiated from present to future is also some what based in backwards logic. Sending back future technologies gives way to alternate universes or altered time lines. Not sure if this was the point you were making, but still seems like a fallacy to me.
  8. Not necessarily, regret can influence change. Similar to someone who experiences regret and decides to uplift his life and join the marines. To me however traveling to the future is a fallacy. What drives it? Curiosity, ambition, adventure, never love though. You potentially couldn’t even be an inhabitant of the future, what if peoples information like birth certificates, SS numbers, and credit cards were all accessed through bio scanning. You’d be assumed an illegal alien, and you can’t prove being from the past. food for thought.
  9. What I meant to suggest of that picture of them sitting together in a conference, was that they most at some point or another been regarded as equals by peers. Don’t know if thats enough to substantiate his claims but…
  10. I could agree, definitely an eccentric based on appearance. There is however a picture of Ronald Mallet and Marshall Barnes sitting side by side at what looks to be a conference. Marshall Barnes posts Q/A on quora, but it seems like with every answer comes an opportunity to push one of his books.
  11. I began my search for time travel in the weird part of the internet, unexplained events people like John Titor, and Andrew Asiago. Unfortunately they create quite a bit of reasonable doubt. So I turned my eyes towards the physics community, surely some one had to be looking into this. Ronald Mallet had the most internet presence on the subject, though he only had a concept and not a working model. He is also over the age of 70, and from what I’ve heard retired. Also there were some theoretical problems that were pointed out by Marshall Barnes. Marshall Barnes on the other hand has very little Internet presence, all of his videos all seem weird and over the top. Though his claim is that his Verdrehung fan can create miniature worm holes. Another internet hoax, or just discretion? Haven’t seen any forum posts on here about it, any thoughts or opinions?
  12. If I had to sum up this story, it would fall under the category of hear say, or urban legend. The man just miraculously escapes police holding, with not more than a public wanted poster. Nothing really tying this story to reality.
  13. For star crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet, a suicide following a suicide made sense. Neither one would have to continue on suffering over the loss of the other. For me, its hard to think of suicide as an option, I have family and I would only be transferring over this pain to them. Me and her were like ships passing in the night, always just missing each other. In our youth I told her of my love for her, all at once and over the phone, she ran away from it. I have grown since then to be a man who knew how to be alone, one who actually preferred to be alone. With mantras like, “Don’t invest in people, they are unknown variables and unpredictable, invest in self, and in your future, a paycheck is always guaranteed.” We reconnected as adults, she had been hurt by the world deeply, while I was calloused by it. Such a sensitive soul, not meant for this world. We fell in love, but I had failed to let down the walls that I used to keep the outside world at bay. So I pushed her away, I fought with her over stupid ideologies, and I didn’t value what it was that I had found in her. Never the less she had began to feel happiness again, with me. I don’t want our love story to be one of tragedy, and I am not guaranteed to be with her in death. So I look towards time travel as a possibility, as realistic as it may seem. I can’t bare to let our love story be one of tragedy.
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