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  1. All Mandela Effect events were caused by temporal disruptions. Your memory is correct, the reality is what changed.
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    Donald Titor

    Kristen Caldwell is also possibly another Pence: The FRONTLINE Interview: Kristen Caldwell – The Choice 2012 - FRONTLINE
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    Donald Titor

    Hello. I posted this several months ago on another board which was then shared as a joke on other news sites, but feel the time is right to share this where it all began. This is not a joke. This is the truth. Everything is coming full circle. After Nikola Tesla's death, the FBI ordered the Alien Property Custodian to seize Tesla's belongings, even though Tesla was an American citizen. The National Defense Research Committee called in an MIT professor to make sense of Tesla's notes in order to analyze if anything in them could be weaponized. That MIT professor was John Trump. If you are not familiar with Tesla's theories in his later years, he explored fantastic topics like free energy, anti gravity, invisibility and even time travel. John Trump claimed that there was nothing of any real substance in Tesla's notes, but this of course was a lie. He knew that if the NDRC realized what the notes contained, it would mean the end of the world because included in them were blueprints for a theoretical time machine. Although John Trump thought that Tesla's time machine was plausible, it was not possible to create using the technology existing during his time. John Trump later died in 1985, but not before leaving Tesla's notes and their implications to the protection of his beloved nephew, Donald Trump. Around the same time period, Donald Trump was known to use pseudonyms such as John Miller and John Barron, in partial homage to his uncle. However, there was another pseudonym that Trump was not so well known for using. John Titor. Trump, as John Titor, traveled to the future under the assumed identity of a solider, where he discovered that America (and the entire world) had become a nuclear dystopia caused by radical Islamic terror. "John Titor" began posting to this forum and others in 2000 and 2001, speaking of events that happened in the timeline he had witnessed. He spoke of terrible events that would occur from the early 2000s through to 2012. He could not name radical Islamic terror at the time, or the timeline would have become unavoidable. He had to be extremely cautious, and analyze the near infinite temporal variables and possibilities before making his move. Trump traveled in time, amassing a fortune and making subtle changes, which helped him delay the future he saw for as long as he could. But that future is now coming. Trump knew that the only way he could have enough influence to prevent that future entirely would be to become President of the United States of America. If it has ever seemed to you that Trump has a bizarre ability to accurately predict and manipulate his political opponents to his advantage, you're on the right track. The truth is, they're not predictions. Rather, they are foreordained events. Trump's manipulations are also the cause of the Mandela Effect. Everything you thought you knew but found out later was incorrect (Bernstein Bears, Oscar Meyer, Alec Guinness's death, etc) However, there is one thing you need to know about Donald Trump's presidency: Trump wants to be President, but not for very long. Only as long as it takes. He always said he wouldn't want to be President if there was someone else he thought would do a good job. This is where Mike Pence comes in. You see, Mike Pence is also a time traveler, whom Trump met many years ago (depending on your perspective). Pence is from far further in the future, and has a superior time machine. To put it simply, he can be present in multiple places at the same time. As a side note, if you ever thought Pence looked a little strange or out of place, it's because he's from far enough in the future where all the races have homogenized. Mike Pence (or rather, copies of him) were sent back to the past by Pence Prime and Trump in order to infiltrate the lives of their many enemies. Many of them you've never heard of or ever will hear of. They've met or will meet their demise or fall into obscurity long before they can become a threat to Trump. Pence's motive to help Trump are as follows: A) Avoid temporal conflict B) Become President himself, as promised by Trump A rudimentary variant of time travel is currently known to those presently in power, but it is not without its side effects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28fPfhCyx-o Their overuse of the technology, while certainly having a negative impact on the health of their agents, has time and again stymied a lot of Trump and Pence's plans. However, they are not aware of Trump's technology. One such copy of Pence has recently been confirmed as Tim Kaine's wife: I do not have first hand knowledge of this, but I am assuming my prior claims that Hillary would win (but later be found to have manipulated the vote and lost after the recount) were affected by further temporal manipulations involving blackmail regarding this truth. I am keeping my identity and location secret, but will revisit from time to time to answer what questions I can.
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