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  1. Where was your exact location during the time the car was acting up like that?
  2. I have sent you an e-mail. Consider what I have told you carefully before springing into action.
  3. Well, timelines would always be different in plenty of ways but still be fundamentally similar to one another. Getting the scientific community’s attention would be a difficult feat to achieve due to your lack of physical evidence. If there was a way for us to view a brain’s memories then that would suffice as evidence. As for that bad feeling, what do you have in mind?
  4. Timelines have nothing to do with higher and lower dimensions as those are “worlds” completely different from ours. Timelines are universes related to one another with slight alterations from one another. Dimensions on the other hand, are a set of universes that are completely different from one another. Travelling through timelines is one thing, but travelling through dimensions is a whole different story. This is just my thoughts on the matter.
  5. With regards to consciousness, that’s what I have in mind as well. As for the phenomenon, there is a chance that it sprung into existence once the conditions were met here in our timeline. If that’s the case, then there is a possibility that the only way to stop it is by preventing every timeline from meeting said conditions. I have no idea what those conditions are, but it is plausible as these events are clearly man-made, like you’ve said. The only problem would be identifying the conditions, which would require plenty of time, a luxury we are currently running out of.
  6. Don’t just watch the series, but play the visual novel as well~ It explains everything with amazing detail and can even branch out to different endings~ Word of advice: Those messages and calls you receive in-game can lead you to the truth or lead you astray.
  7. A John Titor who is native to this world line, perhaps. Unfortunately, that John Titor died in New Jersey in the year 1914… Or at least, that’s the only official record I could gather on the internet so far.
  8. For a dream recorder to exist, we must first learn how to convert an individual’s memories into computerized data. That way, it would become possible to record dreams. If you are interested, I suggest you either study or specialize in neuroscience~ Actually, even I wanted something like that in order to study the “alternate reality” I perceive in my mind. Unlike my usual dreams in the past, they had come to a point where all the dreams are always connected with one another as they are always set in the same “world”, with each dream featuring or repeating locations in our physical world only with various differences. Heck, the mechanics of reality are pretty screwed there as they are completely different from ours and yet everyone else would perceive that as their “reality” whereas our reality is “fantasy” to them. Seriously, you show a lot of promise~ I can’t wait to have discussions with you in the future~
  9. I’m afraid the John Titor you’ve always wanted to talk to had already completed their mission since it’s been 16 years ever since his disappearance from the web. Of course, there are other John Titor instances out there, but not all of them can be proven nor disproven to be another John Titor from another world line. Trust me, I’ve tried my luck and they were not able to reply to me when I sent a message to him on the original Time Travel Institute forums. Remember that their mission was to retrieve an IBM 5100 for debugging legacy computer programs in 2036. And given the infinite amount of world lines out there, we can never actually talk to the real Titor as his actions on retrieving an IBM 5100 may have caused a drastic change in our world line, or maybe not. Overall, you might get the chance to speak with John Titor, but that John Titor would most likely be a different instance of the previous Titor. One more thing: You seem to have gained an interest in these topics due to Steins;Gate, am I correct? Keep in mind that Steins;Gate is based on how the creators interpreted these concepts so try not to use it as a reference. As a fellow fan of the series however, I highly recommend that you play the visual novel~ You would be able to understand even more things in there when compared to the anime. It took me 60 hours to 100% complete the visual novel, but it was worth it~ Trust me in this one~ If you would like to have a discussion with me, feel free to send me a message~ Your enthusiasm in learning more about these is what the world needs~ I won’t disclose my e-mail address for security reasons though, but don’t be shy on chatting with me via the message system here in the forums~
  10. The concept of your conscious leaving your body and transferring into another instance of yourself does not sound ridiculous to me. Actually, I’ve been doing my research on that as the process might have something to do with quantum theory. In other words, don’t you think that this phenomenon may have been created by an experiment affecting things at a quantum scale gone wrong? But based on what I can express, it could be possible that these “anomalies” were only allowed to exist in other universes but somehow ended up in our universe instead, thus making our universe some sort of singularity for the multiverse, “pulling” data into it and applying said data to the chain of events. Again, I feel apprehensive as my thoughts are always scrambled when I make conversations online with regards to topics such as this. My apologies if I don’t make sense. EDIT: I knew it. You said you kept seeing 11:11 right? It really did have something to do with quantum theory. To be precise, it has something to do with Deja vu, Quantum Entanglement and Synchronicity. In other words, there really is a possibility that this phenomenon really is a result of a experiment and that you might’ve been pulled to this universe as a result of your instance in this universe experiencing some kind of deja vu or synchronicity. This is just a possibility I am raising and I’m not sure whether it makes sense to you. Feel free to let me know if I don’t.
  11. Based on what I’ve read, it would appear that this universe is the source of a reality-bending phenomena that stretches across the multiverse and affecting anything and anyone at random, right? What’s the difference between the Philippines of your universe and the Philippines of this universe? And about the matter on leaving your body and seeing yourself in third-person? I had an instance of it in the past. It was when I was about a year old during my time at the hospital. I’ll skip the part of me being in Subic Beach unless you want further details about it. I saw myself being syringed on the arm/hand while screaming and crying in pain. If I’m not mistaken, it occurred during the year 2000. Of course, this probably isn’t the same with your transfer as I have no other memories prior to the visit at Subic Beach and the hospital. Actually, there is one but it might not be a real memory. I was floating in “space” if you can call it that, except there were voices of random people around me and appear to be coming from “stars” that I see near me. I was staring at a particular “star” and was pulled right into it. Truth be told, I am feeling rather apprehensive on posting this reply as I really have no idea how you will respond to my data as they seem to have little to no correlation between one another… My apologies for that… Something is really preventing me from making a proper reply to you. It feels like my thoughts are being scrambled. One last thing, for the past years after a certain incident occurring somewhere between 2010-2012, I’ve been experiencing events of “false memories” where my memories don’t seem to sync with the people around me. I would also have moments where they claim I said something I didn’t, most notably words that don’t seem to be possibly misheard into something and would always lead to big problems. An example when my father misheard me telling my sister “The devil is looking at you.” where in fact I told her “Those guys are looking at you.” during our time at the beach sometime at 2015-2016. Do you know what would cause that? My apologies for making a mostly unrelated reply. I just wanted to know what you know regarding this matter.
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