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  • If I could travel through time...
    I would like to go to the future to see how we’re doing with things like: global warming, technology, a cure for some of our diseases and world relations.
  1. It sound's like a great explanation on how time travel will work in a science fiction story. But if finding this out and it being true was that easy, i feel like your La Tui Theory would of been passed around a lot and already heard of by now. :)
  2. 'What are some "Coincidence's/Conspiracies" you have found amusing in some way? That you would enjoy sharing of course! I found the "Wizard of oz" and "Pink Floyd" movie mix recently and i found it weirdly fitting if you understand what i mean by that. This is just for fun! Please do not get into any "huge" arguments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBamIi0tIRg Also "This is off topic" have any of you read "The 7 Ways Of Magical Thinking"? By Matthew Hutson Its pretty good.
  3. I didn't say racism isn't real, i'm pointing out that people are currently accusing the wrong people of it. Gender isn't a hard topic to really understand, you are either male or female. And hell you can even be both, but everyone thinking their are 50+ genders is insane. Not all Muslims are bad, i agree with you. But when and if you run into a nice Muslim, they are not truly Muslim. they are not following the Quran.
  4. 1.Being on here, most of you should have a bit of common sense and know "White Male Privilege" doesn't really exist. 2.Along with being racist because of the color of your skin and hating whites is not racist if your white. 3.Feminist fighting for equal rights when the only right that is not equal between male and female is that male cant fight the other gender without getting in worse trouble, when "feminist" female fights a male and the male pushes her away the girl almost always over react yet that's what they are fighting for. 4.The more then two genders, even thought gender is a way to clarify what body part you have. 5. And last of all everyone helping Muslims. i am not saying all Muslims are bad, but the quaran and the hadith state that any person of other religion must be punished, even kids have to get down with there father at least till 8, Muslims are even mocking Americans yet we still let them enter. and we say that its way better to be in a Muslim country then here. >Whats happened to our common sense? >Please correct me if you disagree or add more to my point if you agree with anything on here
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